Three options for making a jigsaw do-it-yourself

How to make jigsaw with their own hands? Jigsaw is a saw blade that reciprocates. Currently, this tool can be electromotive, manual or foot operated. It is difficult to clearly categorize jigsaws. Consider their main varieties.

Jigsaw in work

Jigsaw is designed for cutting out various parts from metal, wood, plastic, ceramics.

Manual jigsaw consists of a saw blade and an elastic frame (bracket). On the frame there are special clamping devices for fixing the web. The frame has a horseshoe shape.

The advantages of this jigsaw are accurate and clean cut of the workpiece, the possibility of cutting out various forms (multi-beam snowflake). However, such a tool requires high professionalism and a strong hand.

The electric fretsaw of machine type (desktop) is an evolutionary continuation of a manual fret saw. It has all the advantages of a manual jigsaw and is devoid of its disadvantages. With it you can cut complex internal holes without cutting the contour.

The only negative is that such a quality tool costs a lot of money. Structurally, it consists of a base (a blank is fastened on it), and levers are installed on top and bottom, at the ends of which there is a thin file.

Jigsaw device

The jigsaw device.

The levers are driven by a pendulum with an electric motor. A manual jigsaw consists of a body in which an engine, mechanisms, speed control and pendulum motion mechanism are installed (on some models).

An engine, a speed regulator and a gearbox are installed in the casing to turn the rotational movement into reciprocating.

There are two common types of housing: D-shaped (the silhouette looks like an iron) and L-shaped. With such tools you can cut thick and hard pieces.

Every master who respects himself and his time has this apparatus in the arsenal. The advantage is that access to the back of the workpiece is not required. The disadvantages include the impossibility of cutting out complex parts of small forms.

Jigsaw assignment

The tool is intended for figure cutting out parts from thin sheet materials, whether it be wood, plywood, steel, non-ferrous metals or ceramics.

Only a jigsaw can make a curved cut complex parts. That is why it is so popular with joiners, furniture makers and modellers. In addition, the household is an indispensable tool. Mostly jigsaw is used for sawing wood products. With it, it is easy to embed the sink or electrical panel in the countertop.

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Ways to make jigsaw

You will need materials and tools:

Table top jigsaw

Table top jigsaw.

  • engine;
  • file;
  • chipboard sheet;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • screws;
  • table or workbench;
  • clamps.

The most common are the three ways of making this tool. The first is very primitive: you need to attach an electric jigsaw to a flat surface, for example, to a sheet of chipboard, after making a hole for the file.

Attach the power tool to the chipboard should be using screws or countersunk screws. It is very important to firmly fix the jigsaw to the tabletop.

The finished device is attached to the table or workbench with clamps. This device is made quickly, in about an hour.

But this design is unsuitable for work on the street or in the absence of a suitable table. Removing these shortcomings will lead you to the next model of homemade electric jigsaw.

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The second method of making jigsaw

Materials and tools:

  • engine;
  • box;
  • jigsaw;
  • additional guide for a file;
  • table or workbench.
Assembly scheme of the jigsaw in the box

Assembly scheme jigsaw in the box.

This option is pretty simple. Need a box, jigsaw, additional guide for the file. You can make a box 40 cm wide, 30-40 cm long and 30 cm high. The height of the table will depend on the height of the jigsaw handle. Next, the tool itself is inserted into the design, and then you can work anywhere. For easy storage in a small workshop, the box should be collapsible. This will save some space.

The disadvantage of this design is uneven cut. This is due to the fact that the blade is fixed only on one side. In the process of cutting a thick workpiece, a long blade (up to 40 mm) periodically deviates along a vertical plane. This defect is eliminated by fixing the saw blade.

The saw blade can be fixed using an additional guide, at the end of which a rigid plastic with a kerf or ball bearing is installed. Moreover, it is impossible to make cuts of complex shapes with high quality with such a tool. This is a consequence of the use of a standard electric jigsaw blade. This disadvantage is eliminated by the refinement of the machine now.

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The third method of manufacturing products

Materials and tools:

  • saw blade;
  • engine;
  • electric drive;
  • pendulum mechanism;
  • holder;
  • levers;
  • wiring.

The method is quite complex and requires skill, ingenuity. The first step is to make a frame in the form of a “rocker”: this is a structure consisting of two parallel levers.

On one side of the saw blade is attached, and on the other - the drive mechanism. Next you need to prepare an electric drive. For this, the same household electric jigsaw will do.

In its pendulum mechanism, a holder is installed, which by means of levers sets the beam in motion.

Such a device is quite convenient to work, and cutting out parts brings real pleasure. If everything is done according to the rules, then the manufactured tool will be no worse than the factory one.

It is worth remembering that the electric jigsaw is a subject of increased danger. Observe safety precautions when using it.

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