How to bend the profile pipe yourself

Each owner of a country house, who has begun to engage in its arrangement, must have to solve the problem of pipe bending. When building a greenhouse, gazebos and so on, it is impossible to do without such a technological operation. The most popular today profiled pipes. They have a more pleasant appearance than their round brethren. It is in this case that the actual question appears: how to bend the profile tube?

The profile of the pipe section

The profile pipe profile in section.

This form of profile causes some problems. It is easy to bend a round pipe with a special device, the so-called pipe bender. For the profile of such equipment is not suitable. A conventional pipe bender has a round bend, and this will lead to the deformation of the shaped pipe.

To avoid damage, use several different methods. The most running is the use of special machines that bend this type of pipe. They are called profilegibs.

The negative side of such equipment is their very high cost. I must say that an ordinary summer resident does not need such expensive professional equipment. After all, he needs to bend only one pipe, and to pay for this huge money is not economical.

Scheme of pipe bender of arbalet type

Scheme pipe bender arbaletnogo type.

Today, special hand-held pipe benders are sold in stores that can bend round and shaped pipes. Their cost does not exceed $ 100. Immediately, we note that bending pipes with a manual pipe bender will require a large physical impact.

In addition to such mechanized methods, there are also popular methods for bending profile tubes. To perform such an operation itself is quite capable. However, in this way it will be possible to bend a pipe of a small section or from a sufficiently soft material, for example brass.

Nuances of the pipe bender

For self-bending of the profile pipe it is necessary to take as a basis:

  • radius are flexible. for each material it is different;
  • wall thickness;
  • cross section;
  • accuracy;
  • quality;
  • conditions.

The profile pipe can be bent only in accordance with the wall thickness and cross section. It is unacceptable to flatten the cross section and the appearance of a break in its inner part.

After installing the pipe in the machine, the edges are wrapped around and then stretched. As the pattern moves, the tube begins to flex. Basically you can not resort to the services of manual profilegiba. Such a device can be made yourself. With it, it is easy to bend parts of small diameters suitable for greenhouses.

The scheme of bending pipes using a pipe bender

The scheme are flexible pipes using a pipe bender.

Profile pipes, small section, less than 2 cm, do not require a special pipe bender. It is necessary to make four holes in the concrete block into which the metal pins will be inserted. Through them lay the part and bend at a certain angle.

If the section exceeds 2.5 cm, you need to make a profile bend, which will have special rollers. They are attached to a concrete base. The radius of the rollers must match the radius of the part. To obtain a bend, the product is installed between the wheels and securely fix one end. The free end is fixed in the winch, which, while rotating, bends the part, obtaining the required parameters.

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Bending on hot: features

Using this method, you can get the desired shape, which will not look flattened, and no cracks will form on it. The bend is neat and smooth. This method should not be used for bending galvanized pipes. Because of the high temperature, the galvanized layer is completely destroyed, and it protects the part from the onset of corrosion.

To work you need to prepare:

  • quartz sand;
  • gas welding;
  • electric drill;
  • wooden bars.
Pipe bender drawing

Drawing pipe bender for pipes with a diameter of 10-16 mm.

One side of the part is covered with a wooden plug. Quartz sand is poured inside, the other side is covered in the same way. Sand will help prevent deformation during flexion. If you do not use sand, it will be impossible to achieve the desired results.

To exit the air during heating, one of the ends of the part must have a small hole.

The place that needs to be bent is heated with a gas torch. After reaching the desired temperature, the product easily bends to the desired direction at a certain angle.

Work gas welding requires compliance with fire safety regulations. There should be no overheating of the metal, as the result will be scale, and the performance of the pipe will become much worse.

After the operation and obtaining the desired bend, wooden plugs are removed and sand is poured out. To make it easier to get the plug, you need to heat the end of the welding torch.

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Sand and pipe: recommendations

Is it possible to bend a profile pipe using sand? Gas welding is absent. Inside dry sand is poured. It is necessary that it fill up as much free space as possible. The ends of the product are closed with plugs. They will not allow the sand to get enough sleep.

To work you need to focus, which will rest against one end. One option could be an ordinary vise. By firmly securing the end of the part, tapping it with a rubber hammer, you can bend the workpiece to the desired radius.

With this method, during the bending, there is no deformation of the walls, no cracking occurs.

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Additional options

Schematic profile bender

Schematic profile bender.

  1. Blowtorch. Sometimes you need to bend such a product and get a large radius are flexible. For these purposes, you can use a blowtorch. It will heat the walls of the part red hot. As a result, a hot metal will be very easy to bend. It will be possible to start bending after the appearance of scale. She points to the beginning of work.
  2. Water. You can bend the profile pipe using ordinary water. This method is suitable for mounting plumbing, for laying the heating system with the onset of cold weather. One end is closed with a stopper, water is poured inward. Then it is left in the cold. As soon as the water turns into ice, you can begin to bend the part. During operation, the movements should be smooth and neat. It is forbidden to make sharp forward movements.
  3. It is flexible by the Bulgarian and the welding machine. To perform such a technological operation it is necessary to take several steps:
  • in the place of a bend the cross cuts are made by the grinder;
  • the pipe is bent;
  • welding cuts are welded;
  • Grinding of welds is carried out.

The methods described above allow you to bend the profile without the help of professionals and special expensive equipment. The most important thing in this work is to follow the algorithm for obtaining the bend. All work must be carried out in accordance with safety regulations, especially if the work is done with a blowtorch or gas torch. The room must be a fire extinguisher, sand and water.

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