How to choose the right compressor for the airbrush

A substantial part of the work depends on the choice of a compressor for an airbrush; therefore, one must be very careful in choosing it. Airbrush compressor is one of the important tools. It is designed to be supplied to the spray gun or airbrush air with a specific pressure.

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In order to do airborne paint under pressure you need a suitable compressor.

What to consider when buying a compressor?

Liquid paints such as watercolor or the presence of a weak viscosity require devices with low pressure and vice versa. A large-pressure airbrush is suitable for a high-pressure compressor. In contrast, low volume - low pressure.

It is necessary to take into account the automatic shutdown. In the presence of a full tank of water or airbrush, the compressor is turned off automatically. It should also be borne in mind that the cooling fan is used to cool the device.

Depending on the compressor’s construction, they are divided into:

  • piston;
  • membrane.
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Piston compressors

Diaphragm Compressor Diagram

Schematic diagram of the membrane compressor

Choose a compressor for the piston airbrush - it means to opt for the most perfect device. In them, the movement inside the cylinder of the piston or pistons contributes to the formation of excessive pressure.

The advantages of piston units include:

  • high performance;
  • significant power;
  • possibility of simultaneous connection of several airbrushes;
  • convenience of performing a substantial amount of work;
  • minimal care

These compressors have differences in the device. In them the pistons can be placed:

  • in horizontal position;
  • upright;
  • rarely at an angle.

If the device you bought is very buzzing, you can put it in a wooden box, which should be upholstered inside with insulating material, then during work you will save yourself from the buzz. It is only necessary to make holes for the air flow from opposite sides of the drawer. Piston compressor is best used when painting shirts.

In the cylinders of the compressor may be lubricated or not.

In cases of its absence, the cylinders are provided with special sealing rings, forming an additional tightness. This completely eliminates the likelihood of oil particles entering the air exiting under pressure, and nothing penetrates into the paint.

However, the power of piston units without lubrication is lower than that of oil ones. The positive properties of oil piston devices include:

Using the compressor from the refrigerator

For airbrush, you can use the compressor from the refrigerator.

  • high performance;
  • the ability to maintain several airbrushes without interruption for a long time without overheating.

The presence of oil leads to some drawbacks, it is:

  • high price;
  • the probability of penetration into the paint drops of oil;
  • its periodic replacement;
  • careful preventive care.

Oil silent devices for long works are intended. Their ability to provide at the same time the constant work of several airbrushes leads to the fact that each of them performs its own task: the first causes one color, each of the following - the other. Working with such compressors, it is possible to achieve better quality spraying.

Before buying this noiseless device, you need to be sure that it is suitable for your type of work. They are great:

  • for painting;
  • when creating illustrations;
  • in arts and crafts.
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Membrane Compressors

Scheme compressor compressor

Schematic diagram of the membrane compressor

The membrane compressor for an airbrush is mainly of low power and cannot produce significant pressure. The principle of their work consists in the movement of the plastic membrane. Inside the cylinder, when the membrane is bent in one direction, a vacuum is formed, which contributes to the suction of air. The volume in the cylinder changes when the membrane returns to the other side, thereby pushing air under pressure towards the location of the receiver or airbrush. This is how an overpressure is created by the membrane compressor.

The features of this compressor include:

  • use with small amounts of work;
  • just one airbrush service.

The presence of variable pressure on such devices at the outlet of the hose causes the airbrush paint to be supplied non-rhythmically. Although the use of the receiver will help to solve this problem, most often these devices do not have their own receiver, respectively, they are not suitable for the implementation of professional painting tasks.

Membrane compressor has a number of positive qualities:

  • low cost;
  • small size;
  • consumes some electricity.

A compressor with a receiver (tank for storing compressed air) has several advantages. It:

  • when working using a stable air flow;
  • energy saving, as it stops pumping air when filling the receiver;
  • if the light turns off, then due to the accumulated air it will be possible to complete the work.

A great addition to the compressor will be a moisture and oil separator filter. You will need it to protect the oil or condensate from entering the airbrush that could ruin your work.

For novice airbrush operators, diaphragm compressors have recently appeared on the market. Before buying it, it is imperative to check whether they supply a constant flow of air.

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Functional abilities

Scheme homemade airbrush compressor

Scheme homemade airbrush compressor.

Functionality is divided into airbrush compressors on the device with the mode of operation:

  • regulated;
  • sustainable;
  • at the same time multistage and with smooth regulation.

The presence of a smooth setting and several modes create additional conditions for the formation of the best pressure and the most good coating. If you add the presence of an airbrush adjustment, then it is possible to achieve almost immaculate paint supply.

In high-quality compressors there is a need for precise adjustment of the air supply in manual mode at the outlet. The presence of a filter that keeps fine particles from entering the airbrush is also important.

These devices are different:

  • dimensions;
  • the amount of noise;
  • way to travel.

The devices are small in size and are dragged by hand, while the large compressor has wheels.

These designs are selected for specific work. For those who are just starting steps in airbrushing, compressors without a receiver of low productivity of 10-17 l / min are perfect.

Devices with a receiver is best used when painting canvases, body art artists, modellers.

Compressors with a high capacity of 25-50 l / min, a receiver with several airbrushes are necessary for painting:

  • interiors;
  • cars;
  • the implementation of significant amounts of work.

To perform quality work it is always necessary to stop your choice on a compressor with an air tank - receiver.

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