At car repairs, and also carrying out other types of repair work one of the major tools is the jack. However, this tool itself sometimes breaks down and needs to be repaired.

Device of a hydraulic hydraulic jack

Device podkatnogo hydraulic jack.

The structure and principle of operation

There are two main types of this tool: manual and hydraulic jack. The second of them is able to lift heavier and larger loads. It is often used in various industries. Such a jack is stable, has a smooth ride and precise braking. Electric and pneumatic tools are also found, however they are used less frequently.

Due to the more complex mechanism, the hydraulic unit is subject to more frequent breakdowns. In order to make repairs, you first have to disassemble the hydraulic jack.

This tool works with the help of a liquid, it consists of:

  • enclosures;
  • piston;
  • oils.
Device hydraulic bottle jack

Device hydraulic bottle jack.

Very often, damage occurs due to corrosion, in this case, there are certain difficulties during the descent mechanism. Also, the tool may break due to excessive loads, because of them the rods are bent. In addition, there is a need for periodic oil changes.

Due to the system of valves and interconnected vessels, the force that is applied to the lever increases. There is a transfer of oil from the common reservoir into the chamber under the piston, after which the piston itself is driven. A special valve prevents the oil from coming back. The more it enters the chamber under the piston, the higher it rises. To return the tool to its original position, simply open the valve.

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The main stages of disassembly and repair

The jack itself is a cylinder within which the piston moves under the action of a fluid.

It has a large number of fasteners, it must be disassembled in the following order. You do not need any special tools for disassembling the mechanism and its subsequent assembly. First, use the wrenches to unscrew all fasteners, then remove the oil release valve and the piston itself. Carefully inspect the valve, check its condition. If the ball and gaskets are worn, they must be replaced with new parts.

Drain the oil, clean the mechanism of foreign objects and rust, flush the system. Washing is done with a special liquid, which is sold in hardware stores. You need to produce it several times in a row, since this process is quite complicated. After flushing, you will need to add new oil, otherwise the hydraulics will not work.

When pouring, the container is filled with new oil to the brim, after which the pumping is performed and new oil is added. It is necessary to produce pumping several times until the oil is filled with sufficient volume and no more bubbles appear. After that, the condition of all rubber bands is checked, if necessary, they are replaced with new ones. The assembly is carried out in the reverse order. After assembly, do not forget to check its performance.

When changing the oil, the device should not be under any load, so you can carry out work easier and faster. It is necessary to disassemble, inspect, replace oil and worn parts several times a year. It is better to use the tool in a dry and warm place; for the winter season, pour synthetic oils.

So, if necessary, disassemble the jack yourself, there is nothing complicated about it. You will be able to identify the majority of breakdowns and fix them. Mostly faults occur due to the need to change the oil or clog the system. If you monitor the condition of the tool regularly, you can avoid many breakdowns. To extend its service life, it is recommended to use high-quality special oil, which is used for industrial equipment.

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