How to make a pneumatic jack with your own hands

Before you take up the job and make a pneumatic jack with your own hands, you should know more about such an auxiliary tool.

Drawing homemade pneumatic jack

Drawing homemade pneumatic jack.

Inflatable jack - the most elementary option of all analogues. The convenience of such a tool is that it is unpretentious to use, it does not need a flat platform. Having such a jack in the trunk and hitting a swampy loose terrain, you can not be afraid to use it. Moreover, with the help of it you can not only replace the problem wheel, but also get out of the dirt. Working with him, no special physical effort is required, so it is even used in the rigging work.

The principle of operation of the pneumatic lift

Pneumatic cylinder diagram

Pneumatic cylinder diagram.

The main working element of this jack is rubberized pillow. It is made of a special durable material so that the unit can withstand loads in the range of 4-5 tons.

To activate such a tool, it is placed under the bottom of the machine and connected to a pump or other air source, for example, a compressor or a cylinder with compressed gas. There are models that are particularly popular, since their work can be carried out, it is only necessary to connect such a jack to the exhaust gases of the car. For them, there is no need to acquire additional equipment. Such constructions are called air jacks or pneumocrats.

For such a device, there is enough of a hose that connects the exhaust pipe and the jack itself, and then turn on the motor. Just 2 minutes is enough for the tool to do its job. In this embodiment of the device there are no complicated mechanisms that carry out the work due to pneumatics.

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Technical characteristics of pneumatic jacks

Device of a hydraulic hydraulic jack

Device podkatnogo hydraulic jack.

There are three main points by which such a device is evaluated:

  1. Load capacity In order for the tool to be safe in operation, this indicator must exceed the mass of the car itself. If the car is passenger, then the payload should be 1.5-2 tons, and if the car is a type of "Gazelle" - 2.5-3 tons.
  2. Pickup height. This parameter is worth paying special attention if the car has a small ground clearance. You should be interested in this moment in the case of frequent car stuck in the dirt. It is best if this characteristic is within 10 cm.
  3. Lifting height In pneumatic models, this figure does not exceed 50 cm. But in fact, this is enough to cope with the replacement of wheels. If, however, to use the jack, which perform the rigging work, and he, in turn, is connected to the compressors, then this characteristic will be more - up to 70 cm.

In any case, picking up the jack, you should focus on a personal car and the conditions in which it is most often located.

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How to make a jack with his own hands

The principle of the hydraulic rolling jack

The principle of operation of the hydraulic rolling jack.

For homemade jack will need the following elements:

  • old truck cushion;
  • bolt of the corresponding diameter;
  • ball, which can be placed freely in the bolt;
  • wheel bolt from Zhiguli;
  • chamber fitting;
  • drill.

From these components is going to design. A bolt is screwed into the hole of the pillow, guided by the existing thread. In advance it is necessary to drill a hole into which the chamber fitting will be inserted.

The role of the valve will perform the wheel bolt from the Lada, in which to make a hole. Now these elements need to be connected. But before this is done, a ball is placed in the existing outlet so that in the process of work it can close the opening, then the air will not escape.

To use such a device, you need a special pump. The jack is installed under the bottom of the car. In such a device will need to use a small wooden bar, which will rest against the car. If desired, a cart with wheels can be attached to the bottom, then it will be a rolling jack.

There is one disadvantage of such a homemade device. Pillow from the truck has a fairly large size. Therefore, if the car has a low fit, then it will constantly have to lift to substitute the jack.

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Lifting power: highlights

Table of characteristics of jacks

Table of characteristics of jacks.

There are several options for how a car jack can lift a car:

  1. Pneumatics. In this embodiment, the load is lifted due to the force of compressed air. Such models work both from the equipment and from the auto exhaust gases themselves. The air enters the chamber, and that, in turn, begins to increase in volume, due to which the rise of transport occurs. The ease of use of such models is that no special effort is applied, and in the presence of a compressor, the process takes only a few seconds.
  2. Mechanical. To use this analogue, it is necessary to make twisting movements with the handle or use another similar method. Such jacks are quite affordable, besides they have small dimensions.
  3. Hydraulic. The principle is similar to the previous version, the only difference is that in this case less effort will be expended. This is due to the fact that in the design of the device there is a liquid that provides for pushing out the plunger with the load due to the resulting pressure. This option has a long service life.
  4. Mechanical with electric drive. In this embodiment, all the work for a person performs electricity. The amenities here are indisputable, but only as long as there is food. As soon as the light is turned off, you will have to work in the same way as an ordinary mechanical one, with the only difference being that more effort will be needed.

Depending on the application of the jack, the required model is selected.

Despite the fact that the pneumatic jack is the easiest to use, there are some nuances in its use. To avoid dropping the tool from under the machine, it should be properly laid. Therefore, before you use a new device, it is better to pump it once empty, after which it descends and folds itself properly. In the process of work, it will be useful to cover the surface of the floor and the jack with some rugs. This will protect the instrument from damage.

Materials for the manufacture of cameras are taken on the basis of PVC, and he, in turn, becomes quite rough, as soon as frost appears on the street. Optimal use until the thermometer shows -10, further operation becomes difficult.

The convenience of such a jack is that it can be used to lift the car from practically the minimum height. And if there is no desire to spend money, then you can always do it yourself.

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