How to make a lawn mower with your own hands

Each summer resident knows perfectly well how hard it is to fight with grass that grows to incredible sizes, litters lawns and spoils the look. To combat this scourge and was invented lawn mower. A very large range of such devices is represented by a variety of companies. However, the cost of the device is so high that it is not always available to the ordinary consumer. To solve this problem, you need a lawn mower, made by hand. You can collect it from any available materials.

Gasoline Lawn Mower Diagram

The scheme of gasoline mowers.

Nuances of construction, fixtures

The construction of the simplest lawn mower consists of several parts:

Grass collection system diagram

Scheme of grass collection system.

  • electric motor;
  • chassis;
  • frame;
  • knives;
  • wheels;
  • handles;
  • casing.

How to make a lawn mower with your own hands? To perform the wizard will need:

  • drill;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • hacksaw;
  • vice;
  • sharpened.

It is very easy to assemble a lawn mower with your own hands. You must have a motor that will successfully replace the electric motor from the drill, which has high revs and a power of at least 700 watts. For the actuator, you need to purchase a lawnmower drive equipped with a cutting tip in the store. Because of the low cost to buy these parts is quite affordable for everyone.

Lawn mowers

Lawn mowing patterns.

Then the electric drill is connected to the drive. First, crimp rings are made, having the form of clamps. One is placed on the pipe, which is diverted from the drive, and the other is put on the electric drill. The clamp worn on the actuator tube should be 50 mm wide. This size corresponds to the size of the neck, which holds the handle of the electric drill.

It is enough just to make the clamps yourself. They should be connected by strips of steel, 10 mm wide. It is desirable for this to take sheet metal with a thickness of more than 4 mm. The distance between the clamps is determined depending on the length of the cartridge mounted on the electric drill. The strips must be connected to the clamps. This is usually done by welding. The result is something like an adapter. One end of the clamp is worn on the drill, and the other end on the drive tube. The distance between the clamps is available for the passage of the cable, which is clamped in the cartridge.

This design is made of 3 mm steel sheet. A hole is drilled through the center so that the motor axis runs freely. For stiffness, metal corners are welded to the sheet. The electric motor is fixed to the opening of the platform, brackets are mounted on the sides for fastening the axles of the wheels, the lower part is covered by a protective cover. To the plate are mounted control knobs.

Types of grass mowing devices

Types of devices for mowing grass.

When a flanged motor is used, it becomes possible to mount directly to the sheet. To do this, drill holes to the size of the flange to secure the engine. When the motor is standard, you need to weld a pair of racks at an angle of 90 degrees. They should coincide with the landing guides of the electric motor.

Knives should be made of hard, well-hardened steel. The fragility of the knife should be minimal, as it may break. You have to change it, while working, it can fly off and cause injury to the operator. Masters advise for the manufacture of knives to use a hacksaw blade on wood, having 2 mm thickness.

The technological process of making a knife is quite simple. On the canvas is marking two blanks having the form of a strip. Then, the marked parts are cut out by the grinder. Holes are made in each knife to fix them. Finished knives are sharpened, centered and attached to the mandrel.

That's all. It remains only to clamp the force clamps, and you can get to work. With an extension cord, the lawnmower can be connected to electricity. The main thing is to have enough wire length. The device can start testing. The cutting tool can be a good kapron cord. He cuts grass beautifully without damaging other plantings.

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Lawn mower design

Each craftsman does the construction of the lawn mower with his own hands in accordance with individual preferences. However, the main components of this unit remain the same in any design.

The handle is made of metal pipes, usually 20 mm in diameter. A rectangular steel plate with dimensions of 10x30x90 is welded to it. The box with the toggle switch and plug for the network attached to the handle.

To create a rotation of the knives, drill positioned vertically.

Mokosy device diagram

The scheme of the device motokosa.

Clamps and flange drill is fixed on the platform. To the flange mounted steel knives.

The strip of the handle has one sharpened side. Usually the angle is 30 degrees. Knives are pressed against the washer and screwed to the system of rotation. To make it convenient to work and move around, wheels are attached to the platform. There may be several, it all depends on the design of the lawn mower.

To change the inclination of the handle, the device is equipped with an adjusting sector. With it, you can change the angle of the handle for mowing a certain relief and to match the height of the device to the height of a person. To work it was much safer, the knives of the device are covered with a special lid.

The platform can be made of 5 mm duralumin. If there is no aluminum, it is perfectly replaced by thick plywood. After the lawn mower has been assembled with its own hands and has shown itself to be a workable design, it is completely disassembled and parts are painted. When the paint is dry, it is collected again. During operation, you must look for the wire. He may accidentally be cut with knives.

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Required safety rules

When a lawnmower is assembled, basic safety instructions for working with cutting tools are required.

  1. There must be reliable electrical insulation of all electrical wiring components.
  2. It is necessary to have good grounding of the third cable conductor at the housing. To secure the work, you need to install an instantaneous shutdown system.
  3. Do not use the lawn mower after rain and on a wet surface.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to work the lawn mower, which has no protective casing.

And finally: it is desirable to carry out work in boots, so that the objects flying from under the knives do not injure the worker.

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