How to choose a suitable motor-cultivator

A motor cultivator is an equipment that is used to work the soil before sowing. The kit may include special attachments. What is this unit for? It can loosen the top layer of soil, level the surface of the soil, remove weeds, crush large pieces of rock after plowing. The motor-cultivator will allow to evenly mix the soil and the applied fertilizers.


A motor-cultivator is an equipment with which the soil is processed before sowing.

In order for work to be performed quickly and efficiently, it is necessary to choose the right motor-cultivator, taking into account its various parameters. First you need to examine the classification series, find out whether additional characteristics are needed.

Classification and purpose

Choosing a motor-cultivator or motor-block, it is necessary to pay attention to the power equipment and additional functionality. Motoblock differs in that its package includes various additional devices, there is a trailer. For a motor-cultivator these devices should be bought separately.

Components of a motor-cultivator

Components of a motor cultivator.

When choosing a light tiller, one should take into account that it is intended only for processing a small area.. The width of processing is only up to 50 cm, depth - up to 20 cm. This equipment is purchased for work on flower beds, flower beds, small vegetable gardens. Cultivator can perform weeding, loosening. This technique is mobile, has a small weight. Mills are used as additional equipment. The weight of the equipment is about 40 kg, it can be increased by installing additional equipment.

Medium-sized motor cultivators are used for small and medium-sized plots, if necessary, to be treated 2-3 times a year. The engine of this equipment is four-stroke 4.5-6 hp. The width of the grip is 50-60 cm, the depth is about 20 cm. Motor-cultivators of this type can be equipped with plows, hillers, and wheels with soil grip. Work with the equipment is simple, even for a beginner there will be no difficulties.

Heavy tillers for the suburban area are purchased not so often, they have a weight of 60 kg, and their power is not less than 6 hp. They are used only for medium and large areas, the engine is usually put gasoline. It is possible to cover approximately 60 cm of section in width at a depth of 20 cm. Trailers are used for walking tractors, they can carry up to 300 kg.

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Selection options

When the tiller is chosen, it is important to immediately determine how much work needs to be done. In order not to be mistaken, one should take into account the following parameters:

  • total area of ​​the treated area;
  • work intensity, frequency of use of equipment;
  • general loads;
  • the time it takes to complete the work.

On the basis of the obtained data, the motoblock, the type of its engine and transmission are selected. As a rule, cultivators are supplied without additional configuration. Plows, weights, etc. are purchased separately.

Power tilting table

Power tilting table.

All motor-cultivators can have engines of various types. Most often it is electric or gasoline. The simplest are electrical, which operate on the network. Their maintenance is extremely simple, they do not require replacement of fuel, constant maintenance of the engine. They are intended only for light motoblocks that are used in the processing of small areas. To operate the technology requires an electrical network. Gasoline engines are more complex, but they are more powerful. Two-stroke engines are placed in medium-sized cultivators, their cost is lower. Four-stroke are used for heavy equipment, their cost is much higher. Two-stroke engines consume more fuel, their environmental friendliness is low. Four-stroke are more economical, but it makes no sense to use them to handle a small area, it’s better to buy ordinary electric ones.

The motor-cultivator is supplied with transmission, it can be worm or chain. The device is located in a robust housing that is filled with oil, the choice is made on the basis of which shaft is used for the engine. With its horizontal arrangement, a chain transmission is used, and with a vertical one, a worm gear is installed.

The vertical shaft makes the motor cultivator easier, more compact and convenient, but the cost of equipment in this case is higher. For heavy motoblocks the gear drive is used, the gearbox, a shaft of selection of power is provided.

For the tiller used clutch of this type:

  • centrifugal automatic for vertical shaft;
  • belt, having tension rollers, for medium models and heavy;
  • With clutch release clutch, similar to the car, is used for heavy, professional models.

It is necessary to provide that the unit had a backing. This will ensure a more comfortable and safe operation.

