High quality diy motorcycle jack

This device, called non-Russian word, is intended for lifting a variety of goods. Mostly motorists use the jack, but for a motorcycle this device is of no small importance.

The device of the hydraulic jack

The device of the hydraulic jack.

Many craftsmen make such a jack for a motorcycle with their own hands. However, the factory jack is taken as a basis, which can be of several types:

  • pneumatic;
  • wedge-shaped;
  • hydraulic;
  • screw;
  • rack

In most cases, rack and hydraulic jacks are used. They are the most available to manufacture and repair. Rack jack will be a loyal assistant on the road, with him it is very easy to replace the punctured wheel. Rack jack can turn into a slipway, clamp or strut. It consists of:

  • steel lath;
  • support shoe;
  • lifting mechanism;
  • leverage.

It must be said that hydraulic jacks show high efficiency. The acting force in this device creates a piston together with hydraulic fluid.

How does a hydraulic jack?

The main details of this device are:

  • piston;
  • housing;
  • butter;
  • working fluid.
Rack jack device

Rack jack device.

The body usually has two types:

  • short;
  • a long.

Almost always the case of such a device is made of strong, well-hardened steel. The movement of the piston passes through the guide cylindrical bore, which is the body itself. It also has a container for filling the working fluid.

The lifting foot is screwed into the plunger, which allows you to adjust the lift height. It is enough just to screw in or unscrew the screw. Such a jack can be equipped with several types of hydraulic pump:

  • manual;
  • foot;
  • air.

To minimize breakdowns and achieve maximum safety, the device is equipped with special valves and other optional devices that guarantee safe operation.

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Repair of a hydraulic jack

The principle of the screw jack

The principle of the screw jack.

It is very difficult to make such a jack with your own hands, since it requires a lot of technological operations that can be done only in the factory. Therefore, it is better to use a ready-made jack. But everyone should be able to repair it and properly maintain it.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the level of fluid in the working cylinder and, if necessary, make its top-up. Its losses can be associated with the failure of oil seals and numerous seals. It happens that the leakage of oil occurs due to jamming of the jack when it lifts the load to a greater height.

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Oil leaks: recommendations

To repair the hydraulic jack in the domestic environment, you must first purchase a repair kit.

Before repairing the device must be disassembled.

For convenience, you need to prepare wrenches with extension. As a result, it will be possible to create a large lever for greater effort. Before dismantling at hand should be a container for old oil. To work you must have:

  • spanners;
  • key extension;
  • capacity for oil;
  • sandpaper;
  • working fluid.

The piston is removed from the housing and carefully inspected. Traces of corrosion are not allowed. Therefore, all dirt and corrosion traces are completely removed. The piston rod must be completely flat, no bends are allowed. If a deformation is detected, it is better to replace it, since it is unlikely to be able to bring it into a completely flat state.

Pneumatic jack

Pneumatic jack.

The next step is to check the valve, which bypasses the oil. It is twisted and checked to see if there is dirt or any deformation. If the valve breakage is due to mechanical damage, it is replaced with a new one. Sometimes it gets dirt that interferes with a tight fit of the ball, the liquid begins to leave the body.

Old oil is completely drained. The operation does not cause much difficulty, but it takes a lot of time. For too long, oil flows from one cylinder to another. To drain the fluid, it is necessary to pump the system. To do this, move the lever. All parts are washed, there should not be dirt and old oil.

At repair all consolidations and cuffs completely change. Sometimes the failure of the hydraulic jack can be associated with dirt, which is in the working space. To remove it, the head of the case is unscrewed, kerosene is poured in, the stop needle is unscrewed and the system is pumped through. Then kerosene is drained, the working cavity is filled with clean oil.

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Air traffic jams: how to avoid?

When jacking for a long time, air bubbles enter the work department. Sharply reduced performance fixtures. These bubbles interfere with the flow of oil into the hydraulics of the system. To solve this problem in the following way. The oil tank and the bypass valve opens. A quick pumping is done.

As a result, the air will leave the working cavity, it will be in the oil tank. Now you can close the bypass valve, put the cap on the oil tank. With proper performance of such an operation, the air will be completely removed, the jack will regain its working capacity.

Span screw jacks

Calibration screw jacks: a– small-sized; b - support shoe; in - maple; 1 — support, 2 — nut, 3 — screw, 4 — housing, 5 — shoe, 6 — horizontal wedge, 7 — lifting plate.

In case of unsuccessful attempt such an operation is repeated several times. You can also remove air bubbles from the workspace in another way. Air ingress is determined very simply, the jack simply does not work, the load is lifted extremely slowly.

For repair, the locking needle turns out a little, the plunger rises to the highest point and lowers to its lower position. Such actions are repeated several times. An airlock will not form if you monitor the amount of oil and constantly add to the desired volume.

Having familiarized with the device of a hydraulic jack and having understood the principle of work, it is quite possible to start assembling it yourself. In order to continue to work well, you need to periodically do maintenance, always monitor the amount of working fluid.

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Positive and negative sides of hydraulic jacks

These devices, having a huge power, it is very easy to maintain. Due to the excellent hardening of working parts, hydraulic jack has many positive qualities, such as:

  • smooth movement of the piston;
  • fixing the load at the required height;
  • accuracy;
  • efficiency - 80%;
  • loading capacity - 200 tons.

However, apart from such positive qualities, hydraulic jacks are also distinguished by several disadvantages.

  • difficult lifting height, when compared with mechanical models;
  • need to constantly check the amount of oil;
  • constant control over tightness is required.

Another disadvantage is its storage and transportation. It must always be upright, otherwise the working oil may spill out of the tank. More simple are the mechanical jacks. Their device is quite simple.

Lifting the load is carried out by human power. You just need to turn the jack screw. These devices are called manual because of the simplicity of design and availability. Their cost is available to every motorcyclist and motorist. However, making it yourself is almost impossible. Therefore, it is best to buy it in a specialty store. It will be safe and will last a very long time.

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