How to make a paint sprayer do it yourself

Various tools can be used to paint surfaces. It all depends on what kind of result you want to get. For example, a paint sprayer is ideal for painting walls and ceilings.

Device homemade spray gun

Figure 1. Device homemade spray gun.

This device consists of several parts, including the sprayer itself and the bottle into which the paint is placed. While painting the surface, the paint is applied in a uniform thin layer, while the consumption of materials is significantly reduced, and the quality becomes better.

An already finished spray gun is expensive, but if a small amount of work is planned, then it is quite possible to use home-made equipment. Paint sprayers can be assembled from scrap materials. The quality of coloring with homemade and professional equipment can hardly be compared, but for minor repairs it is a great option. A homemade device can tint the car body, a small section of the wall, etc.

The advantages of working with the spray gun

Device homemade mini-spray gun

The device is a homemade mini-spray gun.

Paint sprayer has numerous advantages over other methods of applying paint to the surface. Among the advantages can be noted:

  1. Performance increases and ink consumption decreases. This allows you to save on work, having received as a result a beautiful and smooth surface. Such conditions are very important when painting a car body, decorating walls and furniture are planned.
  2. Surface quality becomes acceptable. The layer of paint is less, but it turns out smooth, attractive, saturated. Just one layer is enough to do the necessary work.
  3. During coloring there are no stains, paint stains, spraying is smooth. When using a brush, this result is problematic, and often the rollers do not provide the required quality. There is no dripping, and this has a positive effect not only on the quality, but also on the material consumption.
  4. Kraskoraspylitel allows you to paint even the most inaccessible surfaces.
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Kraskoraspylitel do it yourself from gel pens

Paint sprayer

Paint sprayer: 1 - syringe, 2 - medical needle body, 3 - needle, 4 - front part of the stem, 5 - nose of the stem, 6 - back part of the stem, 7 - compressed air supply hose.

It is possible to make a paint sprayer with your own hands from the most unexpected objects, it all depends on what kind of finishing you have to perform. You can use a variety of options, but the simplest, which is great for decorating walls or furniture, is the paint sprayer from an ordinary gel pen.

The process of such manufacture is simple. It is enough to buy an ordinary pen that has a twisted metal cap. It is best to choose a model, the body of which is metal, although this is not fundamental.

The body should be carefully separated from the rear end, the handle should be slightly shortened in length to a size that is comfortable for work. If the body is metal, then using a household soldering iron, a small hole must be made to turn the equipment on and off.

If the case is plastic, then it is best to do it using a conventional drill. Thin drill hole is made to install the sprayer. Its diameter should be 5-6 mm, this is quite enough (Fig. 1).

Device homemade spray gun

The device is a homemade spray gun.

On the underside of the body of the future spray gun it is necessary to make an oblong hole, its width will be slightly larger than the thickness of the rod, and the length will be 8-10 mm. A hole is also drilled for the cap, the diameter of which will be about 1 mm larger than the diameter of the rod. After that the cap twists, the rod for air supply is inserted into the hole made. The bottom hole is carefully sealed.

In the cork from the solvent it is necessary to make 2 holes with a soldering iron, fix the cork, tightly pressing it to the handle body. All connections are soldered.

The size of the spray gun is calculated individually, it all depends on what amount of work is planned.

Some recommend using ready-made plastic containers, but you can also fit an ordinary glass bottle for this. The spray bottle and handle are connected by a flexible hose. You can take a thin silicone, which differ in low cost, durability. If large-scale work is planned, then such a device is not suitable.

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For what works can I use homemade paint sprayer?

Pocket spray paint

Pocket spray for nitrokraski.

A homemade paint sprayer can be used for various jobs, although it is unlikely to be useful for large-scale repairs. The area of ​​its application is quite extensive:

  1. Painting of furniture and its separate elements during restoration. Using such simple equipment, you can update the shelves for books, tint a small spot on the wall of the cabinet.
  2. The spray gun can still be used as an airbrush. It is great for painting a car, applying various patterns to the surface of a body. Many motorists use home-made equipment in order to give their vehicle individual features.
  3. Homemade spray gun can be used for minor repairs. They can paint the surface on the balcony or hard to reach places in the room. Such simple equipment is used to apply various patterns to the background surface of the wall. You can use stencils, paint the surface in the form of strips, geometric patterns. Kraskoraspylitel, assembled with his own hands, at the cottage is used for painting fences, walls and the facade of the garage, outbuildings.

In the case of painting a car, an improvised device saves a lot of money. No need to spend money on the services of professional workshops, whose prices are usually high. You can easily and fairly quickly perform a small cosmetic repair with your own hands.

It is necessary to take into account that when using the factory equipment of the compressor type, leaks, uneven, unpainted places remain on the body surface. This happens because to use the device, you must have the appropriate experience. With homemade equipment there are no such problems, small areas are drawn up quickly and efficiently.

Paint sprayer is an equipment that is used to paint various surfaces. Today, manufacturers offer similar devices of various types, but spray guns can be easily made with your own hands. Various options are used for this, some craftsmen use old vacuum cleaners for this purpose.

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