Which oil is suitable for chainsaws

Traditionally, each model saws equipped with a two-stroke engine and two tanks (one of which is required when pouring fuel, and the second allows you to fill in the oil required for lubrication of the saw chain). The fuel tank in its volume may include 0.3-1.0 liters of a mixture of fuel and oil, and the oil tank has a smaller volume almost 2 times.

Chainsaw device

Chainsaw device.

The proportions of volumes are provided so that the lubricant consumption of fuel and oil for the chain is always completed at the same time, that is, after 30-45 minutes of time worked, provided the inventory is fully loaded. The need for fuel mixes is obvious, especially when dealing with a two-stroke engine type.

Feature of operation of a saw depending on a season

The cycle of a two-stroke motor differs from the operating cycle, which has a four-stroke engine of a chainsaw, but boils down to the following: for oil pumps, a certain type of lubricant is not suitable for those saw design elements that are subjected to friction during operation, for example, a piston or shaft. For this reason, used a mixture of gasoline and oil. This is paramount, since attempts to use the tool exclusively on one gasoline, failure to comply with the necessary ratio of oil for chainsaws with gasoline can lead to damage to the saw.

Two-stroke engine chainsaw internal combustion

Two-stroke engine chainsaws internal combustion.

Domestic-made chainsaws are used only if there is a brand of gasoline 76 and other types of oils added to the mixture in a ratio of 1 to 25, that is, the size of the ratio is 4%. If you use the model saws from foreign manufacturers, you will have to apply the brand of gasoline 92 along with branded oils.

Manufacturers of chainsaws produce these oils, and the oil content in such mixtures is 2.5%, namely 1 to 40. Two-stroke engines can be installed on foreign-made chainsaws, but certain conditions should be taken into account that suggest that the gasoline purchased should be purified .

You can choose the oil per engine, the number of cycles of which reaches 8.5 thousand / min. Chainsaws from foreign manufacturers have cycles that are able to achieve 11-14 thousand / min. The use of these oils reduces the availability of saw life by 7-10%. The use of oils for the purpose of lubricating the saw comes down to the following main points: in all types of household and special chainsaws, it is possible to use “Zhiguli” oils.

Four-stroke engine chainsaw internal combustion

Four-stroke engine chainsaw internal combustion.

If the tool is used in conditions of low temperature, even the right choice of constituent substances does not lead to the quality of the oil together with the fuel mixture to a satisfactory result, that is, it can crystallize and increase viscosity, which is largely the case. At the same time, the saw must be adapted for use in these criteria - for example, it is necessary to foresee the planning of warming up the carburetor during operation.

Following the recommendations, the saw must always be heated before work, this is especially important after it is stored in an unheated room. This will help to avoid negative consequences in the presence of condensate in the mechanism of the tool.

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What type of oil can the tank chainsaw fill in?

The term of use of the chainsaw is determined by the type of oil used in the process of working with the tool. A chainsaw equipped with a two-stroke engine having a fuel tank must be used in accordance with the instructions. The fuel mixture is usually made from gasoline and oil, which are mixed in the required ratio. Manufacturers traditionally indicate this information in the inventory instructions.

Refueling chainsaws

Filling domestic chainsaw produced gasoline brand AI-76.

In the operation of domestic production of chainsaws, use AI-76 gasoline and conventional motorcycle oil in a ratio of 1 to 25. For foreign-made equipment, other requirements are provided. Here the octane number of gasoline is 92, 95. Apply a special brand oil from the manufacturer, mixed in the ratio of gasoline, the proportion is 1 to 40.

You can use dimensional cans that help to significantly simplify the process of making a positive consistency. The use of tools of foreign manufacture can be carried out when refueling motorcycle oil.

However, it should be taken into account that the use of such oils is suitable for saw motors, the cycle of which is 8.5 thousand / min, while for certain chainsaws this number can vary from 11 to 14 thousand / min. Therefore, the lifespan is reduced by 8% on average.

During the operation of the tool at full power, the consumption of substances for lubrication can occur 30 minutes after switching on the tool. Experts advise the use of one portion of the fuel mixture in a two-week period, since this is due to the occurrence of chemical reactions. Oil can lose its own properties, and gasoline oxidized. As a result, the parts are contaminated, the engine overheats and the CPG is jammed. It is very important to keep under control the type of oil poured into the saw.

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What type of oil to use when lubricating

Chainsaw tire pattern

Scheme tires chainsaws.

