How do homemade winches

A self-made winch (or gearbox) is a practical and economical device that will help any motorist in bad weather when the roads are blurred and useful for solving some household tasks. With a certain skill, you can make a winch yourself in different ways. Depending on the type of drive, such a device can be of 3 types:

  • manual;
  • hydraulic;
  • electric
Scheme homemade winch

Scheme homemade winch.

Operating principle

Regardless of the type of drive, a homemade winch works according to a certain principle. When you start its work begins winding the cable on the drum, the rotation of which is performed manually or by means of the engine.

The main differences of each type of design:

Drawing homemade winch

Drawing homemade winch.

  1. Instead of an engine, electric winches use automobile starters that have been converted to engine mode operation. You can also use the generators from trucks or tractors. If you can pick up the engine from any other type of equipment, the characteristics of which are suitable for the winch, then you can use it. The main requirement for this element is high torque. In addition, to ensure its supply, as little current as possible should be required so that its operation does not discharge the battery too much. A sufficiently large power is desirable.
  2. The hydraulic drive is a rather complicated structure. To create it, it is necessary to use an oil pump with a drive and an oil tank. The advantage of this design is increased traction. In this case, much less energy is affected by the onboard network. However, this design is more cumbersome and complex.
  3. Self-made manual winch its design is fully consistent with other types of equipment, but the rotation in it is done by hand. The power of the fixture will depend on the strength of the person who is working.
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Design features

Connection profile pipe profile for a hand winch

Connection scheme of profile pipes for manual winch.

The base of the winch is a drum with a cable. You can use ready, if it meets all the requirements. If this is not at hand, then making it yourself is also not difficult. The drum will require a piece of pipe with thick walls and 2 metal discs that need to be welded to the pipe on the sides. Seats for bearings should be provided in the pipe. If necessary, a driven gear is welded to one of the discs.

The second version of the drum with their own hands - from the spokes of the Zhiguli. Thin end of the needles need to be machined. From two halves the drum is welded. In addition, you need a frame of a certain diameter, with which you can give the details of coaxiality.

The optimal type of gear for this purpose is worm gear.

It is desirable that the gearbox has a large gear ratio.

Worm-made homemade gearbox allows you to not use the brake for the drum due to the special design of the worm pair. An example of a suitable one in its characteristics is a reducer from the door of a trolleybus. If you use a similar design, you will need to block the clutch before use, due to which passengers are not jammed with a door in the trolley bus. To do this, you need to open the case and point-weld the cone of the fractionation to the gear.

If the design includes a starter, it is desirable to use a complete planetary gearbox. Such equipment is provided on some Zhiguli.

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Starter Winch

The first stage of production is the preparation of the base for the assembly of all nodes from sheet metal. At the base of the sheet metal for the shaft of the drum weld the seats, where it is installed. Further joins the gearbox. It should be located upstream. The base is welded to its mounting plate.

An adapter for fixing the starter is mounted on the gearbox. It is required to choose a gear with suitable teeth and install it on the primary shaft. After that, the starter is fixed, and the wiring is connected to the device. The finished structure can be installed on the machine and used for its intended purpose. Additionally, you can collect remote control. This will allow you to be at a safe distance from the cable when the self-made winch will work.

Thus, you can independently assemble a capable winch, which will become a reliable assistant for a motorist when driving off-road. In some cases, it is simply impossible to get along without a winch; improvised structures are the most economical option.

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