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Availability of additional equipment for motor cultivator

Loosening the land with a motor cultivator

Manual motor-cultivators loosen the surface of the soil layer, without turning over the layers.

To choose the right equipment, you need to pay attention to the availability of additional equipment. Additional devices may be different, but it is better not to buy them “for emergency”, but to clearly define what functions the motor-cultivator should perform, which is necessary for its operation. This will avoid too much waste.

In addition to the usual cutter, you can purchase special attachments. Usually installed 2, 4, 6 sections, it is easily removed if necessary. The number of sections depends on how wide the area needs to be processed at one time. For example, for clayey soil it is best to take a small number of sections, and for light soil processing it is quite possible to increase the width.

Transport wheels allow you to make motor-cultivator more convenient to use.

Wheels may in some cases replace the coulter. Most of the models have transport wheels, but they are not included in the kit, which we should not forget. For example, if there is a pneumatic, then the usual transport may be absent. Wheels can be with grouser to facilitate the work on light soils.

Chains for anti-skid allow you to increase traction. Their cost is low, the dimensions are compact. If the equipment is too light, weights for the wheels are installed. If the carriage of goods is required, trailers with a loading capacity from 200 kg to 500 kg can be purchased for the motoblock. Trailers can be overturned or tipper, equipped with a seat for the operator, brake system, lighting, if the work is planned not only during the day but also at night.

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Should I buy a plow, mower, rotary brushes?

Plow pattern

Scheme plow.

A plow is acquired in the event that it is necessary to plow the soil in the spring for planting, to dig a crop in the autumn. Plows can be different, on both or only on one side. The harrow is used for breaking up large lumps during plowing. Okuchnik - a type of plow, which has a V-shaped share, it is necessary when growing vegetables, onions, peas, potatoes.

Potato digger is another special equipment designed specifically for potato cultivation and its subsequent harvesting. It can lift the soil layer along with the root crops, after which the soil crumbles, and the crop remains on the surface. The motoblock can be equipped with a mower, if not only high-quality and fast treatment of the site is necessary, but also mowing the grass. Mowers can be produced in two types - they are rotor and knife models. The first more productive and efficient, but the rotor is considered to be more maneuverable. They are used when mowing grass between shrubs, trees, paths is required.

Aerators are used when the motor cultivator must, during processing, provide access of moisture and oxygen to the root system of plantings. Rotary brushes are used to clear the area from snow, fallen leaves, debris. Rotary cleaners are used for snow removal in large quantities, they are convenient for removing drifts and snow drifts. At the same time, the snow is thrown to the side for about 20 m. The motor-cultivators are equipped with knives, dumps, if it is necessary to remove the top layer of soil on a large area, when the shovel alone cannot cope.

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How to choose a motor cultivator correctly: general conclusions

What you need to pay attention when choosing a cultivator or motoblock? Summarizing the above, we can draw the following conclusions:

The scheme of okuchnik with the motor-block

The scheme okuchnik with the motor-block.

  1. First you need to decide what it is necessary for the cultivator, how much work and for what soil will be performed. Today, there are devices on sale that can be used to process not large areas, but also small flowerbeds. It is more rational to purchase equipment necessary for the performance of a specific job without overpaying financial resources.
  2. When a motor-cultivator is chosen, it is important to immediately determine what its dimensions will be. For the suburban area bulky and heavy equipment is not always convenient.
  3. Power equipment is also required to take into account. It happens that the amount of work is not too large, but the performance should be maximized. In this case, preference should be given to a more powerful unit.
  4. Ergonomics, functionality, convenience of work - all this is important to consider when choosing a motor-cultivator. Immediately it is necessary to determine whether there is a need to purchase additional attachments, trailers.

Using such principles of choice of a motor-cultivator or a motor-block, you can easily and quickly choose the technical device that will best meet all needs. It takes into account not only power, but also functionality, the availability of additional devices. Work with such equipment will be convenient, and the cost of the cultivator - optimal, corresponding to all needs.

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