How to bend plexiglass in different ways of bending

Bending organic glass is not difficult and manually without the use of tools. This plexiglass property is successfully used, which allows for a variety of work. Knowing how to bend the plexiglass, you should use one of the existing techniques that allow you to get a good plexiglass bend.

Plexiglass bending into the tube

Plexiglass bending into the tube.

What should be considered when bending plexiglass?

Plexiglas is a thermoplastic, so it can acquire sufficient ductility, which depends on high temperatures. Plexiglas in the manufacturing process can be formed at different temperatures, which determines the method of its production.

Plexiglass bending example

An example of plexiglass bending.

The complexity of the process of bending plexiglass is to obtain a bend at the required angle, which is done in the required place. To bend the plexiglass, you can use a heat source.

The bending process is carried out while taking into account the direction from the heat source. When bubbles form, when Plexiglas is being bent, it is necessary to make it dry before the process itself. When starting to fold, it is important to remember that before bending the glass, it is best to practice on a small, unnecessary piece of material.

If you use a blowtorch, you can warm it up to the required temperature level. When plexiglass is bent using a metal pipe, its sheet radius repeats.

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Principles of plexiglass bending

The heat source that allows you to heat the Plexiglas so that it is bent is best suited to a narrow format. This type of source is made using nichrome wire. On one line you can install a number of small sources of heat radiation, for example, tapers for cakes.

This type of source is made by filling the gutter using a non-combustible material filled with paraffin. You can stick threads to it. In extreme cases, you can use candles.

Plexiglass bending

Plexiglas is flexible: 1 - plexiglas, 2 - hot gases, 3 - screen, 4 - bending direction.

The second method of bending can be used, if any part of the plexiglass to close the material with poor thermal conductivity, which is non-combustible. In this case, bending angle adjustment will be the easiest, which will allow you to change the width of the strip. We should not forget about the various cylindrical objects, that is, the tubes used as a template, allowing to make the appropriate bend, having the desired radius.

When the bending is already done, the material is smoothly cooled, which minimizes internal stress. After that, the voltage is removed, making annealing for several hours, observing the air temperature of 60-80 ° C.

If exposed to heating nichrome wire, it may sag. This will increase the distance to the plexiglass. Wire sagging can be compensated by using the load. When bending the sheet it is impossible to press on this material, otherwise the deformation will be wrong.

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Guide to the correct execution of works

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Preparatory stage

To do the job well, you need patience and accuracy. However, you should know how to bend the plexiglass correctly in accordance with the technology. You will need special tools and materials. You can perform this procedure using:

  1. Metal pipe.
  2. Nichrome wire.
  3. A blowtorch.
  4. Crafting table.
  5. Adjustable power supply.
Plexiglass bending with wire

Before bending the plexiglass with the help of a wire, it is necessary to dry the plexiglass thoroughly so that no bubbles form at the site of the bend.

The list of basic steps includes the following main types of operations that allow to make a bend:

  1. Surface cleaning.
  2. Drying.
  3. Fixing the sheet with tensioning wire of nichrome.
  4. Heating and bending plexiglass.
  5. Flexion given a certain radius.

Begin to prepare the material before performing work on bending. Glass must be thoroughly cleaned from dust and dirt. When heavily contaminated material is immersed in a bath. In the presence of local contamination on the glass using a cotton swab or cloth, which is moistened with water. To dry the glass using cotton fabric.

Cleaning is not done using abrasives or plastics. If it is contaminated with oil or grease stains, they can be removed with gasoline or kerosene. Aggressive liquids, that is, acetone or solvent, are not recommended, as they may harm the glass.

If the material was in conditions of high humidity and the presence of water vapor, the drying should be carried out with special care, while observing the appropriate temperature, equal to 80 ° C. Duration of drying should be from 1 to 2 hours for each mm of thickness.

With a sheet thickness of 3 mm, it may take from 3 to 6 hours. It may take a large amount of time, which will depend on the temperature level and the amount of moisture absorbed. If drying is not performed, then bubbles may occur.

When drying is over, the sheet should be fixed to the edge of the workbench, stretching the nichrome wire in the place of the future bend.

Plexiglass bending with metal tube

In order to bend the plexiglass under a certain radius, you must take the pipe of the desired diameter.

It is fixed at a distance from the sheet, which is not more than 0.5 cm. The main important steps include the installation of the bending of the plexiglass at an emphasis, which cannot be bent by an angle that is larger than necessary.

The nichrome wire is used after it is connected to a power source that is adjustable. After reaching the required heat on the nichrome wire, you should wait until the sheet begins to bend under the influence of its own weight. When a temperature level of 150 - 190 ° C is reached, the sheet is bent. If there is a need to withstand the radius are flexible, then use a metal pipe instead of nichrome wire.

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Other ways to fold the sheet

There are several different ways to bend the sheet. For example, small pieces of a sheet of organic glass are dipped in boiling water for a minute. After that, they are taken out, having secured their hands from damage, wearing silicone gloves. Then immediately begin to perform flexing.

Plexiglass bending using a heat gun

It is possible to warm up plexiglas for its subsequent bending with the help of a heat gun.

Glass is used by applying a gas burner, closing it with an empty can. Glass should be heated only in a certain place where there will be a bend. The gas burner at the same time closes the empty inverted can, the bottom of which is cut to form a gap. The optimum heating temperature is about 150 ° C.

Knowing how to bend the plexiglass with a soldering iron, you can make a high-quality bend. First you should practice on a small piece of the sheet. When performing the fold, you need to make sure that the tin does not stick to the Plexiglas. Be sure to perform cleaning the surface of the soldering iron before using it.

Then a soldering iron tip is applied to the Plexiglas where it is planned to fold. This method helps to heat the glass to the very melting point, which is the limit. It is easy to determine this point, since this moment is associated with the beginning of the crackle of the material.

After the appearance of crackling, the soldering iron is immediately set aside and proceed to bending the glass by hand. If it is necessary, plexiglass is applied to the template made of wood, taking into account the right angle, after which the sheet is fixed in this position. The finished part is separated when complete cooling occurs.

To bend organic glass use a hot pipe. This method will require to prepare the material, and the glass is wiped using soda solution. Then a large sheet is rolled into the pipe, which allows the material to be shaped to the desired shape by using a metal pipe having the desired diameter.

After that, the sheet is fixed on the stand, and the metal pipe itself is heated from the inside with a soldering iron to a temperature level of 100 ° C so that the glass can take on the necessary shape.

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