Which chainsaw is better to choose

Chainsaw, combining qualities such as convenience, mobility and reliability, is a valuable helper on a country site. It perfectly copes with logging operations, it can be used when cleaning in a garden and processing wood. Choosing this tool, you should be very careful, because it is quite expensive and is not bought for 1 year.

Chainsaw for home use

The chainsaw is much more convenient than the usual saw, since it can cut large trees without using much physical effort.

Considering which chainsaw to choose, it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors: the type of intended work, technical characteristics, equipment, frequency of use, etc. In the modern market, chain saws are presented in a large assortment of both domestic and foreign trademarks, which also makes it much more difficult to buy a suitable tool.

Device and principle of operation of chainsaws

Structurally, all gasoline saws consist of the following components:

The device is a typical chainsaw

The device is a typical chainsaw.

  • two-stroke internal combustion engine;
  • the mechanism of transmission of torque from the engine to the working part;
  • tires on which the chain is placed;
  • a plastic or metal case with lids on it for filling fuel and oil;
  • handles that allow you to control the saw.

When you start a gasoline saw, a spark is created which, when in contact with gasoline, ignites it. As a result of this gas is released, which leads to the start of the motor. The central system receives power from the rotary connecting rod and turns the cutting blade. A motor is a technical device, for the uninterrupted operation of which a constant flow of fuel is required. When the saw is turned off, the flow of gas stops, causing the chain to stop. In addition to gasoline, the tool requires oil. With it, the friction force between the moving elements of the saw is reduced, which allows to significantly increase their operational life.

Modern models of chainsaws are equipped with an automatic clutch, which prevents the chain from moving at idle. This reduces the possibility of injury during operation of the tool. When jamming the chain in the wood in order to avoid overheating or breakage, the automatic clutch reduces the engine speed or turns it off completely.

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Main uses for chainsaws

Type of chainsaw to install tires and chains, the experience of the first run and configuration

View chainsaws to install tires and chains, the experience of the first run and configuration.

Before you choose a chainsaw, you must decide in which area it will be used. The indispensability of this tool in the implementation of many operations emphasizes its versatility and versatility. Chainsaw can be used:

  1. Lumberjacks. This is an indispensable tool for logging operations.
  2. Builders. Very often, the gasoline saw is used by companies that specialize in the repair and construction of wooden buildings.
  3. Summer residents. A useful tool for cleaning the garden area, for the construction of gazebos or baths from a bar.
  4. Sculptors With the help of a chainsaw, wood sculptors create original works of art.
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How to choose a chainsaw class?

Comparative table of characteristics of chainsaws

Comparative table of characteristics of chain saws.

Like all construction tools, chain saws are divided into household, semi-professional and professional. The household tool has the lowest power and is designed to perform light work no more than 30-50 minutes a day. Usually their power does not exceed 2000 watts. This is quite enough to solve almost all the tasks at a country site, such as harvesting firewood for the winter, pruning trees, erecting a fence, etc.

These saws are equipped with low profile chains that reduce the level of vibration when cutting. Thanks to this, it is convenient to work with them, which is very important if you operate the saw in a novelty.

The second class is represented by models with power up to 3000 watts. They can already perform more complex work: lumber, sawing a log house, etc. The only drawback of this tool is that it is not designed for long-term use, so if you plan to work with a saw every day for 5-8 hours, then it will quickly fail. A semi-professional chainsaw is the best option for a person who starts building a new house from a bar.

Diagram of the chainsaw prong

Diagram of the chainsaw prong device.

The most powerful and, accordingly, expensive are professional chainsaws, in which the power can reach 5-6 kW. Such equipment is designed for daily hours of work. It is unlikely that the purchase of such a saw would be justified if it is planned to work in the country. Professional models are perfect for felling forests, they withstand more than 2000 hours and allow you to cut trees with a trunk diameter of more than 35 cm. At home, without special skills and abilities, it is rather difficult to handle such a saw, as it has considerable weight (more than 5, 5 kg) and creates large vibrations during operation.

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Main characteristics of chainsaws

Considering which chainsaw to buy to perform certain tasks, you should pay attention to its technical characteristics, among which the main ones are:

Chainsaw starter device

The device is a chainsaw starter.

  • power and weight;
  • chain pitch;
  • tire length;
  • safety system;
  • anti-vibration system.

Speed ​​and depth of cut depends directly on power. However, as the power increases, the weight of the saw increases. The ratio of power to weight is very important, since it will depend on the ease of operation of the equipment.

If you need a chainsaw for homework, then the best option would be a household model with a capacity of 1.5-2.0 kW.

Chain pitch is the main parameter of the cutting blade, which is equal to the distance between adjacent teeth or ½ the distance between rivets and is measured in inches. There are 3 variants of the step: 0,325 ″, 3/8 ″, 0,404 ″.

0.325 ″ - the smallest pitch. Such chains are used in household chainsaws. A small step gives a low level of vibrations, which allows you to improve the quality of the cut and facilitate the work with this tool, but this canvas will have a small performance.

On semi-professional and professional equipment, you can use the chain with a step of 3/8 ″ and 0.404 ″. They have better performance (they allow to cut thicker trees), but at the same time they create a strong vibration during operation, which makes it difficult to operate such a tool.

Internal Combustion Chainsaw Engine

Engine chainsaws internal combustion.

The ability to use the blade with one step or another also depends on the engine power. For saws that have a capacity of 2.0-3.5 kW, it is recommended to install chains in increments of 0.325 ″. Stronger equipment can work with the web, whose pitch is 3/8 ″ and 0.404 ″.

Tire length From this parameter depends on the thickness of the tree, which can be cut in one go. Tires are available in the following sizes:

  • 30-35 cm - you can cut a tree with a cross section of up to 0.3 m for 1 time or up to 0.6 m, if sawed from both sides;
  • 40-45 cm - allows you to work with wood with a diameter of up to 0.4 m or up to 0.8 m, if sawing from both sides;
  • more than 45 cm - you can cut a tree with a thickness of more than 0.8 m.

Safety system. The main cause of injury when working with a gasoline saw is a back kick. This phenomenon is accompanied by a sharp movement of the tool towards the operator. It occurs as a result of the contact of the surface of the sawn wood with the end of the tire. The only way to avoid injury in this case is to quickly stop the chain. To do this, the saws are equipped with a special shield, located in the left hand of the operator, which is the drive of the inertial brake. The shield can have 2 positions. During normal operation of the saw, the shield is in close proximity to the operator’s left hand. During the reverse stroke, the hand, due to inertia, collides with the shield, which leads to the activation of the brake. Due to this the chain stops working.

The anti-vibration system is a necessary component of the saw, especially when it comes to professional equipment, because prolonged exposure to vibrations on the operator adversely affects the work of the joints of the hands and can lead to various diseases. The simplest anti-vibration system is a rubber gasket placed between the handle and the body of the saw.

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How to choose a chainsaw by manufacturer?

Some people buy Chinese-made chainsaws to save money. However, it should be noted that such a tool is not distinguished by reliability, build quality and durability. Saving on the purchase, get ready to spend money and time to repair, if, of course, it will be possible. Therefore, it is recommended to choose chainsaws of proven brands only.

In the domestic market, the most popular are gasoline saws of 2 companies: Stihl, Partner. The cheapest are saws Partner, which are presented models Partner-350, 351, 371.

More expensive are Stihl saws. For home needs, it is recommended to buy a model Stihl-18. For harvesting wood for the winter you can buy a saw Stihl-21. For serious logging activities, you must choose a model Stihl-262 or higher.

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