How can you make a mini drill in a simple way?

Drill is a versatile and necessary tool in the household. With its help, you can not only hang a picture or furniture, but also fix items. But often such a tool in the house is simply not available, and it is also inconvenient to constantly ask neighbors. Buy a high-quality drill in the store will cost a lot of money, at which not everyone will be able to decide.

Scheme of mini drills and bottles

Scheme of mini-drills and bottles.

Considering all this, the amateur masters came up with a few simple ways to make a mini drill with your own hands from cheap and affordable materials. To date, there are several such methods, consider the simplest of them.

Mini drill based on electric chuck

The first way of how to make a drill is based on the use of a cartridge, which you can get out of the lamp or buy. It is inexpensive, but it will be fully justified in its work. In addition to the cartridge, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • a jar of soap bubbles;
  • motor;
  • construction knife;
  • hot melt glue;
  • insulating tape;
  • switch;
  • blowtorch.
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Preparing the shell and core

Mini drill assembly scheme

Assembly scheme of mini-drills.

So, get down to work. First you need to prepare the body of the future drill, which will serve as a jar of soap bubbles. Need to work with its cover. To do this, heat the soldering iron and make a hole in the cap with it. The diameter of the hole should be slightly larger than the diameter of the base of the drill. The bottom of the jar should be completely cut.

After that go to the main process. First of all, you need to connect the cartridge and motor. As a rule, usually the motors take already used with any tools. Therefore, before proceeding to the bond, it is necessary to completely degrease it with acetone. It does not hurt to degrease the cartridge itself, just do not need to pour it with acetone. Simply wipe.

Next, fasten. Cold welding is best for this. But in its absence, you can do with hot glue. The harder the tool you make, the more serious the materials you need to use. When landing on glue or welding, you should try to carry out the work as accurately and correctly as possible so that everything will be smooth. Otherwise, then alter the result will be impossible.

In this case, consider another such nuance. At the place of attachment of any cartridge has a hole. So, before connecting parts, it is necessary to cover it up. You can use regular clay for this. Just try to fill it completely with only the hole so that the clay is not on top of the cartridge.

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Construction assembly

Diagram of the assembled mini drill

Diagram collected mini-drills.

Now you must put the motor and cartridge in a jar. This should be done in such a way that, as a result, the wires protruding from the cartridge end up in the lid of the jar. After the cartridge is completely stuck in the jar, you need to fix it, fill the void on the sides with hot melt, and then wait for it to fully set.

In the meantime, it is necessary to fasten a switch on the lid, to which then connect the power wires. The switch can also be put on the glue. After that, you will remain the most basic, which will ensure the work of the drill, connect the wires to the switch. This also applies to the wires of the motor and the wires of the cartridge. The connection scheme is standard, but if in doubt, you can use an ammeter for accuracy.

When connecting, insulate the wires with electrical tape or the same hot melt adhesive. Now it remains only to fasten the lid to the jar, and also fasten the drill on the other side of it. Such a homemade punch is very convenient in that it can work both from the power supply and from an ordinary battery.

But it was considered a universal version of the drill, which is able to work on electricity. And without the skills of an electrician, it will not be so easy to do it yourself. There are moments in the economy when you need a simple drill at all, which will be convenient to make holes in not very hard materials. Consider one of the variants of such a simple device.

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Mini drill from handle body

This is the simplest drill on the basis of a ballpoint pen.

So, to make it, you need a ballpoint pen-machine, a drill of the desired diameter, hot melt glue, a durable stick, at the end of which there are pens for which you can twist it.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the handle, namely its body. As a rule, during operation, the entire load will fall on him. And this suggests that the body must be durable to withstand. Therefore, it is better to give preference to the body from the handle of high-quality metal. But if you do not have such an opportunity, you can limit yourself to a thick plastic.

First, the handle is disassembled until only the case remains from it. In this case, the lower part of this body, from which the writing rod usually sticks out, must also be unscrewed. Instead, a drill is inserted there so that one of its (working) parts sticks out from the bottom of the case, and the other is inserted into the hole that should be in the wand. In this case, the wand is also simultaneously inserted into the body with the drill.

Then, in order for the design to become one, you need to fix it to the walls of the case with hot melt adhesive. In the end, you get about such a device. Turning the mechanism by the handles will spin and drill, thereby performing the required work with sufficient pressure on the body.

So, two options of how you can easily and simply make a mini drill with your own hands, are considered. Do not think that this is all. Every day masters invent more ways, more perfect and qualitative. But the considered methods are suitable for beginners. So try it - you can learn everything!

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