What is electric spray guns and how to choose them

Spray guns have long become a familiar and convenient tool for applying a coloring agent. They are successfully applied not only in many industries, but also on construction sites. Spray guns are also used in household use, for example, in order to paint the ceiling and walls during repairs in an apartment.

Electric spray gun

Thanks to the electric spray gun, you can paint any surface very quickly.

The versatility of the spray guns made them quite popular tools, so the question of which model to choose for home use is of concern to more than one home craftsman. And, indeed, today consumers are offered several types of sprayers from a variety of manufacturing plants. All of them differ both in their action principle and in their characteristics.

Features spray guns and their application

Nowadays it is difficult to find a painting tool that would be as productive as a paint sprayer. With it, you can in the shortest possible time to process the surface of a large area, while getting the most smooth and evenly painted coating. Neither the brush nor the roller does not possess such characteristics. It should also be said that the sprayer is necessary for painting curvilinear or volumetric parts (radiators, pipes, etc.).

The device electric spray gun

The device electric spray gun.

To date, all manufactured spray guns are divided into two main types: pneumatic, that is, working with the help of a compressor that supplies air, and airless. The similarity of these types can only be called the fact that they both work from the electrical network. Otherwise, the principle of operation of the equipment is different.

So, the pneumatic tool works with the help of compressed air blown by the compressor, and directly the spray gun is a special nozzle, which is a gun with a tank for paint and attached to the hose. Through the hose, air enters the tank and pushes out the smallest particles of coloring matter, which specialists call a torch.

Spray guns using pneumatics are a very convenient, but rather expensive tool, mainly used by professionals for painting a large amount of parts or surfaces. In living conditions, it is better to use an airless spray gun, which does not work with compressed air, but with the help of pressure created by the built-in pump, but at the same time it has the necessary characteristics.

Work as an electric krasopult

Pneumatic spray gun is very easy to use, but it is expensive, so buying it for temporary work is not profitable.

Despite the fact that the quality of the coating obtained when working with an electric spray gun is significantly inferior to that performed by a pneumatic tool, due to its budget, compactness and ease of use, airless sprayers can greatly facilitate household painting work. Many experts consider electric spray guns to be purely household equipment not used by professionals.

There is another type of paint sprayers - intermediate, which is an electric spray gun, equipped with a small compressor. This equipment has significantly less weight than tools with an electric motor, and almost does not differ in the quality of work from pneumatics. But purchasing it for domestic needs does not always look profitable, because the price of such a sprayer is quite high.

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Varieties of electric spray guns

Airless spray guns are divided into manual and outdoor. If we talk about manual performance, this equipment has the form of a block in which a piston pump, a motor, a reservoir, a pistol grip and a nozzle with a spray gun are combined.

The scheme of the electric and pneumatic spray gun

The scheme of the electric and pneumatic spray gun.

Most hand-held spray guns do not have good performance: they have a low efficiency of dye consumption and create a low-quality coating. But the undoubted advantages are the speed of work, low cost and ease of use.

Unlike hand tools, outdoor spray guns are produced by a limited number of companies and are close in their characteristics to professional equipment. In such sprays, the engine and the reservoir for the coloring matter are located in a separate unit, which is connected to the nozzle by a high pressure hose.

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Rules for choosing the right equipment

So, what is the first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing electric spray guns?

The evaluation of the instrument's characteristics is required to begin not with differences in motor power or pump pressure, since in all equipment they have almost the same performance, but with the purpose of the installation.

Safety when working with the spray gun

When working with the spray gun, eyes and airways should be protected.

Each spray is designed to work with a specific type of coloring matter. If one can cope with paint, lacquers, and oils, then the other can only spray water-soluble compounds. That is, the main characteristic when choosing should be universality.

A very important position is the presence of ink supply adjustments. Conventional and inexpensive spray guns are equipped with a minimum number of options. As a rule, it is the installation of the dye supply and the shape of the torch. In the more expensive and advanced models, an electronic adjustment of the paint volume, a preliminary setting of the operating pressure, a change in the speed of the pump piston, and spray modes are built in. At the same time, outdoor spray guns usually have the maximum number of options, which distinguishes them from handheld equipment.

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The choice of design and ergonomics of the device

Choosing a spray gun, you need to pay attention and design equipment. Thus, the type of tank significantly affects the speed and comfort of work. The transparent plastic tanks located at the bottom of the unit have a larger volume and allow you to visually assess the amount of coloring matter remaining in the instrument.

If you plan to perform a large amount of work, experts recommend to buy nozzles with built-in, and with removable tanks, with which you can pick up paint from a separately located container. Also here a good choice will be and outdoor paint sprayers with tanks ranging in volume from 7 to 10 liters or suction liquid directly from the buckets.

If it is necessary to paint ceilings or high-lying surfaces, you should pay attention to the presence of elongated pistols or extenders in the spray guns. The absence of these elements will require the use of stepladders or scaffolds, which is not always convenient when working. Many manufacturers equip their products not only with extension cords, but also with laser designators, which indicate the place where paint is sprayed.

Such an indicator as the length of the hose also affects the convenience of work: in various models it can vary from 1.5 to 60 m. And this in turn indicates the distance at which the nozzle and sprayer can be located away from the engine and pump.

When buying a tool you should not forget about the distance to which the coloring matter can be supplied. In each model, it has an individual value and is always clearly limited. For example, in a cheaper atomizer, the distance will be 5 m, and in an expensive one - 30 m.

And, of course, we should not forget about the assessment of the material from which the spray guns are made. Almost all manual electric tools are distinguished by such a characteristic as strong vibration, therefore the presence of a strong and high-quality case is not only a necessity, but also a necessity.

Equipment that will serve for a long time and efficiently, should be made of durable and reliable plastic. It is highly desirable to use several metal elements. For example, the nozzle needle should not be made of plastic, but of metal. All parts of the body must be tightly and accurately fitted to each other, leaving no gaps or voids.

On how well the tool body is made, the life span of the gun also depends, because spare parts and repair kits for hand-held electric sprayers, as a rule, are not produced. Even a slight breakdown will lead to the need to purchase new equipment.

Choosing a spray gun for the house, you do not need to hurry, because, most likely, the equipment is intended for many years of use and must fully comply with the requirements of the master. It is required to choose the necessary weight, compare several models and choose the most liked design of the device. It is advisable to give preference to equipment produced by well-known and long-established manufacturers in the Russian market. Perhaps a small overpayment for the brand will relieve from breakdowns and stress.

The correct choice of the spray gun will make the painting process, and indeed all repairs, quick, comfortable and enjoyable.

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