How to make a screw splitter with their own hands

In many rural areas of Russia, heating is provided with firewood. Therefore, it is important to mechanize their cutting. For this, many craftsmen make a wood splitter with their own hands. Such equipment is sold on the Russian market, but its cost is not affordable for many. How to make such a machine?

Device of stationary screw wood splitter

Figure 1. The device of a stationary screw wood splitter.

Types of homemade wood splitters

Household machine for chopping firewood can be mobile (on wheels) and stationary (Fig. 1). When developing such equipment, each person determines the type he needs. An electric motor or gasoline engine is used as a drive. Household wood splitter on electricity is usually powered by a single-phase network. But if it is not possible to use electricity, then the design can be equipped with a gasoline engine with a capacity of at least 5 kW and the corresponding chain or belt drive. The working body of the majority of self-made structures is a cone with a screw thread. For reliable operation of such a device, resistant thread is used: it is less abraded and enters the wood better.

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Screw wood splitter at home

Such a machine consists of the following parts:

Drawing a screw cone with thread.

Figure 2. Drawing of a screw cone with thread.

  • metal frame - bed;
  • electric motor with belt drive;
  • drive shaft unit;
  • threaded screw cone (Fig. 2).

To get started, you need to purchase metal squares and sheets on the construction market, pick up the engine. The working cone, pulleys for transmission and the shaft can be turned on a lathe or you can buy ready-made units from similar equipment in a specialized shop. Some craftsmen install a small cone on a perforator or a drill with a power of up to 2 kW (550 rpm), but such a wood splitter with its own hands has little efficiency. The thickness of the material being cracked does not exceed 11 cm. In order not to make a belt drive, you can fasten a screw cone on the shaft of a low-speed electric motor. Its technical data should be as follows:

  • power - 2.5-5.5 kW;
  • the number of revolutions of the output shaft is less than 500 rpm.

To get such an electric motor is quite difficult, so it’s best to use the belt drive option.

The ratio of the diameters of the pulleys is chosen so as to reduce the number of revolutions of the engine output shaft to 350 rpm.

After collecting all the details, you can start assembling the wood splitter with your own hands. The technology of this process is as follows:

Scheme homemade screw wood splitter

Scheme homemade screw wood splitter.

  1. From metal squares weld frame for the machine.
  2. Rectangles of the required sizes are cut out of steel sheets with a thickness of 2-3 mm and welded them to the frame so as to make a table with a shelf below.
  3. The motor is bolted to the lower level of the frame and a small diameter pulley is put on its shaft.
  4. Assemble the drive shaft unit (Fig. 3): the bearings are inserted into a steel bar turned to the right dimensions and reinforced in the slots on the box. You can pick it up from old gearboxes or make it yourself out of thick iron and weld to the frame. When the assembly of this unit is finished, it is checked for ease of rotation by hand and then a large-diameter pulley is installed on the second end of the shaft.
  5. Put on the belts and check with hand the ease of rotation. There should be no beating, otherwise you will have to spend time eliminating them.
  6. A screw cone is put on the output shaft and a power cable with starter is supplied to the electric motor.
  7. Check done wood splitter with their own hands at work. To do this, bare hands gently serves log on the working body and monitor the entrance of the cone into the wood. With proper assembly, the machine begins to act immediately. If you need a mobile version, then attach small wheels to the design.
  8. To protect against corrosion, the machine must be painted.
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Tools and materials needed for making a wood splitter with their own hands

For work you will need:

Assembly scheme of the driving shaft of a screw wood splitter

Figure 3. Diagram of the assembly of the driving shaft of the screw splitter.

  • metal sheets and squares;
  • round timber for pulleys;
  • belts;
  • steel bar for shaft undercut;
  • bearings;
  • box (homemade or purchased);
  • screw cone with a resistant thread;
  • 3-6 kW electric motor;
  • power cable (single or three phase) with starter;
  • paint;
  • lathe;
  • welding machine;
  • small wheels;
  • handsaw and electric drill;
  • roulette and ruler.

You can make a wood splitter yourself if you follow all the above recommendations and the correct assembly technology.

This is the strength of any person who has the skills of handling the tool and the desire to make such a device to facilitate their own work.

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