How to make a choice of the rolling jack

Car repair is important. In particular, it concerns the replacement of the wheel. For this reason, usually when you buy a car, the spare wheel and a jack are already in the kit - a device that allows you to lift the car to a certain height for replacement.

Diagram of the device for sliding hydraulic jack

Diagram of the device for sliding hydraulic jack.

But it is better to make the choice of a rolling jack for the car yourself. After all, so you will be sure that you are comfortable working with such a tool. Plus, you choose for yourself the ratio of price and quality. The most popular today are rolling jacks, which are a certain size of a cart on wheels.

Pros and cons of rolling jacks

Before starting to consider the subtleties of choosing a jack for a car, it is important to briefly examine the design features of such a mechanism. Any rolling jack consists of wheels and a base (trolley), which serves as a support for the load - in this case it is a car.

Table of characteristics of jacks

Table of characteristics of jacks.

To make the mechanism lift a part of the car, it is necessary to use the energy of the lever, valve and screw. Pulling the handle in a certain direction, you force the lever to move with screws. Due to this, the load is raised or lowered.

Like any mechanism, a rolling jack for a car has both advantages and disadvantages. In general, this construction is not bad, as it allows to fix the car quite reliably, which is important not only for repairs, but also for safety measures. But it is still advisable to consider all the nuances of the work.

As a rule, movable devices have a number of advantages over other jacks. This is mobility, which allows these mechanisms to be freely moved independently without considerable physical effort, a large carrying capacity, making it possible to lift even large trucks.

Still jack-jacks are distinguished by high efficiency and the maximum level of protection against arbitrary movement and slip due to the insurance with a special valve.

Bottle Jack Scheme

The scheme of the bottle jack.

But there are also disadvantages to these mechanisms. First of all, it is the impossibility of using on uneven surfaces. Here wheels can simply deteriorate or the work on raising a part of the car will be very hard. For the same reason, it is strongly recommended not to use the jack on too soft soils. Another disadvantage is not all, but some mechanisms of this type can be attributed to the inconvenience of use in any place.

But this applies only to large jacks, which are simply unrealistic to carry with you in the trunk of a car due to the size and weight.

As a conclusion, it can be noted with complete confidence that the use of podkatny type mechanisms for a standard passenger car is very beneficial in all senses. Therefore, experts recommend always to have it with you in the trunk.

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Selection of the rolling mechanism by type

In order to choose the best option for a rolling jack, it is very important to know what types of such mechanisms are.

Rolling jacks in our time are pneumatic, hydraulic, as well as mixed type. Consider them one by one and select which type for which car is most appropriate to purchase.

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Pneumatic devices

So, rolling jacks pneumatic type. These devices operate at the expense of compressed air, through which the load is held. The device looks like in the photo.

Drawing homemade pneumatic jack

Drawing homemade pneumatic jack.

You can see that the base is made up of wheels and a trolley, on top of which is located the so-called accordion, where there is air. To use the device, the jack must be rolled up to the car, and then with the help of a special lever to provoke the lowering of the bag. After the desired part of the car will be on the base with a bag, the same lever is used to lift the bag due to the movement of air in it. Together with the harmonica, the load will rise.

Pneumatic jacks, it is advisable to choose in the event that the weight of the car is not very large. At the same time, keep in mind that such mechanisms will not be able to hold the car for a long time. After all, the accordion will gradually fall. Consider the lifting capacity of the pneumatic sliding device. Usually they are produced for loads from 3 to 5 tons. Consequently, the weight of the car must be equal to or less than the specific carrying capacity of the device.

This type is ideal for SUVs, as raising the car to replace the wheels will occur fairly quickly. And powerful wheels provide a good degree of protection against subsidence. Very good, if the trunk of an SUV will be great. After all, after the end of the work, the harmonica deflates and becomes wide.

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Hydraulic machinery

Hydraulic rolling jack is no longer operated with compressed air, but with the help of liquid.

Using a jack to lift a car

Using a jack to lift the car.

Usually it is ordinary technical oil. The jack contains two vessels, where with the help of valves, which are set in motion by the handle, the fluid moves and creates the necessary pressure to lift the piston, and with it the car itself.

Hydraulic jacks are considered to be the most reliable and common in use. They can keep the car in a fixed position for a long time, and the system itself is somewhat more reliable than that of a pneumatic mechanism. Especially good if such a jack is equipped with a transmission. Then you will be much easier and safer to commit.

Devices of this type are applicable to almost all cars. But here is not all hydraulic jacks can carry with them. Most of them are very heavy and do not have a high degree of mobility. But they are very convenient to use in your garage and the service station. It is especially convenient to use them during repair or replacement of wheels on trucks. Only then you need to pay special attention to the wheels so that they can withstand the expected load.

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Hybrid rams

Mixed types of rolling jacks are represented by so-called hybrids, which consist of two levels. Such mechanisms have two sites.

Drawing of a pneumohydraulic rolling jack

Drawing pneumohydraulic rolling jack.

Usually hybrids work on hydraulics. But at the same time they also have elements of a bottle jack. This allows you to increase the maximum height of the lift from 375 to 687 mm. Hydraulic hybrids are suitable for work in workshops and garages, since their dimensions are large in order to hide in the trunk.

But there are also mixed rolling jacks that can work both on hydraulics and on pneumatics. These mechanisms have a fairly high load-carrying capacity, but a very low pick-up height. It is advisable to purchase them for workshops to choose individually for a certain type of car.

So, we can conclude that the types of the cheapest and most acceptable for most cars are hydraulic jacks. Pneumatic is even cheaper, but for heavy cars it is better not to use them. If you intend to keep the installation in the workshop or in the garage, it is better to give preference to hybrids.

Of course, you can list the types further. But it does not make sense to do this, since these types are the most used and proven in practice. The rest are not yet sufficiently improved so that we can speak with confidence about their shortcomings or merits.

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Other selection options

In addition to the types of rolling jacks, it is advisable to briefly consider a few basic parameters, which also need to pay attention during the selection. These include lifting capacity, lifting height and pickup, weight and dimensions of the jack itself, the quality of the wheels.

Advantages of the construction of the rolling jack

The advantages of the construction of the rolling jack.

Load capacity - the main technical characteristics. It depends on how effective the work of the jack. Experts strongly recommend to choose rolling jacks with a maximum carrying capacity, so that there is no risk of breakage of the jack itself.

Wheel quality is closely related to payload. When buying a jack, you need to pay attention to what material the wheels are made of and how they are attached. Usually self-respecting manufacturers provide a separate warranty on the wheels of the jack, and even spare wheels in case of damage to the original.

It is very important to take into account the height of lift and grab. It is best to choose a variant of the jack, where the height of the lift will be the maximum possible, and the height of the pickup will be, on the contrary, the minimum. This will allow for easier and faster wheel replacement.

But taking into account the weight and size of the mechanism is important to consider if you want to carry it with you in the trunk. Then you need to calculate everything correctly and with a margin so that it does not work out that the jack simply does not fit in the trunk or its weight prevents the normal operation of the car.

And another important characteristic is the price of the jack. It can be anything, depending on the brand. The more famous the manufacturer, the more expensive the device will cost. And if you want to buy a really high-quality and reliable mechanism, it is better to choose an average price and a well-known brand. Too low or high cost usually indicates either low quality or overpayment for a brand.

So, the main parameters that need to be considered when choosing a rolling jack are fully considered. Of course, you can use more detailed specifications. But without the basic knowledge described above, you simply cannot figure it out. Taking into account all the advice given on how to choose jacks based on the types and basic additional characteristics, you will make the right choice of a jack, which you will not regret in the future.

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