Car winch

For a car that often travels a lot on bad roads, a car winch is one of the most necessary devices. Manufacturers offer a wide range of such devices, and it is rather difficult to choose the most suitable model. Therefore, many people think about how to make a winch on their own.

Electric Car Winch Diagram

The scheme of the electric automobile winch.

Variety of models

Winches due to a large variety of modifications are used to move goods in various fields of activity. Models differ in several basic characteristics. Depending on the drive used, manual, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic devices can be distinguished.

Connecting the control unit

Connecting the control unit.

According to the principle of mounting on the car, they can be divided into stationary, mobile and removable. On the transfer of effort, they are divided into devices with wound drums and friction drums or pulleys.

The winch can be mounted on the car permanently. Basically the place of attachment is the front bumper. However, it is worth noting that in this case it is under the constant influence of dust, dirt, moisture. All this badly affects the mechanism.

To save the device, many drivers keep it in the trunk and use it only when necessary. The winch can be mounted not only on the front, but also on the rear bumper. To install it will need an additional platform.

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Choice of modification

A car winch is a necessary and useful mechanism, especially when the car travels often off-road and there is a risk of getting stuck. Self-made winch can be manual, electric or hydraulic drive. All these devices operate on the same principle: a cable is wound onto a drum. The drum rotates due to the gearbox due to the efforts of a person or a car engine.

General view of the winch

General view of the winch.

If the driver decided to become the owner of the electric winch, then an upgraded starter from the car or a generator from a truck or tractor could become her engine. The main condition: the motor must have a high torque, low current consumption and high power.

If you plan to use a hydraulic drive, then you can not do without the oil pump, drive to it and the oil tank. The hydraulic model will become more complex and bulky, but it will provide significant tractive effort and at the same time use the minimum amount of energy. The mechanical winch is similar to all other models. It differs in that it works from the physical efforts of a person and its effectiveness depends on the length of the lever, which is driven by these efforts.

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Winch do it yourself

The main components of any winch is a drum and a cable.

If it is difficult to find a finished drum, then it can be made independently from scrap materials, which can always be found in the garage. The cheeks are welded to the pipe section. Their thickness should be about 3-4 mm. The drum is ready.

Hand winch device

Hand winch device.

The self-made winch can be made from a car starter. You will need a metal sheet from which you want to make a platform. All nodes will be attached to it. To install the drum shaft, it is necessary to weld a seat on the platform. The next step is to install the gearbox. It must be welded so that the primary shaft is on top. An adapter for the starter is mounted on the top of the gearbox. The gear teeth and the module are mounted on the input shaft. The starter is fixed and wiring is connected.

In some situations, the simplest construction made of improvised means will become useful. At the heart of such a winch is an axis, which can be made from a strong stick, scrap, pry bar or other part. It should be hammered into the ground and secured in any way possible. A pipe section is put on the axis, which plays the role of a drum.

The cable should be fixed on the pipe section by inserting a lever under it. The lever can be a mount, shovel, strong stick or other suitable object. The second end of the cable is fixed on the car.

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Lift in the garage

Lift in the garage

Lift in the garage.

There are situations when the master needs not only to move the load, but to lift it. Lever type car winches will not be able to help in this situation. Their working mechanism “works” only in one direction. Such a lift will easily lift the load, but it will not be able to lower it. In this situation, the question arises of how to independently construct a mechanism capable of helping to solve this problem.

A threaded stud can act as a homemade lift gearbox. A nut is fastened on it, which, while rotating, moves along the stud. The nut is a rectangular plate. Ordinary nuts are welded to it. Thanks to the plate on which the cable is attached, the nuts do not rotate. At the ends of the studs attached bearings installed in the supports.

The cable is thrown through the block and passed through the support. At the other end of the cable is attached hook for lifting. Instead of a hook, slings can be used. It depends on what kind of cargo you plan to lift. The principle of operation of this elevator resembles a screw jack.

To manually rotate the pin, you must attach a pulley or gear at one end of it. A chain or cord is thrown over the pulley and secured in an endless loop. When the master starts to pull the chain, he will force the stud to rotate, and the nut will move along it and pull the cable. This will allow you to lift or lower the load.

If desired, an electric drive can be installed. To do this, you need a reversible motor, whose power is 200-500 watts. As an option, an electric drill equipped with a direction of rotation switch can be used.

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