How to choose a quality pneumatic spray gun

Pneumatic spray gun: how to choose it? The spray gun or spray gun has found wide application in a wide variety of industries. It can be seen on large construction sites and in the toolkit of a novice master.

Diagram of the external device pneumatic spray gun

Diagram of the external device pneumatic spray gun.

However, if experienced craftsmen choose a sprayer, paying attention to the model and the manufacturer, then the beginner looks more at engine power, pressure and volume of the tool reservoir.

How to choose a spray beginner and experienced master? At the same time, it is necessary to select the main parameters and technical characteristics of a really high-quality air pistol.

The principle of the spray gun

What is the principle of operation of pneumatic spray guns? They operate on compressed air using a compressor, which is joined by a hose. The compressor injects air and feeds it through the hose into the spray gun, forming a painting torch. That is why only a high-quality compressor and spray can provide high-quality painting. When choosing a compressor you need to consider the performance of the spray gun. Today it is possible to purchase compressors manufactured according to the HVLP, HP and LVLP technology.

The scheme of the use of pneumatic spray gun

The scheme of the use of pneumatic spray gun.

Spray guns with an HVLP compressor consume a large amount of air, which often causes a drop in operating pressure at the end of painting.

HP technology is more common in low-cost models, as it creates a large working pressure with economical air consumption, contributing to fast painting, but negatively affecting the quality of painting.

The best option is a pneumatic spray gun with a LVLP compressor, which is characterized by low air consumption and a small spray radius.

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The choice of the gun on the technical characteristics

The first parameter to consider when choosing a tool is the volume of the receiver or tank. It accumulates air and creates a working pressure at the outlet.

Budget models are often equipped with a tank of 24-50 liters. Models are more expensive receiver more roomy (100-500 liters). Many compressors are equipped with a special connector, with the help of which a larger cylinder can be connected.

Another important parameter is engine power. Most often kraskoraspyliteli are issued with engines with power up to 1,3 kW. Nevertheless, in the modern market you can find more powerful devices, but the additional power, which the manufacturer claims, is just an advertising move.

Therefore, before choosing a spray gun with an engine that has a higher power, weigh the pros and cons. Most often it is just money thrown into the wind, as almost all models use identical engines.

Diagram of the internal structure of the pneumatic spray gun

Diagram of the internal structure of the pneumatic spray gun.

The main parameter of the device is performance.

Productivity is the amount of suction or air intake in liters per minute.

The manufacturer almost always indicates this characteristic at the inlet; however, at the output, the performance is different due to the loss of air during compression. It must always be remembered that the output loss is up to 35%.

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Choosing a pneumatic airbrush

Airbrush for airbrushing (airbrush) is considered one of the best and affordable devices for painting works. With it, you can conveniently work with water-lime, water-chalk paint, varnishes and other paints.

The benefits of airbrushing include:

  • universality;
  • acceptable price;
  • convenience in work.

Today you can find a combined and airless spray.

In this case, the last two species are different:

  • low cost;
  • high performance;
  • economical consumption of materials.

An air or manual sprayer is the cheapest and easiest to use device that even a novice can handle. However, this device is used to work with water paints, which can significantly affect the performance and the final result. This is a disadvantage of handheld devices.

When choosing an airbrush, you need to carefully read the instructions, where manufacturers indicate for which paint the device is intended for, and also pay attention to the equipment.

Different airbrushes and price. At the same time, simple devices with a minimum set will naturally cost less. Thus, more functional sprayers with an extended set will cost much more.

Also, when choosing any spray gun, it is recommended to give preference to devices represented by global brands. Companies with a good reputation and extensive experience in the manufacture of spray guns, often produce products that serve a long time, and also has great functionality.

When choosing a pneumatic spray gun must take into account its basic parameters and purpose. An important factor is its performance and cost. Depending on the purpose of the device, they select the necessary characteristics.

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