Lubricating the chainsaw with oil, that is, its chain, you need to pour it into a special container, which will allow you to effectively use it in order to reduce the friction that occurs between the chain links and the tire. Using special oils with a viscous structure to lubricate chain links will allow them to remain on the saw headset for a long time.

In the absence of such a substance, it is possible to use autooil. You can consider each nuance of the saw operation in a certain season, which will make it possible to make a qualitative choice of a tool, if you focus on the level of outside air temperature.

When operating chainsaws in the summer, various oils that are mineral are most suitable. Their disadvantage is a lowered temperature level leading to crystallization of these substances. For this reason, in the winter, it is recommended to use synthetic mixtures with the lowest viscosity.

Mineral oil

Mineral oils are best used for lubricating chainsaws in the summer.

This allows you to use the saw at a low temperature, that is, to -40 ° C. The use of semi-synthetics is the most suitable option when using the saw in conditions of moderate temperature, fluctuating in the range of -30- + 25 ° C.

The choice of oils for chainsaws for the purpose of purchase is quite simple, since the package usually indicates the marking, which indicates the season of use (S - summer, W - winter).


It is strongly not recommended to fill in a special tank of a saw for the purpose of lubrication of a chain of used engine oils.

They are highly oxidized, and this is due to the presence of impurities in them. This leads to damage to the tool.

The composition of motor oils not only for two-stroke, but also four-stroke engines include additives and base oil. The difference is the presence of different additives. Additives are the presence of various solvents that improve the mixing of oils with gasoline, pumpability and method of spraying oils.

Two-stroke oils contain a proportion of solvents, which is 20%, which can have negative consequences as a result of exposure to elevated temperature on the quality of lubrication. If a chainsaw is equipped with a two-stroke engine, then oil for chainsaws should not be used with a large number of additives, as they contribute to the increase in viscosity.

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Under what conditions are oils used for chainsaws?

Metallic Additives Oils

Oils with metallic additives provide excellent lubrication at elevated temperatures.

Two-stroke engines can be refilled with appropriate oils, the properties of which should correspond to the engine operating conditions. The type of oil must meet the requirements of operation of a certain type of saw motor, and not only be determined by the conditions of its operation.

Since chainsaws operate at elevated temperatures, oils with metallic additives are suitable for their high-quality performance. Their main feature is to provide excellent lubrication at elevated temperatures. When improving the process of lubrication of working elements of the saw, the process of soot inside the tool occurs. Nagar is formed at a low temperature level.

Important! Experts do not recommend leaving the chainsaw idling for a long time. During such operation of the engine, its running-in does not occur, and the additive is able to burn out. If the engine is four-stroke, then the oils that are suitable for this type, special requirements in terms of complete combustion does not impose.

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What oil for chainsaws with different engine types to choose

Burning fuel mixture

Burning fuel mixture used for two-stroke gasoline engines.

The duty cycle of two-stroke gasoline engines includes two cycles. For the purpose of lubrication of this type of engines, burning fuel mixtures are used, since they do not include an oil crankcase. If we consider the difference between the types of oils used in different engines, for example, four-stroke or two-stroke, we can note the difference in the methods of oil consumption.

The high-quality work of a chainsaw with a four-stroke engine does not involve the ingress of oils into the combustion chambers, therefore different types of engines imply different requirements for oils. For example, two-stroke ones must be refilled with oil, which burns almost completely, as a result of which no soot is formed.

Four-stroke motors ensure stable operation when lubricated with oil for a long time. If oil is used in a four-stroke engine, to which it does not impose special requirements in terms of complete combustion, then it is possible to select the additives without considering the ash content. The ash level of the oil should be 2% or more.

If in a chainsaw a two-stroke engine is poured and processed with oil of a four-stroke motor of the saw, as a result, the ash will settle on the walls of the combustion chamber or piston, and there will also be the formation of an abrasive powder that acts on the piston of the cylinder using sandpaper. There is an erasure of the components of the inventory and a reduction in its use.

The presence of settled soot after applying the oil can cause damage to the tool, which can fail due to the loss of power of its engine. Soot deposits in special exhaust windows can lead to a reduction in their cross-sectional area, which will cause difficulties when the exhaust gases exit, and this will cause power loss. The presence of ash, which is deposited on the piston of the cylinder and its head, leads to the phenomenon of detonation and glow ignition, as a result of which the power level is lost, the service life of the chainsaw is reduced.

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