High-quality homemade pipe bender

To make a homemade pipe bender is to save your money during the assembly of various pipelines or other metal structures. The self-made pipe bender makes it possible not only to significantly speed up the process, but also to create the necessary elements for work.

The manual pipe bender for joiner's works

Homemade pipe bender will save a lot of time on the manufacture of various bent metal structures.

Simple options of the pipe bender

The simplest version of this device can be made of several parts. This will require:

  • concrete slab;
  • concrete drill;
  • metal pins, it is better to take large.
The process of working with a pipe using pins

The process of working with a pipe using pins driven into the base.

The first thing on the plate should be dimensional dimensional. The cell size of such a grid should be 4 * 4 cm or 5 * 5 cm. In those places where the lines intersect, you need to drill holes. It is very important that the holes are as deep as possible. When the holes are prepared, they need to drive pins. With the help of such a metal device that resembles a brush, you can bend pipes whose diameter does not exceed 25 mm. The process itself involves the location of the pipe between the pins, after which it is bent in the right direction. In order to adjust the radius of the pipe, it is placed between the metal pins.

The second simple pipe bender can be made using a hydraulic jack. A homemade device from a jack is a device based on certain components:

  1. The main edges of the structure are arranged in a horizontal position parallel to each other. In order to make this knot, metal pins can be fixed in a vertical wall.
  2. The moving part of the jack must be installed between the horizontal ribs. It is very important that the pipe bender be installed on a solid foundation. The moving axis of the stock rod must necessarily be located strictly in the center between the pins.
The design of the pipe bender from the jack

The design of the pipe bender from the jack.

When the homemade pipe bender is assembled, you can begin the process of deformation of the element. To do this, it should be located under the pin and directly above the jack. Bending of the product is carried out in the process of raising the rod of the jack.

Using a homemade device from a jack, you can bend pipes of sufficiently large dimensions. This is due to the fact that a hydraulic or pneumatic assembly is used, where it is possible to develop a force that will be equal to several tons.

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Pipe benders of medium complexity

In order to make a more complex design of the pipe bender, it is necessary to use the principle of operation of the rolling machine. To independently make such a construction, you need to prepare inventory:

  • welding machine;
  • channel;
  • videos;
  • clamp.
Pipe Bender Scheme Based on Bench Vise

The scheme of the pipe bender on the basis of a metalwork vice: 1. A metalwork vice. 2. Base (board). 3. Wooden roller. 4. Rake-stop. 5. Lever. 6. Metal roller. 7. The pipe. 8. Handle.

Before starting work, it is very important to become familiar with the principle of operation of such a mechanism. Deformation is carried out in the process of how the pipe passes through the zone of increased pressure. The whole process takes place gradually. The role of a mover in such a system will be performed by rollers, which are mounted on a channel bar. The role of the deforming unit in such a construction is assigned to the third roller, which is located in the lower part of the clamp.

Next is the collection of fixtures. As the basis one wide channel can act. You can also use two narrow channels, docking them together. On top of the prepared base is mounted U-shaped design of metal parts.

When making the upper part, it is very important to immediately foresee the hole into which the clamp sleeve will be inserted. The next step is to fix the rollers that will advance the pipe. It is very important to arrange them at the same height from the main structure. The rollers themselves before installation must be equipped with chain-sprockets, which will work when the drive-arm rotates. The handle will be attached to the stud, to which, in turn, the third roller will be attached.

What is the principle of operation of this device?

To shape the pipe it is necessary to lay on the special feed shaft.

When turning the handle, the pipe is pressed by the third roller to the feed rollers. Thus, the pipe is fed to the deformation zone. Such a device allows you to get a certain radius. An angle of 90 ° cannot be made on it.

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Difficult design of the pipe bender

Scheme of the manual lever pipe bender

Scheme of the manual lever pipe bender: 1, 4. Gear wheels. 2. Cooker. 3. Pinch roller. 5. Ratchet device. 6. Lever. 7. The brook sector. 8. Clamp.

In order to make a device that will differ in high performance, it is necessary to consider a more complex structure. A good option can be a hydraulic pipe bender equipped with an electric drive. In general, the design of the device itself is similar to the above option. The main difference is the mechanism of work. Here it is necessary to equip the structure with a hydraulic rod. In addition, the rollers that feed, will no longer work on a chain drive.

They will act through an electric drive that transmits torque to the shafts. By making such a device, you can solve the problem of lack of time to perform such work and significantly reduce labor costs. Moreover, on such equipment, you can immediately handle two pipes. To do this, in the body of the shafts it is necessary to make a special saw through which the pipe will be guided in a given direction.

How is the assembly of such a machine? In order to assemble a similar structure, it is necessary to install and fix the feed shaft on an even basis. Such a shaft from the end is equipped with a pulley, which by means of a belt drive will be connected to the rotor of the electric motor.

From the second end it is necessary to fasten an asterisk, which is intended for chain transmission. As for the deforming roller, there may be two of them (above and below). But positioning the third video is recommended below. Such an arrangement will require additional work, since it will be necessary to cut a hole in the base, where the stem will later move.

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Pipe bending without special devices

In order to make a device with which to bend, you can not use ancillary devices - jacks or shafts. First you need to prepare a template that will be equal to the expected radius. This template is best made of wood. As an alternative to replacing the wooden template, you can use metal pins that are hammered into the wooden base. Regardless of which version of the template is chosen, the main tube will be bent, repeating the shape.

In order to make it easier to bend the metal pipe, it is necessary to pour sand into it and with a help of a torch to warm up the expected places of the bends. Such procedures greatly facilitate flexion. After the tube is well heated, it is bent around the shape of the prepared template.

Less demanded, but the bending option used involves cutting the material in places where there will be a bend. To do this, you need to make the cuts of the required width. Such cuts will allow without any difficulties to bend the element. After the product has taken the desired shape, all the cuts must be welded using electric welding. The advantage of this method is that the tube can be given absolutely any shape.

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