How to adjust the planer

As a carpentry inventory, the plane has served our ancestors for centuries for processing wood. Not less, he is in demand today. Especially when it comes to the need to manufacture exclusive and miniature wood products. Therefore, the skill of using manual woodworking devices is very important.

Device electroplane

Device electroplane

The efficiency of work on them depends largely on the correct setting of the tool. How the planer adjustment process is performed, and we'll tell about it further.

Instructions for setting the manual device for planing wood

It is mandatory to adjust the manual planer, as well as sherhebel, jointer, before planing. The ply is placed with the plantar side up and it is analyzed with what distance the knife cutter is set and whether it is not skewed.

The edge of the cutter at the jointer and manual planer should have an elevation, not having well-distinguished distortions (parallel to the plantar surface), up to 0.3-0.5 mm; For Scherabel, this parameter is 0.3 cm.

The elevation of the protrusion of the edge portion above the plant bottom area of ​​the instrument is measured approximately using a ruler. Or give a rating on the eye. But greater accuracy in measurements on the placement of the cutting edge provides a specialized device with an indicator.

For error-free installation and fixing the blade disassemble the plow.

Types of planes

Types of planes.

Disassembly of plows, equipped with pads of wood and wedge-shaped fastening of the knife, produced in the following order. In one hand, on the left, a plane is held behind the block, while the right one performs with a small effort a blow with appropriate devices on the block from the back side until a wedge falls out. After that, the wedge is hammered and see how the blade will be exposed.

Pay attention: the wedged knife will go over a little with the wedge. For this reason, the edge of the blade is set in advance at a slightly reduced height. From its distortions relieve the hammer with a hammer from the ends. With a block of metal there is a sufficient number of plows. And here is one of them.

Adjusting the manual planer, in particular its assembly and disassembly, is done with the participation of screws. On the knife there is a groove that adjusts its blade edge in height. Screw fix debugged cutter.

Working edge carry out the setting of the chip breaker at a distance of 3-5 mm from the edge of the knife cutter and strengthen the screwing screw. The main function of a chip breaker (a different chip breaker) is cracking chips. That eliminates the self-tear chips from the surface being cleaned.

Equipped with a chip breaker reduces the likelihood of irregularities on the treated wood. Knives with chip breakers should provide for the gap from the edge of the knife cutter to the edge of the chip breaker of the order of 1-4 mm (depending on the properties of wood and chip thickness). Cleaning a clogged entrance (plantar hole) is performed by pushing a thin chip or pulling the chips up. If these cleaning methods do not give proper results, then the plow is disassembled.

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Safety rules in repair

  1. It is unacceptable to push the chip litter from the edge of the tool. So you can cut the skin on the arm.
  2. Adjust the manual plane, putting it on the workbench solely with the blade in the opposite direction from itself.
  3. The transfer tool carry the blade to the side of itself.
  4. It is not allowed to drop the planer knife.

Study the instructions and repair your hand tools according to the rules. Do not forget about security. Good luck.

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