How can i make a tiller with your own hands

How to make a tiller with your own hands? Motoblock is a universal device with which you can perform many agricultural work on the dacha. With this machine, you can plow and harrow the land, plant and harvest vegetables, clean the area from snow, and carry small loads.

The layout of the motoblock

The scheme of the device tiller.

In the shops of agricultural machinery such a device is very expensive. Therefore, you can make a walker with their own hands. Assemble its design is not so difficult. You do not need special knowledge and skills.

The device can be made from parts of old motorcycles, chainsaws and agricultural machinery. Self-made units for the quality of work are not inferior to industrial designs.

Manufacturing technology tiller

Materials and tools:

  • fittings;
  • steel sheet 12 mm thick;
  • steel pipe;
  • gasoline engine from an old motor scooter;
  • engine mount;
  • couplings;
  • bearings;
  • frames;
  • control cables;
  • axis;
  • yoke;
  • handles;
  • chains;
  • welding machine;
  • gas cutter.
Scheme of motor motoblock

Engine circuit motoblock.

The main parts of the homemade unit can be taken from the old scooter. The unit has a simple design, high strength and versatility. This device will work on a gasoline engine. The device includes in its design a trunk for the transportation of goods, a suspension for agrotechnical tools of labor: harrows, plows, and cultivators.

The main structural element is the engine. It can be taken from the old scooter. Such an engine has high power and air cooling elements are mounted in it, which prevent the cylinder head from overheating when operating at low speed and high load. If the motor does not have a cooling system, it will become very hot, which can lead to its failure.

From the old motor scooter, you can take the motor suspension, chains, frame, control knobs and gear shift cables. The distance between the chains is 15.9 mm and 12.7 mm. The axle has 12 teeth, the output shaft has 11 teeth, the output shaft has 20 and 60 teeth.

The remaining elements of the design are made by hand. A wheel axle is manufactured from reinforcement. A pipe having a U-shaped frame and a trunk are made of a pipe having a diameter of 60 mm.

With the help of three hinges of the main and regulating thrust, the machine is connected with the steering wheel and the plow. It is necessary to perform a homemade gear change device.

By means of a welding machine, a steel pipe is attached to the frame of the machine. At the end of the steel pipe there should be an axis on which the swinging arm is mounted, which is used to tension the control cables leading to the gearbox.

Cutter scheme for motoblock

The scheme of the cutter for the motoblock.

Then it is necessary to weld a pipe cut to the rocker, which will serve as a control handle.

Driving wheels have a flat shape. They must be equipped with special lugs so that when moving along the ground does not cause its compaction. In addition, this design of wheels contributes to the loosening of the soil. The wheels are made using a benzorez from a steel sheet with a thickness of 12 mm.

As wheels, you can use ordinary wheels from a car, but they will compact the beds when the device is working.

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How to collect walker

Assemble the elements of the device. First, using a welding machine, an asterisk is attached to the drive shaft, then they mount the housings with bearings, the overrunning clutches.

Then install the frame and the driving wheels. After that, the telescopic thrust, steering wheel and plow are fixed on the frame. The frame with the engine mount element is connected with the help of two arcs from a motor scooter.

Then mount the fuel tank. It must be installed between the pipes. Then the bracket is welded to the frame. After that, at the end of the bracket, a steel axis is placed across, which has a diameter of 36 mm and a length of 15 cm.

Then on the axle mount the engine with the suspension. After that, fix it to the side arcs of the frame.

Then mount the secondary shaft. Mount chains and control cables. After that, assemble the control unit, drive shaft, fasteners.

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Design features of the tiller

The tools intended for agrotechnical works join to the motor-block by means of hinged connection.

If you make a rigid connection, it will make it more difficult for the car to turn. A swivel allows you to rotate the unit without pulling a harrow or plow out of the soil. The unit maintains a constant plowing depth.

The design involves changing the angle of inclination of the plow to the surface of the earth. If the plow enters the soil deeper than it should be, then it will be affected by the lifting force from the field board. If the plow rises above the position, the angle of its grip will increase and it will be buried in the ground. That is, the design ensures the balance of the motoblock and the same depth of the furrow. It makes the unit more stable.

In this construction, the plow axis is at an angle to the direction of movement. Therefore, when cornering provides a balance machine.

The plow is rigidly connected to the shift knob. Turning the handle, the person changes the direction of movement of the structure. The tilt of the handle causes the device to rotate.

It is possible to fasten a plow, a harrow, a cultivator cutter, a rake to the motor-block. These tools are attached to the motoblock with two bolts. If you plant potatoes, you can attach a cultivator to the device. Dig potatoes with the help of potato diggers.

It is possible to attach a rake or a shovel dump to the unit. If you install a bulldozer blade, you can remove the snow. By installing the roller with brushes you can sweep the area.

The self-made motoblock will allow you to get rid of hard physical labor at the dacha, will help when performing any agrotechnical works.

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