What is the best to choose a drill for home

Quite often it becomes necessary to drill a hole in something. For example, the owner of an apartment or private house has decided to attach a cornice to the ceiling or a bookshelf. In such cases, you will need a drill. That is why it is important to know how to choose a drill for the house correctly.

Work as a drill

The drill is used for drilling various types of materials, therefore it is necessary to change drills very often.

How to choose a drill for use in a private house?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the type of tool. Depending on the direction of movement, the structures are divided into ordinary and percussion.

An ordinary product allows you to make holes through the reverse movements of the element for drilling. In the hammer electric drill element for drilling can carry out translational motion. The drill will rotate around its axis, as well as move back and forth. Due to such movements, using this tool you can make not only circular holes, but also small grooves.

Hammer drill

When choosing a hammer drill, it is important to remember that tools with a high number of revolutions are capable of making neat and even holes.

Unstressed (ordinary) devices must be selected if you plan to work with soft bases (wood or plastic). The percussion instrument should be chosen in case it is necessary to make holes in more solid foundations (brickwork, concrete layer, etc.).

To date, most commonly used electric drills are on sale, but they provide a special switch that can enable or disable the impact function. Therefore, it is preferable to choose a hammer drill with this switch.

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What is best to buy for the home: a professional drill or household?

Such an electric tool can be divided into two classes: professional and household. The essential difference lies in the possible loads. In this case, refers to the period of time during which the tool can be used without damage to the motor. Professional fixtures should be bought if you plan to use the tool every day. These designs can be used for 8-10 hours per day. The quality of materials used in the process of making a professional drill is much higher than that of household tools. Therefore, they are much safer and less subject to wear.

Household electric drill

Household electric drill.

The advantage of a household power tool is low cost and low weight. A large number of manufacturers focus on beautiful design, which is combined with ease of use. Household structures can be operated a maximum of 4 hours a day, with every 15 minutes you will need to pause for about the same time.

In most cases, professional electric drills use:

  • installers;
  • collectors of furniture structures;
  • other workers who are associated with construction work.
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Power drill for home

Table of power household electric drills

Table power household electric drills.

An important indicator that you need to pay attention to power. The design of the electric drill includes an electric motor that provides rotation of the element for drilling. The power and speed of the torsion will depend on the engine power of the tool.

Household structures of small size have a power of 250 W, professional devices - more than 1.5 kW. Such an indicator is most often found in structures that are powered from the electrical network. In power drills with less power.

The power indicator is needed by the customer in order to avoid overloading the power grid. In most cases, there are tools with a capacity of 600-800 watts. It is on such devices and you need to pay attention.

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Electric drill speed

Typical scheme of the regulator drill speed

Typical scheme of the regulator drill speed.

This indicator should be measured at idle, they indicate the possibility of adaptation in the process of working with materials of various types and additional devices. The greater the number of revolutions, the more opportunities the tool has. If you plan to work with nozzles (for processing various bases), you will need to use drills with a large number of revolutions, as they can provide high performance. Today in the market most often you can find drills that are capable of providing up to 3000 rpm, while this indicator in professional devices can be even higher. In most cases, the electric hammer drill has a greater number of revolutions than an ordinary drill.

It is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the speed of torsion with a switch. This option is able to provide ease of use. For example, if you need to use an electric drill to tighten the screws, low speed is required, and to prepare holes in solid materials - the maximum possible.

The indicator of the maximum drilling diameter is needed by the customer so that at the very beginning of using the tool the electric motor does not break. In order for the device to operate for a long period, one should not go beyond these indicators.

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Drill chucks for home

Drill Chuck Diagram

Scheme drill chuck.

To date, the sale can be found drills, which are equipped with a serrated or keyless chuck. In the ordinary gear cartridge the drill can be fixed with a small key. In this case, the disadvantage is that the key is easy to lose. In addition, fasten the drill in the chuck of this type for much longer. To fix the drill bit in the quick-clamp chuck, you only need to press it down a little with your hand. In this case, the quality of the clip will be no worse than that of the gear. Cartridges with a quick clamp can be one- and two-cartridge. In the latter there are several scrolling rings, for clamping and loosening. Single-cartridge chucks have the most convenient method for replacing drills.

In most cases, rotary hammers are equipped with the SDS-PLUS design, which allows using only special drills and does not need a key for fixing.

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Details about the cordless drill for home

Battery drill circuit

Scheme of the cordless drill.

The main feature of cordless tools that work on batteries is multi-functionality. It should be noted that this tool is quite simple to use. Such devices are small in size and weight, and therefore they are often used by both professional builders and novice craftsmen.

Speaking about how to choose a drill with a battery, you should know that it is best to purchase a tool with Ni-Cd batteries. Ni-MH batteries are small, but they cannot withstand high currents. In addition, they are afraid of negative temperatures. Ni-MH batteries are more environmentally friendly because they are most often used in Europe.

Pay attention to the capacity of the battery.

The more capacity, the longer the battery can be used without recharging.

Devices for professionals in most cases are sold together with several batteries: while one is in operation, the other can be put on charge. A professional battery charger can restore batteries to a maximum of 1 hour, but for most non-professional chargers, charging time can take from 3 to 7 hours.

When choosing battery tools, the shape and placement of the handle plays an important role. In classic devices, the handle is located at the back, like a gun. For it is very convenient to keep in the process of drilling or tightening screws. However, the location of the ring finger is not the most successful, because in order to hold the electric drill in the desired position, you will need to make some effort. Handles that are placed in the center of gravity of the tool are much more convenient. With them, your hands will tire less, and the accuracy of work will be much higher. The most natural position for such drills is horizontal. If you plan to perform hard work in which the tool must be held with two hands, you should purchase models with handles that are more accurately centered. The battery is placed so that the distance remains the width of the palm. The base of the handle for the convenience of material is covered with a rough structure.

Each user will choose a drill for the house based on their financial capabilities, but be sure to pay attention to the above indicators.

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