How to choose a modern rolling jack

A jack is one of the tools used to lift a car. It has a rigid frame design capable of withstanding heavy loads. Such a device is usually available at service stations, but it can also be found in home workshops. Such a tool will not be superfluous in the arsenal of the owner of the car. How to choose a sliding jack and not make a mistake? To do this, learn about the principle of its operation, types and technical characteristics.

Types of jacks

Types of jacks.

How the jack works: the nuances

The jack is convenient because it has a safety valve, so in case of overloads it works. This greatly increases the safety of operation. Due to the high rate of efficiency (80%) with his help, it is easy to lift the car to the required height, and due to its large carrying capacity, the physical efforts of a person are minimized.

Such a device may be portable, mobile or stationary. Due to it, it is possible to lift not only cars, but also all kinds of cargo to different heights.

Depending on the device of the lifting mechanism, the jack may be of the following types:

  • screw;
  • lath;
  • pneumatic;
  • wedge;
  • hydraulic.
Advantages of the construction of the rolling jack

The advantages of the construction of the rolling jack.

As for the last option, this model has steel wheels, and the design itself is similar to a narrow carriage, as a result of which the tool is called the slide jack.

Such a tool can be found most often in professional workshops. In its design it has a hydraulic cylinder and a piston pump, which is controlled by a manual lever drive.

If we talk about the merits of such a model, we can distinguish the following:

  • full autonomy;
  • high efficiency;
  • safe operation;
  • the opportunity to work directly on the place where the breakdown occurred;
  • it is not required to spend a lot of time and effort.

In order to choose a rolling jack, it is initially required to determine the scope of its application, be it professional repair or personal use (from time to time to check the serviceability of a personal car).

Most often, such a tool is needed if you need to carry out a small auto repair, change tires on the wheels or the wheels themselves, lift the car and inspect the bottom, etc. The rolling jack is best suited for such operations.

In addition, almost all models can be equipped with additional equipment: interchangeable stands, grippers, etc. This will add several functions to the tool.

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Main selection criteria

Table of characteristics of jacks.

Table of characteristics of jacks ..

There are several points that you should first of all pay attention to when choosing a rolling jack:

Load capacity Depending on the vehicle and its tonnage, the jack may be 750 kg (if there is a motorcycle, quad bike and other similar vehicles), by 2, 3, 5 tons and more. If the device is purchased for self-service, then 2 tons is enough. It will perfectly cope with lifting a car, but if it is a jeep, then a more “strong” jack is required (at least 3 tons). The weight of the machine in any case should not exceed the parameter capacity of the device, it is better to purchase with a margin.

Lifting height The minimum lifting height can be 8-13 cm, and the maximum - 35-80 cm. In order to choose the right jack for this parameter, you should take into account the fact that when placing the “heel” of the tool at the place of the body stop, will occupy a certain height.

Thrust pin. This element increases the reliability of the open jack. It is inserted into a specific hole and helps to gain stability in the open state of the tool. The use of the device without this element is strictly prohibited. The pin prevents the sudden folding of the jack in the event that the hydraulic lift mechanism is faulty.

Lever arm. The choice of this structural element is important, because it depends on the ease of use. It can be elongated or shortened. The very shape of the handle may be different. To make it easier to choose this parameter for yourself, you should focus on the tool carrying capacity.

Drawing of a pneumohydraulic rolling jack

Drawing pneumohydraulic rolling jack.

Experts note the point that the more weight a jack can lift, the longer it should have a handle. Accordingly, a short handle is more acceptable for cars. You can also pay attention to the folding handles, which can adjust their length.

Weight. Here the range of this parameter is very wide. The lightest jack has a mass of 5-6 kg, followed by units of 12 kg. But here it is immediately worth noting that the weight and carrying capacity are not related to each other.

Manufacturer. Not only that this characteristic may indicate the quality of the product, it also largely affects the price of the tool. A special group includes Chinese models, and there is no need to explain the reason.

Type of lift. The jack can be raised manually or by hydraulics. The first option is most suitable for use in working with cars. With machines of greater tonnage, it is best to use hydraulic counterparts, as they help to increase physical strength several times.

Pickup height. This parameter is chosen for the amount of ground clearance - clearance. The lower the pickup height, the more versatile the device.

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Choosing the right: recommendations

There are some nuances that should be considered during the operation of jacks. For example, jacks of cheaper analogues often have a plastic case in a set, which is very convenient for transporting this tool.

It should be remembered that the hydraulic system requires periodic pumping, otherwise at the most inopportune moment hydraulic fluid may flow. To carry out this process, it is worth looking into the appropriate section of the user manual.

During the operation of this tool is best to insure a tripod. This will secure all work. In addition, experts recommend the use of rubber o-rings to protect the body cover from damage.

The use of a rolling jack ensures fast operation, in which special efforts are not necessary.

In addition, this tool helps to avoid what you need to go under the car. Hence, the problems with washing will be less. It is also possible to tear off not one, but two wheels from the ground. But right away it should be noted that since the jack has wheels, it should work only on flat areas, otherwise it can be fraught with consequences. Therefore, it is best to use additional stops or stops.

In many ways, the choice of the jack will be affected by the characteristics: weight of the machine, scope of application, working area (whether it be a home garage, field conditions or a maintenance station), experience with such a tool, etc.

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