How does the hydraulic jack scheme

In the process of performing work on repairing the car will not do without jacks. These devices are designed to lift heavy loads and fasten them to the desired height. It is most effective to use hydraulic jacks, since their working efforts are created with the help of a special fluid and a piston.

Hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jack is usually used in car repairs.

Types of jacks of this type can be as follows:

  1. Adaptation bottle type.
  2. Rolling Jack.
  3. Two-level hydraulic device.
  4. Hook lift
  5. Adaptation rhombic type.

To date, hydraulic jacks are used quite often. Such devices are quite reliable and can lift heavy loads at minimal cost.

The device is a simple hydraulic jack

The main bearing elements of this device are the body, the working fluid and the piston, which can be extended. The design may have a long or short body, which is made of metal. The housing will act for the piston as a guide cylinder, and also be used as a reservoir for the working fluid.

Bottle Type Jacking Scheme

The scheme of the jack bottle type.

The screw with the lifting heel will be screwed into the plunger, therefore, if necessary, it will be possible to increase the maximum lifting height. This design is equipped with a special pump with air drive for legs or arms. The device jack provides safety valves and other devices to ensure smooth operation.

The lift and retractable cylinder, which raises the pad up, are located in the holes of the housing. The descent is performed by turning the handle in the shape of a letter T. There are polyamide wheels in the jack, thanks to which the device has the ability to maneuver. The elongated body is most often used for work with cargo vehicles.

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Drawings hydraulic lifts

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Device hydraulic bottle jack

The design of such a device is simple. Such jacks can lift cargo weighing from 2 to 100 tons, in connection with which the structures are used in various fields. Most often, devices are used in road freight transport. The advantages of such models include the versatility of use, small size and large footprint.

Device hoist

Device of the podkatny elevator.

Bottle devices can be single rod and double stem. The single rod jack has a simple construction, it is very convenient to operate it. With it, you can produce work of any complexity: installation and disassembly of car parts, construction elements and so on. It can also be used as a power press unit.

The two-shaft lift operates at the expense of two working rods. The piston is located at the base of the design. The device can be installed both horizontally and vertically. It has a small size, because it can be used for any cars. Details can be lifted using a special lever, which is driven by a cylinder.

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Rolling hydraulic design: drawing and device

Two-level hydraulic jack

It is possible to set in motion this jack by means of swing of the lever.

Rolling device works on the same principle as the bottle. The only difference is that the axis of the cylinder is placed horizontally, and the piston is not aligned with the pickup. The hoist is a cart on wheels, which can move on a flat base. When lifting the pickup lift will move under the part.

It is possible to set in motion a similar construction by means of swinging the lever. The jack can be lowered by turning the valve screw. If it is necessary to lower the part downwards, the handle should be mounted on the valve screw so that the valve can enter the slot of the fastener. During the rotation of the handle, the screw is also spinning, as a result of which the pressure in the working cylinder is released and the load is lowered.

In most cases, such structures are found at tire fitting stations, as they are ideal for lifting a part of a car. It is possible to operate this device only on the equal basis. Due to the large size of the structure will not be able to transport in the car.

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Drawing and device of a two-level hydraulic jack

Diamond Jack Drawing

Drawing of the diamond jack.

Two-level designs are used most often in car services. The features of this device include 2 platforms for lifting goods. It consists of a hydraulic power cylinder, a pedal and a lever. The design is a hybrid of podkatny and bottle lift. The device is used at a height of 70-380 mm from the ground as a roll-over and at a height of 380-690 mm as a bottle. In the process of operation of the mechanism for lifting parts used lever and pedal.

Hydropneumatic lift combines pneumatic and hydraulic elements. It can be made in podkatny option. The load capacity of the structure is 3-80 tons. In this case, the pickup height will be low. The device is used in most cases in car repair and maintenance services.

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Hook-on and diamond-shaped hydraulic structures: drawings and principle of operation

Low pickups are used when a small pickup height is needed: for installing and disassembling equipment, lifting various webs in car workshops. The minimum pickup height is 15 mm. It can be adjusted step by step, which is a significant advantage of this design. The basis of this lift is an ordinary bottle-type fixture.

Diamond-type hydraulic jack is most often used for lifting cars in the repair process. It can be characterized by high reliability and ease of operation.

As the bearing elements 4 levers are used, which are interconnected by hinges. The principle of operation of this type of construction and the lifting of parts are based on the change in the angles between the bearing elements. The advantage of diamond jacks can be attributed to the small size of the device, which makes it easy to transport it in your own car. In addition, the design is stiff and has a large bearing surface.

The drawing of the hydraulic jack contains additional elements that can be installed. The electric motor allows you to lift the load without the use of special force. Rotation of the screw of the rhombic elevator is performed by an electric drive that is attached to the axis of the pantograph. Gearbox is used to increase torque.

It is necessary to choose the type of hydraulic jack based on what loads you need to lift.

Each device has its advantages and disadvantages.

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