Troubleshooting oil pump

With long-term use of the chainsaw, its individual components can fail. Most often the repair of the chainsaw oil pump is necessary. This is due to the fact that in the process of cutting a large amount of chips is formed, which can fall into the working mechanism.

The scheme of the chainsaw device

The scheme of the chainsaw device.

Elimination of oil leaks

Many models saws in the course of their operation there are malfunctions of the oil pump. The nature of these faults may be different, but in the end it leads to the appearance of oil leaks. Moreover, such leaks can occur even when the saw is in a recumbent position. This is due to the uneven distribution of fluid in the storage tank.

Also, leaks occur due to the fact that the oil pumps for chainsaws have a fitting for fastening the hose on their bodies. A breach in the tightness of the fluid reservoir and pump connection may result in oily droplets.

Such problems can be solved by disassembling the saw and performing the repair of the oil pump. The disassembly process should be approached with extreme caution so as not to damage the moving parts of the pump. You will also need the following tools:

  • set of screwdrivers;
  • spanners;
  • rags.

Most often, all oil pumps for chainsaws consist of 2 main halves. In one half there is a working mechanism, and in the second - an accumulation chamber.

Oil pump for chainsaw

If the pump is leaking, it is necessary to replace the gasket between the two parts of the mechanism.

For repair, the unit should be disassembled in half, while not touching the working part. In the place of their connection should be laying. In the event that it has large transferred areas, the gasket must be replaced.

If the gasket is good, then it should be wiped and reattached. After this, the hose is checked. It should not be cracks and diaper rash that will violate its tightness. If such faults are detected, the hose must be replaced. If the hose is good, then it must be washed, degreased and put on the sealant.

Then all output channels are checked, in which there should be no extraneous inclusions (garbage, slag, etc.). This garbage will cause jams causing vacuum plugs to form. If they are detected, the channels should be cleaned. This can be done with compressed air.

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Preventive measures

In order to reduce the chance of various oil leaks during the operation of the saw, it should be periodically serviced. During this process, you must observe the tightness of all hoses and gaskets. When they are detected, the broach of the connecting elements should be performed.

Be sure to check the quality of the poured oil. It must be of high quality and be applied in strict accordance with the characteristics specified in the passport of the product. In this case, in no case can not use the mining, because it has a heterogeneous structure. Also, it is imperative to perform periodic purging of the oil pump. This will help not to coke the garbage in its working channels.

Poor quality lubricating fluid will degrade the quality of the tool and shorten its life.

In addition, when poorly produced lubricant can fail the chain, the replacement of which would be quite an expensive procedure.

After performing the sawing, it is necessary to make an obligatory cleaning of the saw from the sawdust that fell on it. During long interruptions in work, the chainsaw should be hung upright. This will allow the oil fluid to spread evenly across all channels of the instrument. Such its uniform distribution will avoid vacuum plugs that can cause malfunctions of the oil pump.

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