Features of the device of a hydraulic jack

Many people have adaptations with a hydraulic device for lifting multi-ton weight. The hydraulic jack is a lifting mechanism designed to greatly facilitate the work associated with the lifting of heavy loads. This adaptation is used when carrying out various pipelines. It is used by rescuers in technological and natural disasters in order to quickly eliminate blockages. A lift of this type is actively used by motorists, builders for lifting various equipment or building materials. They are used in everyday life and in production.

Hydraulic jack

A hydraulic jack is used to lift any large loads.

Hydraulic jacks have limitations on the maximum carrying capacity, which must be considered during operation.

Main details of a hydraulic jack

Small in size, the lift is a powerful mechanism due to its device. Its main details are:

  1. A lever capable of rotating 360 ° around its axis.
  2. Plunger, hollow rod of cylindrical shape.
  3. Valves constituting a pressure device for regulating the oil flow.
  4. Tanks with oil required for the operation of the entire fixture.
  5. A reciprocating piston inside the cylinder.
Jacking device

Jacking device.

Hydraulic jacks work on the liquid. Their principle of operation is based on moving the piston up or down. The use of valves and the presence of interconnected chambers significantly increases the force applied to the lever. The plunger is designed for pumping oil, which is located in a common reservoir, into a reservoir located under the piston. The appearance of oil under the piston causes it to move. To prevent the oil from leaving the reservoir, there is a valve that closes its outflow. If necessary, you can distill a sufficient amount of oil using a plunger to lift the piston to reach full height. In order for the jack to return to its original position, you need to open the valve so that the oil passes into the common reservoir.

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Main types of lifting device

Hydraulic jacks are produced in various versions. The differences of all lifts are in their appearance and drive structure. Can be:

  1. Bottle
  2. Rolling.
  3. Diamond.
  4. Duplex.
  5. Low grab.
  6. Hooking.

Rolling, two-tier, low-grabbing and hooking specially designed to work in enterprises. Bottle hydraulic jack is used to facilitate the raising and lowering of various vehicles. In construction, it is used when it is necessary to raise a building for the restoration of foundation works. Its type is a movable lift. Its bearing area is located on the lever, rising with the help of the working piston. The height of the pickup allows you to lift the weight up to 3 tons. It can be scissor, elongated. Such lifts may have a cylindrical double-piston displacer. Diamond devices can be found at car enthusiasts.

Lifting capacity of hydraulic jacks is different. There are mechanisms that can lift up to 200 tons. In order for the device to not fail, you need to consider its capabilities. It is recommended during storage to keep them vertically so that the liquid inside the tank does not flow out.

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