How a universal impact screwdriver works and how to use it

Quite often in a household there is a need for a tool such as a impact driver; how this device works, everyone should know, to whom at least once there was a need to unscrew rusted bolts or self-tapping screws. The usual screwdriver to perform such a task will not work, since it cannot do this kind of work. This is due to the fact that when trying to unscrew a simple screwdriver there is a chance to knock down the sting.

The principle of replacing the nozzle on the impact screwdriver

The principle of replacement nozzles on the impact screwdriver.

Impact screwdriver differs from the usual one in that it has a reinforced metal case, which is several times larger than the one that has a screwdriver in the traditional sense. In the complete set of such a tool, as a rule, two or four bits, represented by a cross and flat view. Bits should be set on the same principle as used with a conventional screwdriver.

Impact screwdriver has a torsion switch, usually such a tool is called reversible.

Impact screwdriver principle

Impact screwdriver

Included with the impact screwdriver are various nozzles.

The principle of operation of the impact type screwdriver is that during the impact the bit turns in the right direction, this rotation is limited to 1-3 mm, but this is quite enough to knock the attached fasteners out of position. After that, you can use a traditional screwdriver. The main purpose is to use the tool only at the initial stage of unscrewing, because it is not possible to do this manually.

Before you begin to use the percussion instrument for its intended purpose, you need to install a reverse on it in advance, after the bat you need to combine it with the attached fasteners and start hammering, you need to do this before the bolt is removed from the dead center. If there is a screwdriver in the master's arsenal, then he can easily replace the impact screwdriver.

The rotary percussion tool can not only unscrew fasteners, but also put it in a new place.

However, after using such a screwdriver, the fasteners can be removed only with its help.

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Comparative characteristics of impact screwdrivers from different manufacturers

Topex impact screwdrivers

Topex impact screwdrivers are ideal for domestic use.

The FORCE impact tool can be used not only by private users, but also by professionals who need an effective screwdriver every day. The most common model of this brand is FORCE 5064. It is of high quality, capable of undergoing significant loads. These include the work of a screwdriver in the conditions of heavy industrial enterprises, service stations, etc. The tool is ready to serve for a long period, and during operation is very effective.

If you want to buy a quality product, you can prefer the one that is produced within the walls of the KRAFTOOL plant. German manufacturer guarantees quality and safety. However, before purchasing it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that the screwdrivers of this company will have a slightly higher cost, but they cope with the installation and dismantling of threaded connections, in addition, they are superior to many analogues. Included can be found hardened shock bits made of chrome-vanadium steel, for a long period they will cope with unscrewing the stuck fastener. In the kit you can find 4 bits with a diameter of 36 mm, as well as 2 bits, the diameter of which is 75 mm.

Impact screwdriver design

Impact screwdriver design: 1 - nozzle, 2 - head, 3 - handle.

Percussion instruments TOPOPEX produced in Poland. If you are a master at home, and a screwdriver is needed for private use, a product of the named brand is just suitable, whereas for professionals this level of tool will not be enough.

However, the price will pleasantly surprise any buyer, it makes the tools of this brand very popular.

The TOPEX percussion kit contains 6 screwdrivers, based on high-quality CrV steel, which will protect the work surface from damage, prolonging its life. Due to the fact that the magnetic tip is hardened, this greatly simplifies the work.

Impact screwdriver brand Jonnesway SL 9,11 mm acts as a universal tool, which is why it is permissible to use in domestic conditions and heavy industry. But this does not make the product overly expensive. The screwdriver will be able to demonstrate long life and outstanding performance.

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Features of the work

Impact screwdriver principle

The principle of using impact screwdriver.

In order to make the unscrewing process more simple, rusted fasteners should be wiped beforehand with a rag, which should be soaked in brake fluid. After the screwdriver should be installed on the head of the hardware, if possible, it should be done strictly perpendicularly. Then hit the end of the tool with a hammer. How well work will be done, in this case, depends on how firmly the tool is held in the hand. Eliminate the possibility of sliding the palm on the handle of the instrument can, wearing a glove, this, among other things, will protect the hand from getting possible injuries.

After the fastener turns a bit around the axis, it is necessary to make a few more blows with a hammer, and then to transfer the tool to the tightening mode, having struck some more blows. This will get rid of rust from the thread, which will help facilitate the further work on the twisting. After the fastener is moved from its place, it is permissible to remove it using a conventional screwdriver.

Converting hammer impact energy to torque

Convert hammer impact energy to torque.

In some cases, even after all the above works, the hardware is not affected, while it needs to be again subjected to treatment with brake fluid, leaving it in this state for a period of 30 minutes. Such a “bath” should contribute to a more rapid dismantling of even the most strongly reinforced fasteners. If after this removal was not possible, the fasteners will have to be broken down. For more effective work, it is also necessary to choose the right hammer, such recommendations are given in the instructions from the manufacturer of the screwdriver.

Tools and materials for work:

  • impact screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • rags;
  • brake fluid.

Some craftsmen make their own screwdrivers, for this you will need a rotor from an electric motor, from which you need to cut everything so that the sleeve and shaft remain. A sleeve should be worn with a piece of steel pipe that will become a handle. From the reverse end, a nut must be inserted into the piece, which will not allow the handle to break. After all the parts are welded.

The impact screwdriver works effectively, so no need to use extras to remove fasteners from your seat. Choosing a hammer screwdriver, you should pay attention to the manufacturer, not tempted by low cost. It is preferable to buy a tool a little more expensive, only in this case it will be able to withstand the mechanical loads that are inevitable during the work.

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