Which is better to choose a punch for home

At repair in the apartment, the house or at the dacha the puncher is one of the most necessary tools. But how to choose a punch for the house? After all, everyone wants him to serve the owner for many years, to be comfortable and of high quality. In stores today there is a huge selection of drills, differing in size, manufacturers, parameters, functions. Given the not too high price of this tool, it is important to spend money wisely. To select a suitable household punch, you need to figure out how the models of this device differ and which one is better to buy.

Punch device

Punch device.

Types of perforators

Depending on the number of modes of operation, perforators are one-, two- and three-mode. The first type involves only drilling (like a normal drill), the second - drilling and impact mode, the third - in addition to drilling and striking, also slotting. Of course, every master wants to have a universal device, so that one tool performs several functions at once, because it is much more convenient. But in fact, sometimes it turns out that such devices serve less than models with one or two modes of operation. And they are much more expensive. Therefore, when choosing, you need to think carefully. If all modes will be in demand, then you can stop at the three-mode model.

Stamps drills

Stamps perforators.

Punchers also vary in their weight. They are light (less than 4 kg), medium (4-5 kg) and heavy (more than 5 kg). Heavy models, weighing sometimes even more than 10 kg, are able to work with higher productivity, with the hardest surfaces. But they are less easy to handle, since part of the effort needs to be spent only to keep them. Perforators in light and medium weight are quite suitable for home repairs. Heavy models are mainly used by professionals in their work.

At the heart of their design, perforators can have various types of a percussion mechanism: mechanical, electromechanical, or electropneumatic. The first is less durable, it is necessary to apply great effort when performing various tasks, difficulties in working with particularly hard surfaces. The tool with a mechanical percussion mechanism in its action is similar to a conventional drill. Therefore, it is recommended when buying to pay attention to the models of perforators with electromechanical and electropneumatic mechanisms.

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Characteristics of perforators

Punchers have many technical characteristics that you must pay attention to.

The main characteristics of professional electric drills, perforators

The main characteristics of professional electric drills, perforators.

  1. Impact force. This characteristic is one of the most important in determining the performance of the tool. The impact force, or energy, is measured in joules. For different models, it varies from 1-2 to 10-15 joules. The higher the impact energy, the larger the hole size can be obtained during operation. With small indicators of this parameter, the punch will perform tasks much slower and with great effort. In addition, the hole will be drilled rather than pierced. Because of this, parts will wear out faster and the tool will fail more quickly. Owners of powerful, heavy models with a strike force of more than 10 joules may face the same problem: high tool loads will lead to more rapid destruction of parts.
  2. The frequency of strokes. This parameter along with the impact force characterizes the overall performance of the punch. The higher these indicators, the more work they will be able to do. With a high frequency of impact, the speed with which the holes are punched will be higher.
  3. Power. This parameter is measured in watts and depends on what type of cartridges are used in the tool. SDS-Plus cartridges consume 400–1000 watts, and SDS-Max cartridges consume more than 1 kilowatt.
  4. Speaking of different types of cartridges, it is worth discussing them. For small models of punchers (up to 4 kg), the optimal type of fastening of the drill is SDS-Plus. Models with this parameter can make holes up to 3 cm in diameter, but for home use this is sufficient. If it is necessary to punch larger holes (up to 5 cm), then it is worth choosing the type of mounting of the SDS-Max drill. Such models are usually chosen by professionals, they weigh much more and have large sizes, which are less convenient to work at home.
  5. Shaft rotation frequency It is measured in the number of revolutions and is usually in the range of 600-1500 revolutions. The dependence of the parameters in this case is as follows: the higher the power, strength and frequency of impact, the lower the frequency of rotation of the perforator shaft. High speed rotation - not the best indicator for the punch. As a rule, these models have a heavier weight. In addition, due to faster rotation, parts wear out much faster, especially the spiral grooves, through which the debris formed during drilling is removed. With prolonged operation of the model with a high frequency of rotation of the shaft begin to heat up. All of this can prematurely disable the tool.
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What else to look for when choosing a punch?

The scheme of the device components perforator

Diagram of the device components of the punch.

Choosing a punch, you should pay attention to its design and shape and be sure to hold the tool in your hands. After all, not only the performance characteristics of the device are important. From what punch to choose for the home, depends on how convenient it will be to use it. The shape of perforators are straight and L-shaped. Straight models, in which the engine is located horizontally, are lighter, it is more convenient to work with them even in narrow slots. In L-shaped models, the engine is placed vertically, they are heavier, but more compact in size.

Considering the punch, you need to pay attention to the presence of various functions that are often necessary when working:

  • speed shifting;
  • reverse shaft rotation;
  • overheat protection;
  • depth gauge;
  • speed stabilizer;
  • soft start;
  • dust protection;
  • anti-vibration system.

Of course, the more functions are provided in the device, the higher its cost will be, but it will be more convenient to work with such a perforator. The main thing - do not overpay money for features that will never be claimed.

Complete with a perforator should be spare brushes for the electric motor, cartridge adapter, a set of drills.

It is very convenient if removable handles are provided in the punch. They can be put if necessary.

Speaking of manufacturing companies, you should pay attention to brands that are distinguished by their reliability and long work in the market, Bosch and Makita. If you intend to choose an economical model for periodic household chores, then you should pay attention to other companies, such as Stern, Watt, Einhell, Interskol and many others.

Solving the problem of which punch to choose, you do not need to chase after expensive and cumbersome professional models. Of course, they are more reliable and have many features. But for home repair it will be completely superfluous. Especially with limited budget purchases. Choose the middle class model by the parameters discussed above. Such a puncher can handle all household chores.

In any case, you need to choose a tool that is suitable for the required work and intended tasks.

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