How to make a homemade airbrush from a syringe

Homemade airbrush from a syringe - a great assistant in the economy. This invention makes painting a completely simple process. You can make a homemade airbrush at home, because not everyone has the opportunity to purchase it in the store, especially since the cost of the airbrush is quite high. Homemade spray gun will be no worse than purchased. In order to make it, you do not need any special skills or abilities, and the components that make up the airbrush can be found in any home. You can make a spray gun from a syringe in two ways: without a spray gun (this method is very simple) and with a spray gun (more complicated).

The scheme of the device professional airbrush

Scheme of the device professional airbrush.

What is an airbrush?

An airbrush is the same sprayer (pneumatic tool) that is designed to spray a coloring matter. It is used in many areas of life, but because of its high cost, craftsmen have already learned how to do an airbrush with their own hands.

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Method one (airbrush without paint sprayer)

First you need to collect all the necessary tools. For the manufacture of this type of airbrush will need:

Airbrush from the gel pen and syringe

Airbrush from the gel pen and syringe.

  • a disposable syringe and needle from it (its volume depends only on the desire of the master);
  • clip;
  • a thread;
  • fixative - adhesive tape or duct tape;
  • small capacity for paint.

The needle must be removed and heated on the fire so that it can be separated from the plastic base. Remove the piston from the syringe, first make a smooth clip, and then bend it at an angle of 90°. Thread one side of the clip and needle tightly together. Then use tape or tape to fix the second side of the clip and case. Moreover, it is necessary to fix the structure near the hole on which the needle was put on. Set the needle tip so that it is located in the center of the syringe nozzle.

After that, paint should be diluted so that it is liquid, in a small container. Take the airbrush in hand, lower the needle into the container with the dye and blow it strongly into the wide nozzle.

Such airbrushes are called "rotoduvami" in common people. In order to make such a device, it will take 9-11 minutes and a minimum of fixtures.

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Second method (airbrush without paint spray)

This method is identical to the above method, it differs only in a few details.

For the manufacture will need:

Spray Position

The position of the spray gun: a - walls, b - ceiling.

  • rod from the gel pen;
  • disposable syringe + needle;
  • a segment of the ballpoint pen;
  • glass or plastic bottle; container for ink emulsion;
  • hot melt glue

The entire process of collecting the airbrush takes place in several stages:

  • the writing part of the pen is cut off with a cone;
  • cut off the sharp part of the medical needle;
  • pre-dip the needle into the hot-melt glue and insert it into the cut rod so that its tip is visible from the metal part of the rod;
  • the upper part of the syringe is mounted on the bottle (it is necessary to insert a rod with a needle into the body);
  • make 3-4 holes for air access in the cover;
  • The distance between the needle tip and the pen can be determined experimentally.

One of the advantages of this airbrush - easy replacement of the tank.

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Airbrush Spray Gun

In order to make a more comfortable homemade airbrush, you need the following details:

The assembly scheme of airbrushes from scrap materials

Airbrush assembly scheme from scrap materials.

  • pens (3 automatic ball, 2 gel);
  • pencil;
  • metal empty bottle (you can take a bottle from cosmetics);
  • syringes (2-3);
  • hard wire;
  • bolts 2 pcs. 3 mm;
  • nipple;
  • small needle - 2 pcs .;
  • glue.

First you need to collect the cartridge and needle retainer. You need to make it from a syringe, gel pen stick, fountain pen and bolt springs. Remove the piston from the body, lower the spring inside (it should be near the thin nozzle), make a hole in the rod and insert the bolt, and they should be perpendicular to each other. This design is subsequently inserted into the housing.

In the case of a ballpoint pen, you need to make holes with a hot knife on both sides: one is smaller and more round (about 0.5 cm), the second is larger and longer (about 2 cm). Next, a piece of wire must be bent to the rest of the trigger. Heat the needle that is suitable for the diameter of the wire and make two holes in the body for the bent wire, insert it into the body.

The next stage is to prepare 4 pieces of wire 6 cm each and bend them at a right angle. These segments should be fixed air housing, or rather its valve (made from a piece of the body of a ballpoint pen).

Then you need to insert the body that holds the needle directly into the spray gun. It should be inserted effortlessly. The length of the gel pen stick is chosen so that the rod rests on the bent wire, and the spring is compressed. To connect all the parts, you can use epoxy, hot melt glue or ordinary superglue.

Compressor assembly scheme for airbrush

Compressor assembly scheme for airbrush.

Next you need to do the air valve air valve, it will consist of a syringe without a piston, needles, springs, tube section from the cylinder (air freshener), nipple. All parts must be connected, pre-processed with glue.

For the trigger you need an antenna, a piston head. It is necessary to connect two sections of the antenna with a cap, and insert a match into the match with glue already applied to it. All items also need to coat with glue to design was strong.

In order to make an airbrush paint sprayer, you need one syringe, an iron part of a medical needle, a part of a rod with an iron tip, a hose for supplying air.

The reservoir for the coloring emulsion will be a can from under the deodorant, or rather, its upper part, which needs to be cut with a knife.

When all the details are interconnected, the spray gun can be considered ready. Make it easy and short, the main thing - to have the desire. But if you don’t want to tinker with a complex airbrush designer, you can fully use the first and second methods. They do not spend so much time, and the details for their manufacture will be in any apartment or house.

The principle of using the spray gun

The principle of using the spray gun.

There is another way to make an airbrush with a spray gun out of a can of deodorant. Moreover, an empty cartridge will act as a spray gun for soft dispersion of paint or any fine chemical substance. For manufacturing it is necessary:

  • empty can;
  • large capacity syringe;
  • a vinyl tube with a diameter that will fit a small nozzle;
  • compressor to create pressure in the cylinder;
  • gloves.

It is necessary to remove the plastic valve from a barrel of a deodorant. Put the vinyl tube on the syringe as close as possible to the base and trim it so that it can be put on the syringe nozzle, but so that there is room for pressing the spray valve (i.e., the length of the piece of vinyl tube should be approximately 0 , 5 cm). To collect liquid paint and connect a piece of vinyl tube with a can. In this method, the syringe acts as an element for refilling the cartridge with paint. In order for the paint to get inside the can from under the deodorant, it is necessary to press the nozzle of the can and then the piston of the syringe. The volume of refilled paint is easy to calculate, just look at the volume of the cartridge and the capacity of the syringe. For example, the volume of the can is 150 ml, the syringe is 10 cubes, which means that it is necessary to pour 5 volumes of paint into the can. It is very important between refills not to forget to press the cylinder valve first, that is, to close it, and only then remove the syringe.

It is necessary to make an adapter from the plastic cover of the medical needle, which will connect the balloon and the compressor. In the sealed part of the cover it is necessary to make a small hole, and insert the open part into the compressor tube. Next, turn on the compressor, put the adapter on the cartridge, press on its nozzle and fill the air (for 150 ml bottle - about 2 kg of air). Before painting, put on a plastic spray bottle and shake it.

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