How to build a homemade shovel from scrap items

Every gardener understands perfectly well that without a shovel he has nothing to do on the plot. A shovel is a necessary tool that can perform many different functions. This device is useful for digging the earth, and for cleaning the garden from weeds, and for digging trenches and holes, as well as for performing many other tasks. But what do those people who do not have such a useful tool at hand? The answer is very simple - a homemade shovel. It is about how you can make such a device from scrap objects in a fairly short time.

Land shovel

Shovel - a tool designed for earthworks in the garden.

Variety of garden shovels

A shovel today can be of 5 main types:

  1. Shovel or pick. This tool is mainly used for the collection and transfer of soil.
  2. Earth, that is, for the implementation of earthworks. Due to the pointed and long blade, such a shovel easily digs holes / trenches.
  3. American. This species has a somewhat curved handle with a metal part, which makes it look like a spoon.
  4. Ground The name refers to the purpose of the tool with a rounded blade.
  5. Bayonet. This type has a sharp edge and is considered the most versatile.

Of course, it is best to have in the arsenal all of these types. But you can build a homemade shovel, which will also faithfully perform all functions.

Today, although gardeners-amateurs are trying to improve hand-made devices, the self-made shovel has not yet become a part of everyday life.

Your attention will be presented to the assembly instructions purchased billets and the manufacture of scrap materials.

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How to make a solid shovel from blanks?

In order to build a durable garden tool from purchased billets, you will need the following tools:

Drawing homemade shovel.

Drawing homemade shovel.

  • cutting, preferably birch or metal;
  • trip steel ladle;
  • grinding machine or grinder;
  • sandpaper;
  • seal to eliminate backlash;
  • stain;
  • paints and varnishes.

When all the tools are prepared, the first step is to sharpen the cutting. This can be done with a grinder or grinder. In the absence of these devices, you can use an ordinary knife. After that, the cutting should be adjusted with sandpaper and processed with “zero”.

Shank need to process and anti-corrosion agent. The best option would be the stain. After the stain dries, you can varnish. It remains only to fill the cutting - insert it into the seat and, having turned the shovel over, it is necessary several times to properly strike the holder against the concrete surface. Here and the shovel from preparations is collected. By the same principle, using purchased devices, it is possible to assemble a scraper, which in gardening is a very useful tool.

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How to make a miracle shovel from scrap items?

An indispensable tool for the land can be built not only from the purchased blanks. For a homemade shovel you will need the following items:

Build a miracle shovel

Build a miracle shovel.

  1. The steering wheel from the old bike, it is desirable that the handles beat rubberized.
  2. Stainless pipe D = 22.
  3. Bayonet made of steel sheet with a thickness of not less than 2 mm.
  4. Pin with spring to regulate the operation of the tool.
  5. M8 bolts.

The above drawing will help to make the spade correctly (drawing 1). The size of the homemade will depend on the lever of the human hand, which can be calculated using a special formula: h = (x + y) / 2.11.

At the bottom you need to sharpen the edge of the shovel, and align the steering wheel.

After that, insert the pin into the pipe and attach it with bolts, but so that the spade can turn. As a result, you should have about the same device as in the photo.

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