How to make a homemade chopper

Homemade lath wood splitter do it yourself is not so difficult to make. In this design, the logs will move along a special chute towards the cutting element. To create such a design, materials are used that may be at hand or easily found in a store.

Scheme of rack wood splitter

Scheme of rack firewood.

Today, despite all the achievements of technology, firewood for many remains relevant. And therefore, it is becoming quite a problem to prepare firewood for the winter. To use an ax for this purpose is extremely irrational, because you can use a cleaver, which will save both effort and time. Of course, such equipment is very expensive, so it is better to assemble it with your own hands.

How to make a homemade wood splitter: recommendations

Rack and hydraulic log splitters are similar in type of work, the only difference is that in the first case, the design implies a guide rail.

For the manufacture of the frame will need:

  • metal corners;
  • channel;
  • double tee;
  • profile tube.

All elements are assembled into a finished structure. It is necessary to think in advance that the self-made wood splitter has reliable support. It may have a finished chassis or be located on wheels, but in the second case, a block should be provided so that the tool does not accidentally go.

Drawing of a firewood cone

Drawing cone wood splitter.

You should also take care of the piston connected to the engine, which will produce the moment of pushing chocks. It is very important to calculate the force here, because in such a device the halves of the log are caught by themselves. Therefore, if the thrust force is too large, it can significantly harm the operator. The main driving mechanism can be assembled separately or already used ready, for example, from tractor equipment.

The method of placing logs can be of three types: horizontal, vertical or mixed. But for an improvised wood splitter, it is still preferable to use the first option, since it does not require much effort. In addition, the horizontal rail forms a chute, through which the movement of the log to the knife or, conversely, the knife to the log.

For additional protection, it is desirable to use a thermal relay and a safety clutch. To make the cutting process more convenient, it’s best to equip your device with a four-nozzle attachment. This will increase productivity, as the log will be immediately divided into 4 blanks. Also from the additions it would be good to think of the emphasis with height adjustment. Then any family member will be able to use such a wood splitter, adjusting the tool to fit his height.

An important point is the material for the cutting blade. Best of all, if it is steel.

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Conclusion and debriefing

It is important to remember that such a unit is powered by gasoline, which means that it is necessary to constantly monitor its availability. In addition, if the wood splitter has not been used for a long time, for example, it was conserved out of need, then you should first drain the old gasoline and fill in the new one. The same applies to the oil. If you use an old liquid, then there may be a moment of jamming (which is extremely unsafe), and the motor will quickly become unusable.

Before you create a homemade log splitter, you should make sure of its economic advantage.

After all, it may happen that the funds invested in the package of such a device (this is also taking into account gasoline for the engine) will be equal to the amount that can be spent on the purchase of firewood, the volume of which would be enough for heating for several years. In addition, if a heated house may soon be connected to gas, the creation of such equipment is also not advisable. Although, as an alternative, a splitter may serve as an additional source of income: it split the firewood and sold it.

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