How to make a mini drill with your own hands

Want to make a mini drill with your own hands? Then this topic is for you. Of course, you can buy a drill in the store, but sometimes it happens that by buying a tool that is cheaper, we get low quality, and there is not enough money for expensive money. Do not despair, because to make a mini drill yourself is not very difficult. Follow the instructions and you will succeed.

Mini drill

If you need to make a small hole, it is not necessary to buy a drill, you can make it with your own hands from a motor and a drill chuck.

What is required for work?

There are several options for making a mini drill with your own hands. But the availability of material is not much different. So, to make a mini drill with your own hands, you need the following:

  • the wire;
  • drill chuck;
  • a jar of soap bubbles (for the body);
  • motor;
  • drill;
  • hot melt glue

When all of the list is purchased, you can get to work.

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The process of making a mini drill

Scheme of speed control for mini drills

Scheme of speed control for mini drills.

Let's start the work with the body of your instrument. They will serve as a jar of soap bubbles. I think everyone can find her at home, especially those who have children. The bottom of the banks cut off, and on the lid we make a hole for the wires. The base is ready.

Next, let's do a little motor. It can be taken from a children's toy (for example, cars). Also, the function of the motor can perform a 9-volt engine from a cassette recorder (if you still have one), or a motor from a car radio.

Now you need to connect the cartridge and motor. To do this, degrease the motor with alcohol and attach it to the cartridge with hot glue. If after this the design is unstable, vibration will appear, then instead of hot glue you will need to use cold welding. She looks like clay. This substance you will need to connect the motor and cartridge. Do this quickly, because cold welding almost instantly hardens and becomes like iron.

The connected cartridge and motor should be thrust into the jar from under the soap bubbles through the slotted bottom so that the wires go out through the hole in the can lid (i.e., motor forward).

When you put the little motor in a jar, grease it with hot melt to keep it better.

Stick the wires gently into the slot. The mini drill is almost ready.

Drawing mini electric drills

Drawing mini electric drills.

Next you have to solder the power wires and the motor. Ensure that all wires that are in the can cap are completely isolated. To do this, you can glue them with thermal glue. Now your mini drill with your own hands is ready. You just need to fasten the lid to the base of the jar. You can use this mini drill both through the power supply unit and with the help of rechargeable batteries. And this makes this tool mobile, because sometimes you need to drill a hole, but there are no power sockets.

Advice to those who love homemade: choosing a cartridge, do not take the collet, as they are not practical to replace. To change the collet drill, you need to change the entire cassette.

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An alternative way to make a mini drill with your own hands

You can also make a drill with your own hands with a switch. As already mentioned, there are no special differences from the necessary materials in the first case. You will need:

Mini drill circuit

Scheme mini drill.

  • empty bottle from the ball deodorant;
  • electric motor;
  • drill chuck (and here you will need a collet);
  • RGA connector;
  • switch.

As usual, start by preparing the body for a mini drill from a bottle. To do this, drill a hole in the lid for the chuck and drill. Next, using a stationery knife in the bottom of the bottle, you will need to cut out a place for the RGA connector, and on the bottle itself - a hole for the switch.

Then the motor must be connected to the chuck. When you buy a collet, do not forget to ask the seller what shaft diameter it is designed for. You need to push the hole of the collet against the shaft of your engine. Usually the shaft on the motors is 2.3 mm and 1.5 mm in diameter. Measure your chuck before purchasing a collet chuck. Put the collet on the motor. Do not forget to stretch the bolts.

Next, you put the connected cartridge and the electric motor into the flask of a ball deodorant. It sits perfectly, so you do not have to fix it.

Connect the wires (bring them to the connector) and the switch to the electric motor.

Your homemade mini drill is ready.

Connect it to the outlet and use the switch button. Remember to keep the drill perpendicular to the surface plane. After all, if you twist the drill bit a little, you can break it.

A hand-assembled drill can drill both plastic, wood, and PCB. This is a very handy thing that can be done in minutes. Good luck in the manufacture of mini drills!

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