Assembling a manual winch do it yourself

The winch is a special device that makes life easier for motorists in off-road areas and helps builders in their work. Since it is a necessary attribute for a good owner, you can make a manual winch yourself.

Hand winch

Manual winch is necessary to lift loads to a height.

Hand winch: characteristics and types

The self-made winch is designed to move loads, and is equipped with either a manual, or electric, or hydraulic drive. Most often used drum winch. The principle of its operation lies in the fact that the cable is wound on a coil, the rotation of which occurs with the help of a handle through the transmission gear. In this case, the force applied to the handle, depends on its gear ratio.

Drawing homemade winch

Drawing homemade winch.

In order to operate the device more efficiently, the winch with its own hands is carefully fixed on a fixed object. For this purpose, mounting holes are mounted on its frame. Further, a small asterisk is rigidly fixed on the shaft, and it is connected to the handle. A large sprocket engages with a small one and is firmly fixed to the coil, to which one of the ends of the cable is attached. At the same time, either a carabiner or a hook is attached to its other end.

For the winch, equipped with an electric drive, starters from the car are used as an engine, which are converted to work in motor mode. Also for these purposes are used generators from tractors or electric motors from various equipment, which by their characteristics correspond to this. Regardless of what the electric drive is made of, it must have high power and high torque. In order for the car's battery to not be very discharged, it must consume a little current.

The winch with hydraulic drive has a complex structure and is most effective in operation, as it can provide greater traction than other devices. In this case, the energy of the onboard network is spent much less. To make a manual winch with such a drive, an oil pump and its drive are used, as well as an oil tank. For adaptation with a manual drive, the physical effort of a person is applied.

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Winch do it yourself with a lever

Would need:

  • trumpet;
  • axis of rotation;
  • sledgehammer;
  • cable;
  • lever arm.
Scheme homemade winch

Scheme homemade winch.

The simplest winch is assembled on the basis of the lever. First, the axle is firmly fixed to the ground, driving it into the ground with the help of a sledge hammer. Then on it for rotation put on a piece of pipe of larger diameter. After that, a cable is taken, at one end of which a moving object is attached. At its other end, a loop is made, which is fixed on the moving part so that when it rotates, a cable is wound on the pipe.

As a lever, you can use either a metal pipe with a convenient diameter for holding it, or a scrap. Moreover, the greater the length of the lever, the easier it is to tighten the cable. To install it, a hole of the required diameter is drilled in the pipe, into which it is then inserted. At this assembly of the simplest winch, made with his own hands, finished. This winch can be easily disassembled and reassembled at any time and place.

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Electric winch

Would need:

  • rectangular tube;
  • a metal sheet;
  • Bulgarian;
  • grinding wheel;
  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • wrench;
  • primer;
  • paint.
Device of the internal mechanism of the winch

The device is an internal winch mechanism.

The assembly of such a device begins with the manufacture of a frame, on average, the dimensions of which are 150x100 cm. To do this, with the help of a grinder, a pipe having a rectangular section of 20x20 mm is cut. Moreover, for perpendicular connections, its trimming is done at an angle of 45°. Further, all prepared parts for the frame are laid out on a flat horizontal surface. After that, spot welding is performed at the joints of the workpieces. Then the angles are checked for perpendicularity and also for matching sizes. If everything is in order, then the seams are boiled completely.

For the site, sheet metal 4-5 mm thick is used, on which longitudinal grooves are located for further mounting of the electric drive. The finished frame is either welded to it, or fixed to the site with bolts. All joints are machined with a grinding wheel to remove scale and burrs. Then on the surface of the frame should go through the sandpaper and apply a layer of primer intended for the metal. After it is completely dry, everything is covered with two layers of paint or enamel.

In order for the winch to work effectively, you need to correctly assemble its main assembly, i.e. drum.

To do this, take a sheet metal, from which two circles are cut, having the same diameter of about 30 cm. Then they drill holes in the center corresponding to the diameter of the shaft. Departing from the center by 70-80 mm, 6 more holes are made on each circle. In order to fix the hubs on the disc, 4 holes are drilled on each of them. The hubs are fixed with bolts. The drum discs are fastened between the studs. At the same time, they are first fixed on one disc, then a tube with a diameter of 14 mm is put on them. After that the second disk joins them and is fixed with nuts and lock nuts.

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DIY winch: assembly

Would need:

  • metal pipe;
  • chain;
  • cable;
  • wrench;
  • electric motor.
Connection profile pipe profile for a hand winch

Connection scheme of profile pipes for manual winch.

The next stage of work is the assembly of a self-made design. To do this, the assembled drum is mounted on a shaft, which can either be made from a metal pipe that fits in diameter, or a ready-made steel shaft taken from any mechanism is used. On it from the side of the drum is fixed a large asterisk, for example, from a motorcycle, taken from its gearbox. And on its protruding parts, to fix the drum on the frame, hubs are installed. In addition to these, the fastening of these parts to the frame is carried out with the help of bolts.

Then on the output shaft of an electric or gasoline engine a small star is carefully fixed, and it is installed on the platform. After that the chain is put on and its tension is regulated. To do this, the electric motor moves around the site in prepared longitudinal slots for fastening to the desired position. To avoid star wear and tearing of the chain itself, it should not be too taut and at the same time should not sag. Properly installed and tensioned chain will not prevent the rotation of the drum during unwinding of the cable.

At the last stages of the work, the cable is wound on a drum. In this case, one end of it is fixed on the shaft, and the other is supplied with a reliable carabiner. That it was convenient to move the winch, it is fixed on a frame with castors. For these purposes, apply the shank, which is intended to attach the winch to the car. In this case, to prevent the ingress of dirt and sediment on the cable, the drum is closed with a protective casing. The device can be assembled so that, if necessary, use it manually. For this, a handle is mounted on the outside of the shaft.

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