The possibilities of repairing a petrol generator with their

A portable electric generator is an indispensable source of energy in conditions when there is no possibility of connecting to electric mains or the supply of electricity through it. As fuel, they use conventional gasoline.

Portable Power Generator

A portable electric generator will be useful where there is no permanent power source, for example, when traveling in the countryside.

Diesel generators have a large mass, so they are stationary as a backup source of electricity. Their gasoline counterpart is much easier, therefore, it is sufficiently mobile and it is often taken with them to remote, inaccessible places. Therefore, in the event of a gas generator failure, it is extremely problematic to call in repair technicians, it becomes necessary to repair it yourself with your own hands.

Internal device of a portable gasoline generator

The device is a portable gasoline generator

The device is a portable gasoline generator.

Such a machine is an alternating current generating mechanism based on the synchronous rotation of its elements. In this case, such a current, depending on its model and power, can be both single-phase and three-phase. The first has the ability to produce a voltage of 220 V and supply current with a single-phase load necessary for electric lighting and the operation of most household appliances. The second can give a load in three phases and provide a voltage of 380 V, which makes it possible to connect first of all welding machines.

The composition of the gas generator includes an electric generator and a gasoline engine supplying it with energy. Connects them to each other special elastic coupling. In the case of an electric generator, a metal box is installed, where a device is mounted for switching it on, instruments for measuring the operating parameters and automatic fuses in case of short circuits. A gasoline engine can have from 1 to 8 cylinders, depending on the required power, and also be two or four stroke. The latter are used more often because they are more economical and have a higher efficiency. The method of switching on can be either from a spark, obtained mechanically by means of a manual drive, or from a battery.

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The most common causes of breakdowns and their repair

The main causes of failures in the portable gas generator can be either engine failure or failure of an electric generator. To find out the specific cause of the malfunction, it is necessary to check one by one all the nodes that may cause a failure.

  1. Diagram of the internal structure of the generator

    Diagram of the internal structure of the generator: 1. Fuel filters. 2. Crankshaft. 3. Air filter. 4. Part of the ignition system. 5. Cylinder. 6. Valve. 7. Crankshaft bearing.

    Fuel supply system. The gas line leading from the gas tank to the carburetor may be clogged due to poor quality fuel. Then it is necessary to remove and clean the valve and the supply pipe. It may simply not be gasoline in the tank, and the fuel level sensor is out of order. The level of gasoline in the tank in this case is measured by an ordinary thin rail.

  2. The carburetor. Its clogging has two main reasons. First - the needle is injected, injecting fuel. It should be flushed using an ordinary compressor, using the designated nozzle. The second is sticking of the float supply mechanism for gasoline. It is enough to moisten it with a special liquid for cleaning the carburetor, and then move it manually.
  3. Valves gas distribution mechanism. It is necessary to remove the cover from the valve block and manually move the rocker arms. If the valves do not open, it means sticking has occurred. This is due to the poor quality of gasoline. The valve should be moistened with a carburetor cleaning fluid, turn the rocker arm and hammer the valve to the end with a hammer. Then, by turning the shaft, push it back and repeat it. So a few times.
  4. Timing belt, if any. It can break, it must be replaced with a new one. It is worth considering that in the design of many brands of gas generators are not.
  5. Battery. He can just sit down.

In addition, the load on the generator may exceed its capacity. Then you need to turn it off and check the work. If, during operation of the unit, smoke starts to rise from it and a burning smell appears, it means that a short circuit has occurred in the winding, then self-repair is extremely problematic, we need full rewinding of the windings.

In general, the repair of the gas generator on its own is quite affordable even in field conditions.

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