What can be independently made of chainsaw

What can be made of chainsaws? Every self-respecting master or summer resident has a chainsaw in the arsenal. A very useful tool that greatly simplifies the procurement of firewood, construction work on the construction of houses from logs, and farmers also often use it. In long hikes the chainsaw is an indispensable thing for preparing the camp.

Typical device chainsaws

Typical device chainsaws.

The type of engine used for chainsaws is a gasoline single-cylinder push-pull. The low weight and relatively high power together with small dimensions allow to transform this energy source into an unprecedented set of equipment, tools and devices.

With due skill and considerable ingenuity, it can be turned into an amazing thing: from a simple winch to a small tractor.

Petrol winch

The construction of a snow scooter chainsaw

Construction of a snow scooter from a chainsaw.

The motor-winch is a universal, compact device. Thanks to its power, you can pull out a passenger vehicle, lift a heavy object to a height, drag a boat onto a trailer, tilt large parts of a felled tree.

The main components of the apparatus are:

  • directly the engine itself;
  • traction device - drum with chain reduction gear;
  • branch block - to increase traction;
  • related fixtures: hooks, belts, anchors.

But truly its potential will be appreciated by summer residents. If this winch is installed on a fairly strong frame and made possible to be fixed on the ground and provided with a plow, then it is quite possible to work the soil for planting cultivated plants.

When supplying the frame with a wheel run, this will greatly facilitate its transportation and relocation across the field or along the garden plot. Thus, it is easy to cultivate the earth to a depth of 20 cm.

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Angle Grinder (UShM)

The device saws from chainsaws

The device saws from chainsaws.

LBM or Bulgarian is useful for masters, professionally involved in construction. If you want to cut a pipe of a large diameter or any profile with a thickness of more than 5 mm, then the gasoline grinder will come to the rescue.

In addition, it is subject to such materials as concrete, asphalt pavement.

To transform the chainsaw into angle grinders, you need a special nozzle, which can be purchased online. Next to this mechanism is installed cutting disc.

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Homemade moped

It is rather fun, than the device necessary in use. Probably, every boy in childhood had a dream to ride a moped with a breeze, and at the same time not to pedal. Bicycle frame for this unit is quite suitable.

There is no difficulty in connecting the engine and frame, the main thing is to keep the coaxiality. The brake can be taken from the same bike. It will be difficult to find the rear hub of suitable sizes, main and secondary sprocket.

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Boat motor

Drawing of the frame for the snow blower from chainsaw

Drawing of the frame for a snow blower from a chainsaw.

The unpretentious, easy and compact boat motor is a dream of any fisherman. In addition, we will make a little effort, and it completely turns into a regular saw, which will be useful in setting up a fisherman’s camp.

The design is quite simple, due to the lack of transmission. There are a lot of ready-made nozzles for the transition to the rowing screw; they are sold both as factory-made and self-made.

The speed on an inflatable double boat develops up to 10 km / h. In addition, fuel consumption is very small - about 250 g per half hour of work - this allows you to carry less cargo.

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Homemade snow blower

A good snow plow in the store is very expensive. Their cost reaches 150 thousand rubles and more.

Using a chainsaw as a propeller, you can assemble a small frame structure to which a screw shaft is attached.

You should not forget that the screw unit is a rather important part in the snowthrower scheme, the safety of work on it will depend on the quality of this unit.

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Power station

Gasoline engine chainsaws absolutely no matter what to rotate. Be it a shaft, a screw or an electric motor. After all, a generator that generates an electric current is an engine that works the other way around, rotating it, we can produce energy.

To do this, it is worth adjusting to the frame a gasoline engine from a chainsaw with a gear reducer, the generator itself and an electrical wiring cable.

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Sawmill machine

The device power plants of chainsaws

The device power of chainsaws.

And why not use a chainsaw for cutting wood. Although the definition of a chainsaw and it follows that it cuts wood. But how to improve the quality of the cut?

By making a movable frame and fitting a good chainsaw to it, you can easily turn logs piled in the yard into a high-quality wooden plank or timber.

Structurally, the sawmill consists of two elements - one holds the workpiece and is stationary, the second - allows you to choose the thickness and direction of the cut, that is, it is movable.

To facilitate the work, you can tailor winch. To cut the logs, you need to install a chainsaw and start moving the frame parallel to the fixed frame. To go to the next board, you must repeat the operation.

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Motoblock of chainsaw is a great idea for business people who love to mess around in the garden. It is a tool that greatly facilitates the process of hilling and plowing the soil. Work on this device does not take a lot of effort.

It looks like a big trailer on a wheel, so it can easily move around the site. Depending on the type of activity, various nozzles are attached to it. The plowing strip reaches a depth of 20 cm.

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