How is the spray gun cleaning

The long life of any device depends on the implementation of instructions for its use and care for it. It is important to note that cleaning the spray gun is not a difficult task at all, but it should be done regularly. Otherwise the paint will dry out and it will be impossible to clean the spray gun. Paint coating tools are no exception.

Spray gun device

The device spray gun.

Quality materials for work

You will need:

  • solvent;
  • special key;
  • brush;
  • special needles or toothpicks;
  • special washer;
  • quick-drying paintwork material.
Cleaning the spray nozzle

Cleaning the spray nozzle.

To keep the sprayer in working condition, washing with water is not enough. For these purposes a special solvent is used.

Experts recommend disassembling the spray gun to thoroughly flush all parts at least once a week. Nozzle and air cap require careful cleaning. In no case can not be used for washing the wire and other hard objects. Here, more suitable soft brushes or toothpicks. Moving parts that are not in contact with the paintwork material are recommended to be periodically lubricated. With frequent use of the spray gun, they are subject to wear and require replacement. To do this, there are special kits for sale that allow for independent maintenance of the sprayer. No additional skills are required to clean the device. It is enough to wash the spray gun after each use. If this is not done, then in addition to the failure of the device there may be other deplorable consequences. For example, under the influence of new paint and varnish substances, the frozen layer of old paint inside the spray gun exfoliates and, together with the jet, falls on the painted product. The maximum effect of flushing is achieved in the case of disassembling the spray gun and cleaning each part.

Disassembly is as follows:

  • unplug the paint knob, remove the needle;
  • unscrew the head of the spray gun and its nozzle with a special key.
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Cleaning the device: features of the procedure

Then flush the paint supply channel with solvent.

Spray Gun Kit

In order to clean the spray gun, you will need a spray gun cleaning kit.

If heavily soiled, use a brush. Wipe the casing with solvent to remove paint. After this, blow out the casing and channels with compressed air, or dry them with paper towels. Carefully inspect the trigger, if there is paint or dirt under it, it will start to stick, which will lead to interruptions in the operation of the device. Nozzles and nozzles are unsuitable for flushing. They are cleaned with the help of brushes, and especially small holes with special needles or toothpicks. After washing all parts are dried. Then the spray gun is assembled. To clean the airbrush, it is advisable to use a special kit (sold in stores) in order not to damage small parts of the device.

During assembly, all rubbing parts are treated with silicone-free grease. It is recommended not to turn the head, but to store it in a tank in a small amount of solvent.

If work is planned with short breaks, and quick-drying paint and varnish material is poured, then prepare a container with a solvent in which you can lower the head for the duration of the break. The main thing is not to wet the glands. This procedure will protect against drying paint in the nozzle and the subsequent disassembly of the spray gun.

On a production scale, it is difficult to manually flush all spray guns. For this purpose, a special washing machine is purchased, consisting of a pump and a washing chamber.

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