Device and characteristics of a podkatny hydraulic jack

Currently, jacks are called devices that are used to lift cargo to a certain height. The device they can be varied. Most often, this technique is used by motorists in the process of repair work. A separate among all the variety of such devices is rolling hydraulic jack. This device is considered indispensable when carrying out repairs in large service stations.

Diagram of the device rolling jack

Diagram of the device of the rolling jack.

Some use it for their private home use. Consider the device podkatnogo hydraulic jack.

Device and principle of operation

The design of the rolling jack is such that it resembles a trolley on wheels, which can be easily driven to almost any car. Most often, such devices are used by large service stations for repairs. Here the construction is a little different from the stationary one. Rolling jacks of this type have a hydraulic cylinder and a piston pump that operates by means of a lever manual drive.

The choice of a particular device depends on the conditions in which it will be used. It can be not only a large car service, but also a small private garage. Many motorists have already appreciated the convenient design for dignity. Such models can be installed on any platforms, that is, even in the adjacent areas of car-care centers. They are able to lift loads of sufficiently large mass to a decent height. However, some models have additional nozzles that significantly expand their functionality.

Diagram of the use of the rolling jack

Diagram of the use of the rolling jack.

So, it was previously stated that one of the main components of the hydraulic ram is a cylinder. Here, the required force is achieved due to the pressure difference between the main cylinder and the cylinder of the plunger. It is worth noting the design feature of such devices. The fact is that the hydraulic cylinder in them is located not vertically, but horizontally. Of course, this does not affect the principle of operation of the mechanism. There are other design features of such devices.

Their stock does not directly rest on the car body. It rests on the lever, which, in turn, rests on the surface of the car. Why use such a complex mechanism, if it is possible to do with a standard jack with a vertical cylinder?

In fact, the answer to this question is quite simple. This device is easier to roll under the car than its vertical counterpart. This is due to the same design features of models of this type. If you have a low-slung car, then just such a device should be used to lift it to a certain height.

It is worth mentioning in more detail the topic of the device of the hydraulic hydraulic jack. So, this is inherently a cart with four wheels, which without any problems can be driven almost under any car. These wheels are rigidly mounted on the frame. It also has a hydraulic drive. In this case, the horizontal position rod rests on a special vertical mechanism to which the lifting platform is attached. That she carries out the rise of the car.

Hydraulic Jack Assembly Diagram

The assembly scheme of the hydraulic jack.

The mechanism of transformation of horizontal movement into vertical may be different. Most often it is a swivel. However, this is not the only way to transform. Much more complicated mechanisms can be used here.

All the work of the mechanism is based on the movement of a special handle. Himself podkatnoy hydraulic jack rolls under the car. After that, the working body is activated. The drive creates a certain pressure in the cylinder, due to which the vehicle is raised. The main work is done by the plunger and the straight valve. If you need to slightly reduce the pressure in the system, you can turn the knob. As a result, a non-return valve opens, which discharges air from the system.

There is a lowering of the car or other device, which was subjected to lifting. There are alternative models of mechanisms. In them, the dump check valve is located directly next to the handle. In order to relieve excess pressure, you just need to install a handle on it, after removing it from the spot. This is how the sliding hydraulic jack works. Its design is simple and original. For this and choose such mechanisms.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Table of characteristics of jacks

Table of characteristics of jacks.

There are many different positive features of such a system. The main advantage is that the hydraulic rolling jack has a rather low seating position. This allows you to work even with low-slung cars. Therefore, they are used mainly in car services where different clients can be present.

It is rational to use it in those places where tire is constantly produced. To install such a jack under the car will take much less time than installing a vertical model. At the same time, it works on wheels, which makes the rolling process even easier. This is especially true for large tire stores, where a large number of people work, and there is also a constant stream of customers.

The auto repair worker does not need to bend over once more to roll the jack under the car or pull it out. All these manipulations are done using a convenient and long handle.

The design remains maneuverable, as it is mounted on wheels.

Of course, there are such devices and disadvantages. The specificity of working with them is such that it is necessary to use an exceptionally flat and level surface for lifting loads. Not in all situations on the road can find one. It is convenient to use them on a flat concrete floor in a car-care center or garage, but not to carry with you in the trunk. Perhaps that is why many motorists prefer them to vertical structures that can easily be installed anywhere. Do not forget about the dimensions of this equipment.

It can be placed except that only in a fairly roomy trunk. A small car is not made for him. Once again it should be emphasized that such jacks are mainly created for professional service stations and tire fittings. Only here they can use fully.

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Basic design parameters

Every person who decided to purchase a rolling hydraulic jack must definitely think about which design parameters are important for him. This refers to its device and specifications.

The main characteristic of the device is its carrying capacity. It most often starts from 2 tons, but you can find models that have the ability to work from 750 kg. They are specially created for small-sized vehicles, namely for motorcycles and ATVs. Standard for conventional cars are considered models with a carrying capacity of 3, 5 and 10 tons.

For owners of an ordinary passenger car, a load capacity of 2 tons will be quite enough. It can be easily placed in a garage, and if necessary it can even be taken on the road.

Scheme of park hydraulic jack

Scheme park hydraulic jack.

SUV lovers should consider models that have a more solid payload. It should start from 3 tons, of course, if this value does not exceed the mass of the device itself.

Not only the load capacity is an important characteristic of such devices. Each model has its own range of lift. It usually ranges from minimum values ​​of approximately 100 mm to maximum values ​​that can reach about 500 mm. Be sure to consider what the ground clearance of your car. It is necessary to take into account the distance not only from the body to the ground, but also from the heel of the device to the body.

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Extra points

The pin, which is installed in a special socket, greatly reduces the likelihood of dangerous situations when the load is in a raised position. It should be remembered that when working with such equipment there is a safety precaution. It must be taken into account. An additional stop is always required. If there is a special pin, then problems with tearing the car off the jack will not arise, even if the latter is faulty. Be sure to consider these recommendations when operating the equipment.

Levers can be at this jack both long and short. The choice must always meet the requirements of the person, as well as his needs. This is a very important parameter, on which the convenience of working with a specific device model directly depends.

If a person is going to buy a jack with a load capacity of 3.5 tons, then he should pay attention to devices with a long handle and a round handle. This is the only way to easily lift a load to a given height.

For passenger cars, a short handle would be preferable. There are universal models on the market. In them the length of the handle can be adjusted depending on what kind of car you want to raise. It is best to purchase just such models so that then there are no problems when it becomes inconvenient to work with the equipment.

There are a huge number of jacks of this type on the market. Each model has its own weight. The lightest specimens weigh from 5 kg. The next group starts with a mass of 12 kg. Load capacity and weight of the device are not related to each other.

For example, you need to lift a cargo weighing 3 tons to a certain height. He will be able to do this both with the help of a device whose mass will be equal to 10 kg, and with the help of a model weighing 50 kg. Among the large number of such equipment, the jacks made in the countries of Western Europe are considered the best. You can purchase and domestic jacks. There are cheap Chinese models. But they are not worth attention, because they do not satisfy all the rules and regulations of safety.

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