Adjusting and checking the spray gun

The airbrush is used for coloring of any surfaces. The paint falls flat, its consumption is minimal, time for work is not enough. But for the quality of the painted surface to be excellent, and for the paint itself to be consumed as little as possible, adjustment of the spray gun is necessary. What exactly is this done for? For each type of coloring matter, the blend conditions are different. Pressure, torch paint can be completely different. Therefore, before using the equipment, it is necessary to properly adjust the spray gun, to test for its suitability to work. After that, you can safely begin staining, it will not take much time.

Scheme spray gun

Scheme spray gun.

Basic rules for adjusting the spray gun

Before starting work, be sure to adjust the equipment. Otherwise, it will malfunction. If you do not make adjustments, the paint consumption will be too large, the quality will decrease. Special adjustment screws are used for adjustment. They allow you to set the desired size of the torch for painting, the form of spraying stains. For adjustment, a special test is used, i.e. the application of the coloring composition on a sheet of paper or drywall.

Pre-select the hole and the amount of paint to spray. It is necessary to choose at what distance it is necessary to keep the equipment, how to dilute the composition so that it is not too liquid or thick. You can set the pressure for spraying. It all depends on what kind of paint is used for work. Typically, the working pressure is 3-5 bar, but for individual compositions may have their own requirements. During such adjustment, you can change the shape of the cone.

Spray gun setting scheme

Spray gun setting scheme.

To paint consumption was economical, it is necessary to determine not only the flow, but also the degree of its dilution. Only test staining is used, since it will not work to obtain an exact value using other methods. It is necessary to carefully examine the stain of paint, its quality, intensity. It will allow, having spent only half an hour, to precisely dilute the paint for use, to determine the distance and other indicators. If the paint is too liquid, the stain is obtained with drips, not quality. To avoid such situations, you must first dilute a small amount of paint, and not all at once. In this case, it turns out to eliminate unnecessary costs.

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Health Tests

To properly adjust the paint sprayer, it is necessary to conduct a series of tests that are not very complex. This will increase productivity and minimize paint consumption.

These tests include:

  • check on the quality of spray paint;
  • check on the imprint of the torch, its correctness;
  • checking the uniform distribution of paint.

The spray quality test is simple. It is necessary to apply a strip of paint with an airbrush on a piece of drywall. After that you can estimate the size of the droplets, the uniformity of the application of the strip. The strip itself will be the most intense in the center, and to the edges will not be so uniform.

The scheme of the trajectory of staining with an airbrush

The scheme of the trajectory of staining with an airbrush.

The shape of the print for the torch is determined differently. It is necessary to hold the spray gun on at a distance of 15-20 cm from the surface for a second. If the ink imprint is even and perfectly contoured, then the equipment is adjusted normally. If there are numerous splashes around, then the pressure is too large, it must be reduced. If the stain is uneven, then the pressure is insufficient or there is clogging of the holes.

The uniform distribution of paint is also important to eliminate drips during application. If they are, then, most likely, the pressure is insufficient. The spray gun during testing is configured as follows:

  1. It is necessary to make sure that the nozzle, all the holes are free from paint, correspond to the type of coloring composition.
  2. After that, a sheet or a piece of drywall is mounted in a vertical position (enough piece of 50 * 50 cm).
  3. The pressure is set as instructed.
  4. After this, a test strip is stained so that it can be evaluated and adjusted.
  5. Vertical and horizontal stripes are drawn to determine the uniformity of the paint applied, the quality of the surface.

After the assessment, the following conclusions are made:

The scheme of the correct use of the spray gun

The scheme of the correct use of the spray gun.

  1. The torch is adjusted properly, if the spot is symmetrical and even. The height and width of the resulting stain should fully comply with the stated in the instructions. The paint is evenly distributed without splashing.
  2. The torch gives stripes in the form of a crescent. This indicates that the nozzle is dirty or damaged, as well as the central hole or side holes of the air special head.
  3. The torch at the time of inclusion takes the form of eight. This means that the paint is liquid or high pressure is applied, it must be reduced.
  4. Intermittent torch. This is a sign that there is little paint left in the tank; the level must be checked. In the channels that serve paint, could get air. In this case, they need to be cleaned. Air vents of a tank are polluted, cleaning is necessary.
  5. The torch is served in the form of a drop. In this case, the gun is held incorrectly relative to the surface. The nozzle may also be contaminated.
  6. The torch is issued in the form of an ellipse. In this case, thick paint is used, or the feed is large with too low working pressure.

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Possible problems and solutions

An airbrush is a simple piece of equipment, but such a tool may break down or start working incorrectly. There are few such cases, but you need to be aware of how to fix the equipment yourself. Among the most common problems when working with the spray gun can be noted:

The layout of the elements of adjustment of the gun

The layout of the adjustment elements of the gun.

  1. The air head can be damaged, as can be seen from its central hole. It is best to immediately replace the entire broken unit if it cannot be cleaned. But before such a replacement, it is better to try to clean the hole; a thin needle is used for this. When, after cleaning, the nozzle still does not deliver a normal stream of paint, the assembly is replaced. Make it not so difficult, you only need to purchase a head that is suitable for a particular gun, it can be found in any hardware store.
  2. Defects are found in the side opening of the head. Most often this is due to the fact that it is clogged with paint if the spray gun is not washed after use. It is easy to clean them, a needle is used for this.
  3. At the guide sleeve may be tightened the nut. If this happens, you need to carefully clean the rod of the air valve, then shift the location of the torch, slightly loosen the position of the nut. A clean needle is gently inserted into the head of the spray gun, the stem is replaced, if necessary, but it can be cleaned.
  4. The stroke of the lever for supplying paint is too tight. There may be several reasons for this problem, but more often it is the contamination of the air valve. It must be properly cleaned. If such a measure did not work, then you should check the tension of the nut, perhaps it is too tight. Possible solutions include replacing the stem, cleaning the needle, completely replacing the spray head.

During adjustment, the torch is set to a position directed along the axis of the device.

In this case, it may well be that the air cap, side holes are blocked. It is necessary to inspect them, after which, if necessary, thoroughly clean or completely replace the pneumatic head of the equipment.

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How to care for the spray gun?

For the spray gun to work properly, it is necessary to ensure the proper care of it:

  1. After each use, the equipment is washed.
  2. All air vents are cleaned, since even a small debris leads to the failure of the entire device.
  3. The airbrush should be stored only in a dry place, the paint from the tank and the device is removed completely.
  4. You can not clean the gun with metal brushes.
  5. When cleaning the equipment in a solvent can not be completely placed.

The airbrush is a simple and reliable equipment designed for painting surfaces. It is simple to work with the device, it takes little time to paint, the paint consumption is minimal, which allows you to minimize all financial costs. The quality of the painted surface is excellent, the spray gun can be used for all types of surfaces, ranging from a flat wall to complex architectural forms and car bodies. For high-quality equipment operation, a preliminary adjustment is necessary, which includes checking the head, the stroke of the lever, and paint consumption. For the equipment to work flawlessly, you need to carefully consider all the recommendations.

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