How to choose a spray gun for home

The need to choose the gun does not arise too often, but in many cases this tool is almost irreplaceable or it saves a huge amount of time. For people who choose a device for home and have never used it before, it can be very difficult to immediately understand all the functions and features of spray guns.. Since there are a lot of such characteristics, in order to quickly find the best option, it is better to immediately narrow down the range of potential purchases. First of all, it is worth noting that spray guns are of two types: electric and pneumatic.

Electric spray gun

Electric spray gun - ideal for non-professional use at home.

Each type has its own advantages, disadvantages and applications, but the main difference between the pneumatic spray gun is the need to use a compressor. If you do not have it, then the acquisition of a pneumatic spray gun will involve the purchase of two devices at once.

Electric spray guns

Electric spray gun device

Scheme of the device electric spray gun.

The easiest to use and maintain type of spray guns. Spray paint in it is achieved due to fluctuations in the diaphragm under the influence of electric current.

For work it is enough to connect this tool to the household power supply network. Such devices are ideal for home or garden, as they do not require additional equipment, and it is very easy to store and transport them.

The price of such devices is usually low, the most budget models sometimes even buy for single use. As a rule, components in cheap spray guns are designed for 3-4 colors, and they are used solely to save time. More expensive models from famous brands can faithfully serve for several years, having survived dozens of colors. In the store, you can immediately determine the quality of the device, drawing attention to the material of the nozzle. Models with metal nozzles are able to withstand many applications, while plastic ones will lose accuracy or break quickly enough.

The main drawback of the electric gun, in comparison with the pneumatic, is a small power, which directly affects the quality of color and the uniformity of the layer. Low-power models are suitable except for giving, where there is no need to provide a perfect appearance.

Electric sprayer

The scheme of the electric spray gun.

There are models of electric spray guns with built-in mini-compressor. The quality of painting in this case increases significantly, but the price becomes several times higher. However, the cost of such a device will be less than the total cost of a set of pneumatic spray gun.

Among the shortcomings of electric spray guns is to provide a lot of weight. Devices with a compressor can weigh more than 2 kg, holding such a device in an outstretched arm for a long time is quite problematic, and working with it requires periodic interruptions. Also, these devices have a high noise level. Of course, the external compressor buzzes much louder, but in most cases it can be moved to another room or even outside.

Due to the low power, electric spray guns can be used by no means for all types of paint. In most cases, it will be necessary to dilute the paint with a solvent in order to obtain the necessary thickness, since a tool that is too viscous will not spray the tool, but spray in clots. The first time before painting is better to practice on the surface, which is not a pity to spoil, for example, on whatman paper.

When buying an expensive electric spray gun is recommended to hold it in your hands, because the convenience of the handle and the weight is very important in the work. Also, if possible, ask to turn it on, since most of these devices vibrate strongly when working, and it is better to feel it before buying.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Compressor for pneumatic spray gun

Note that a pneumatic spray gun requires a compressor.

Summarizing, you can once again highlight the main pros and cons of spray guns without an external compressor. The main advantages of such devices are:

  • ease of operation and maintenance;
  • compactness and ease of transportation (can be stored at home);
  • low cost.

But at the same time, such devices have their disadvantages:

  • Low power (as a result of a difficult selection of paint and the complexity of working with uneven and rough surfaces);
  • high noise and vibration levels (especially for an apartment building).
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Pneumatic spray guns

For domestic needs in the condition of the house or cottage most often enough high-quality electric gun, but for more complex tasks using pneumatic devices.

In this case, you must separately purchase the spray gun and compressor, as well as ensure that they fit together.

Choosing a gun for pneumatic spray gun

The main elements of the pneumatic spray gun

Diagram of the main elements of the pneumatic spray gun.

There are three main types of pistols:

  • HP;
  • HVLP;
  • Lvlp

These abbreviations encode the pressure and volume of air used.

Technology HP (high pressure) is translated as "high pressure" and is used in the guns of the lower price segment. Its advantage is the high speed of painting surfaces, but this technology does not differ in particular accuracy. Tools based on it consume too much paint. Basically, HP-sprayers are used when painting large objects, where the accuracy and uniformity of the application of layers is not important.

HVLP technology (high volume at low pressure). Due to the specific design of the nozzle, the spray guns based on this technology effectively consume paint, but paint a little slower than HP devices.

Currently optimal spray guns based on LVLP technology (low volume with low pressure). Such devices allow you to apply paint with minimal loss at a sufficiently high speed. However, these guns are the most expensive and in most cases used for professional purposes. But at the same time, such spray guns do not need a too powerful compressor, and you can save a little on it.

Another nuance that is worth considering when choosing a spray gun, is the location of the tank. If you need to constantly monitor the level of paint, it is better to choose a transparent plastic tank (it is usually located at the top of the spray gun). If you need to have a large supply of paint, it is better to stop the choice on a metal tank, which is usually located at the bottom and has a volume of more than 1 liter.

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Compressor selection

Airbrush sprayer

Scheme spray gun.

No less important for the quality of the spray gun is the compressor. This is a multipurpose device, and the injection of air for spraying paint is only one of its many functions.

One of the important characteristics of a compressor is its power, which in most cases is about 1.5 kW. It is better to choose the devices of proven manufacturers, because firm "one-day" can significantly overestimate the actual characteristics of the device. As a result, the pressure may not be enough for high-quality spray paint.

Characteristics responsible for the amount of air is the volume of the receiver. The maximum volume of industrial spray guns - up to 500 liters. For home or semi-professional use enough 30-50 liters. Such a volume is more than sufficient for most household tasks, and the size of the compressor remains acceptable for convenient movement.

But still, the main characteristic that you should first pay attention to is performance. This indicator shows the amount of air that the compressor can supply to the spray gun per minute. For example, LVLP guns consume about 180 L / min, while HP spray guns may require 1000 L / min or more.

It would seem that the choice is quite simple, you only need to compare the input and output parameters of both devices. But in fact, the calculation is a little more complicated. The fact is that during the compression of air about 35% of the volume is lost, so the actual performance is 65% of the declared. This means that the compressor must be selected with a margin. For example, you chose an HVLP airbrush with an air consumption of 400 l / min. The minimum compressor capacity for such a gun would be 620 l / min (620 * 0.65 = 403). Otherwise, the compressor will give more air than it will consume, and every few minutes work will stop. In addition, the motor will start to work at full capacity, which may cause overheating or rapid wear of parts.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Like electric spray guns, pneumatic have their pros and cons. Their main advantages are:

  • a wide range of applications (house, cottage, building);
  • the ability to choose the desired configuration;
  • high power;
  • work with all types of paint.

But some of their shortcomings can make you think seriously:

  • large size and weight;
  • high price and the need to buy 2 devices at once;
  • pneumatic spray gun - a composite device, and before each use it must be assembled.

If you still do not know how to choose a spray gun, then think carefully about how many times and exactly how it will be used. In most cases, an average electric spray gun is sufficient for a home. In any case, it is recommended to choose a device, focusing not only on the characteristics, but also on ease of use, because in comfortable conditions, work is always done better!

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