What are the advantages of homemade power tools?

Electric tools are widespread in all construction works. The thing is that they help to perform certain work more efficiently and at the same time save a lot of precious time. As a rule, power tools are purchased in specialized stores, because such materials basically have a rather complicated manufacturing technology.

Types of power tools

Types of power tools.

But it also happens that power tools are easier to make yourself than to buy. This is due to the banal desire to save money. After all, some power tools are not as complicated as they seem at first glance.

Naturally, to correctly create a homemade power tool, you should clearly know the technology of its manufacture.

In some cases, it is not very difficult, and sometimes you have to pretty sweat. But still, having thoroughly studied some manuals and instructions, it is possible to make practically any tools of such a plan at home.

Making power tools do it yourself

In order to make this kind of tool, you will need:

  1. Some knowledge in the field of creating such a tool. After all, the structure of such elements is quite complex and requires knowledge.
  2. Materials For the manufacture of each tool, these elements are different from each other, so they should be selected individually.
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Drill and hand drill

Kinematic circuit of hand drill

Kinematic scheme of a hand drill.

  1. For the manufacture of bormashinka requires a special engine standard DPR-52. Meet the element of this kind can be in the printer and hairdryer.
  2. Manual door is made from the engine, which is installed on automotive compressors. As a rule, it contains small heat guns and hair dryers.

A drill with their own hands, having interchangeable tips, can be created on the basis of the engine of the standard PIV MTM, made in Bulgaria, which is taken from a tape recorder of a tape recorder, made in a vertical style. The installation of the flexible shaft of the drill will replace the tachometer, which can simply be removed from the installation. In order to provide the necessary rotating effect, you need to attach a sufficiently tight spring. It is this force that causes the effect of rotation to be transmitted to the shaft coming from the motor axis. In the right side they fix a special diamond disk, which is intended to rule the hog. Finally, each element of the mechanism should be fixed with the help of the holder, leaving only two degrees of freedom. This is necessary so that he can easily turn both to the right and to the left, as well as back and forth.

The scheme of the drill for engraving

The scheme of the drill for engraving.

All these elements, assembled together, are placed on a table suitable for work, so that the hose from the unit looks straight up.

A drill for engraving is a drill for special works related to engraving. It must be quite powerful and contain an engine at 8000 rpm, and its hose itself must withstand very large loads. Between a hose with the engine must be connected by means of a spring, which is worn on a specially adapted axis for this purpose.

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Drill consisting of a mechanism from a pneumatic blower

This kind of drill uses a special handle, which contains the entire mechanism from the pneumatic blower. For its manufacture must be used the engine, which causes the turbine mechanism to rotate. He sits on a special adapter ring. This mechanism is already equipped with a planetary gear in the ratio of 3: 1. It should be noted that this tool will have a sufficiently large capacity. But for its manufacture requires some knowledge in turning work. So, it is necessary to modernize the adapter ring, the sleeve on the shaft, and also slightly adjust the Morse taper to the required dimensions. In addition, it is very difficult to perform the installation process of a high-current button.

Drill Button Connection Diagram

Connection diagram of the drill button.

The drill is made of hands of the engine model PIV 6 25 / 3A, created in Bulgaria. Its total power of operation ranges from 5 to 40 V. Initially, such an engine was installed on a vertical tape recorder or information storage device. The tachometer, which is located behind the device, does not play any role in its work, but allows to effectively balance the whole mechanism so that it does not overturn. The contact group is fitted from a conventional iron, and a specially set button acts on it. It should be noted that it does not melt or break, as the mechanism is carefully balanced and the button is very powerful.

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DIY cutting machine

Such a tool is created with the expectation of operating non-reinforced abrasive discs, which are 0.5-2 mm thick. In addition, the design carries a special table, which is light enough, so it is easy to move. The whole mechanism is designed so that the braking resistor remains visible.

DIY cutting machine with two desks. This tool, like the previous one, is created with the expectation of using non-reinforced abrasive discs, the thickness of which is 0.5-2 mm. However, its distinguishing feature from the previous place is in two different positions for work. In particular, it carries the upper and lower table. That is why the engine here is coupled with the reverse. It does not hurt to cut the boards, make the keys and start cutting out the frames for the transformer system.

Scheme homemade cutting machine

Scheme homemade cutting machine.

The machine for drilling with your own hands using a 0.8 mm collet chuck is a rather interesting design. It is noteworthy that it is made from another mechanism, namely from the press, intended for the production of tags from aluminum. It uses the engine standard DPR-52. Naturally, the axis adjacent to it can be lengthened, but this step will not add functionality to the device. Unless you just want to make some paint in the initially dull device. This kind of machine has a stroke of 20 mm, which is very good for a homemade tool. When it is constructed, some details should be kept in mind, for example, the box used for drills and an abrasive disc, which is located on the engine axis in its upper part and is designed to rule the drills.

The machine with the use of the cartridge 2a is a device for drilling parts. The rack of this device is made entirely of aluminum, and the mechanism of operation is built on the so-called worm gear. It implies the movement of the carriage with bearings under the drill of various lengths by 80 mm. Present here and a powerful engine that can be moved with a special handle 80 mm. Above, on the very axis of the engine, there is an abrasive disk, which, as in the previous version, is used for straightening the drill.

It is noteworthy that here it is closed with a special frame to protect him and the worker. The engine will also need the one that is produced in Bulgaria (which previously stood in the tape). As a profile, a regular showcase is used, a worm gear is formed from a valve used in water-pressure structures, and the bearings should be taken from an ordinary sliding table.

The DIY machine for drilling, which has an 8-inch drive, is a structure made using interesting technologies. As a basis for its manufacture uses a special frame that can move the head from the drive in 8 inches. The whole structure carries six identical bearings. The cartridge itself is fixed on a special sleeve where the fan from the same design is located. The worm gear is made using a 5-inch floppy, the top is fitted with a round handle. However, in order to drill the remaining 20 mm from the drill, it is necessary to use a completely different handle.

The transfer from the engine to the mechanism is carried out by means of a belt made of rubber. As a rule, at home for this purpose an ordinary flat belt is used. It should be noted that the power of the standard engine may not be enough, so it makes sense to install a stronger motor structure for this product.

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