Which jigsaw is better to choose for home

Nowadays, almost any equipment can be adapted for household purposes. This means that everyone can choose a power tool based on their needs. One of the most common devices for home use is jigsaw, the range of which is quite wide.

Electric jigsaw device

Electric jigsaw device.

Buy this device is not difficult, it is much more difficult to choose the best option from a variety of offers. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is necessary to accurately determine the goals, and then choose a jigsaw for the house, which is better than others to help them achieve.

Characteristics and design

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Power and speed

Electric power is one of the main characteristics of a jigsaw. It depends on both the speed of work and the range of application of the tool. After all, the more powerful the jigsaw, the greater the amount of materials with which it can work. Most devices on the market have power from 400 to 1000 watts. For home conditions, the optimal is 450-750 watts. Such jigsaws will satisfy most household needs, while having compact dimensions and reasonable prices. Devices with a power less than 400 W are recommended to be taken if you plan to work only with plywood or thinnest (up to 2 mm) sheets of metal.

The main characteristics of household electric jigsaw

The main characteristics of household electric jigsaw.

Power directly affects the depth of saw jigsaw. The exact number is usually indicated in the specifications, but in home electric jigsaws it is usually around 65 mm for wood and 5 mm for metal. This is usually quite enough for domestic purposes.

From the speed of the course depends on the speed of work with a jigsaw. Typically, devices for home use have a speed of up to 3000 strokes per minute. A good choice would be a model in which you can adjust the speed. It is worth considering that smooth and smooth edges of the cut can be obtained only using a jigsaw with a high speed.

A very useful feature is maintaining a constant speed. It is convenient when working with heterogeneous materials and allows you to work without switching speed.

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Convenience handles

The type of grip is important because it determines the usability of the tool. There are two types of arms: D-shaped and mushroom. The first is the most common, especially among household electric jigsaws. It allows you to hold the device with one hand, so you can hold the sawn surface. The mushroom grip is usually installed in heavy and powerful electric jigsaws. Working with them implies a reliable fixation of the workpiece. This type of handle is extremely rare in home electric jigsaws.

It is desirable to choose a rubberized grip, it is very easy to interact with the tool, especially with long-term intensive work. Before buying it is recommended to hold the jigsaw in your hand, check its weight balance and convenience. When choosing a household tool for simple tasks, this factor can be the key.

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Additional features

The function of the pendulum stroke allows you to accelerate the speed of cutting, as well as increase the service life of the saws. But it can only be used for straight cutting, so if you are interested in a multifunction device, it is better to choose an electric jigsaw with this feature turned off.

The main characteristics of professional electric jigsaw

The main characteristics of professional electric jigsaw.

Some jigsaws are equipped with a laser pointer, which greatly increases the accuracy of the cut in a straight line. It is recommended if the jigsaw is used for frequent cutting in a straight line. Allows you to significantly save time on drawing cutting lines.

What jigsaw does not leave behind a mountain of sawdust? This is not too critical if you work outside. In this case, you can even choose a device with the function of blowing off sawdust. It will help clear the cutting area, which is especially important when working with high accuracy.

If you work in a house or apartment, then the best choice would be a jigsaw with a plug-in vacuum cleaner, which instantly removes all industrial waste.

If you need an electric jigsaw for cutting complex shapes with circles, you should definitely pay attention to the device with the ability to rotate the file. With their help, you can cut the most complex bends, which is very important in the manufacture of furniture.

Now, knowing the basic characteristics and functions of electric jigsaws, you can easily choose the optimal solution for yourself!

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