Start and device chainsaws

It would seem that it could be easier than running a chainsaw and working with it. But, as in any process, and here there are a lot of pitfalls. Follow the safety precautions, and starting a chainsaw will not be anything extraordinary for you. Accordingly, each type of saw is accompanied by a manual, which must be studied before carrying out the work. The instructions describe in great detail how to use the saw, how to prepare it for work and how to start it. You need to be very attentive to the concept of running chainsaws. For two-stroke engine tools such as chainsaws, the concept of running-in does not exist.

Starting chainsaw to work

Before starting the chainsaw, be sure to check the engine brake. It must be enabled.

Under the engine run-in refers to the work of the first two or three hours in a sparing mode. Work should not be done at maximum speed, you should not immediately cut heavy material, thick trunks and logs. The first hours of the new tool can be cut branches, knots, softer wood, so that the new parts get used to each other as much as possible. Good modern chainsaws are made in such a way that they do not tolerate long idling, therefore, if at the moment the saw is not in use, then the engine must be stopped.

Fuels and lubricants for chainsaws

The process of preparing benzosmes should be approached very responsibly. Chainsaws use gasoline not pure, but mixed with two-stroke oil. The oil must be of high quality and burn without consequences when working. The mixture is made in a percentage of 1 to 50, in other words, 20 g of oil is added to 1 liter of gasoline. A liter of gasoline is not difficult to measure, and to prepare exactly 20 g of oil, you will need a measuring cap or an ordinary medical syringe. After adding oil, it is necessary to shake it thoroughly so that the mixture becomes homogeneous.

Chainsaw start options

Parameters start chainsaws.

When refueling chainsaws, it is important not to confuse the potting tanks. On the gas tank printed distinct pattern of the gas station. It is advisable to fill it with a funnel to keep the tool clean. An additional mesh is also desirable on the watering can to prevent excess dirt from getting into the tank. We must not forget that the chainsaw involves the use of oil for lubrication of the chain. Any clean, unprocessed oil with an approximate viscosity of 15-30 is suitable for this.

Oil is poured into a separate tank located near the tire. Also use a watering can or syringe when pouring. Oil in the chainsaw must be present constantly. Periodically need to lubricate the bearing, which is located at the end of the tire. This can be done with the same syringe through a special hole. The saw is ready to work, you can start running. To minimize the possibility of accidental ignition, it is recommended to launch the saw in a place separate from its refueling.

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Preparing and starting the saw

Warm start of the chainsaw with a warm engine

Warm launch chainsaws with a warm engine.

The handle that controls the throttle valve, a simple throttle button, is located on the back of the handle. In order to avoid accidental start of the engine, pressing the throttle button, you need to depress the lever - throttle lock located above the handle. The chain catcher is located at the bottom of the saw; in the event of a chain break, it seizes it, protecting the operator from serious injury.

Using the stop button, also called ignition, you can quickly turn off the engine, it is located in a convenient place. The chain brake lever can be activated in two different ways. Method number one is manual; you only need to push the brake lever forward, the second method is inertial, in the event of a kickback on rebound. It will be necessary to make sure that the chain is properly stretched, which is not too tight, but does not hang down from the tire. The newly worn chain must be tightened after some time of operation of the chainsaw.

The position of the chainsaw at startup

The position of the chainsaw at startup.

When starting the motor of the chainsaw, we will install it on a flat surface; the place under the tire must be cleared of extraneous small objects. Having set the chain brake to the ON position, move the handle of the inertial brake forward, press the "smart start" button, if this function is present. When starting a cold engine, always close the choke valve by pulling the regulator towards you.

The right foot comes toe on the bottom of the rear handle. Holding the top handle with your left hand, with sharp, but moderately strong movements, we pull out the starter string by the handle, continue until the engine gives the first signs of starting. Now the valve needs to be fully opened by sliding the regulator. We continue to pull the lace starter. It will be enough to make two or three jerks to the saw started. Once we press the gas button, after which the engine should stop idling.

To start the engine that has been worked and warmed up, there is no need to use the air damper. All other points on the launch of the saw will be exactly the same. It happens that it is difficult to start the saw even on a well-heated engine, you need to pull out the regulator to the end, the way you did it when you started the cold engine, but immediately push it back.

Checks the operation of the chain lubrication system

Checks the operation of the chain lubrication system.

After starting the engine, the chainsaw does not need to remove the chain from the handbrake until the work begins. It will be important to check the chain for the presence of grease. It will be necessary to use some light plane, be it a stump, paper or a light-colored rag. Increase the speed of the chain a little, a motor oil track is formed, which will indicate a sufficient level of oil in the saw tank.

Try to hold the chainsaw firmly with both hands, all fingers should cover both hands completely. To minimize the force of a kickback - the rebound, the left hand must completely cover the front handle, the thumb is strictly below. You should never be afraid of the saw, the closer to the body you hold it, the less you will feel the real weight of the saw. Better balance and control of the instrument will be maintained.

When moving from one job to another, you need to be sure that the circuit is in a stationary position. To do this, always turn on the chain brake, and it is better to stop the engine. When moving farther and farther away, wear a protective casing on the tire, this will protect you from accidental injuries and help protect the circuit itself. After completion of the work, it is recommended to pour out the mixture and store the chainsaw with a dry tank. It is important not to forget that the benzine mixture is prepared at the rate of 7 to 10 days of maximum use. The mixture has its shelf life and after 7 - 10 days loses its properties.

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Little precaution

The chainsaw is a potentially dangerous tool for human life and health.

Installation of the combined lever at the chainsaw

Place the combined lever on the chainsaw in the cold start position. This can be done after pouring gasoline into the carburetor.

The chain rotates at high speeds, sawdust flies in different directions, and you are in the center of events. But not everything is so sad with the observance of some simple, but mandatory safety rules.

Special gloves. In these hands, they will be perfectly protected from unnecessary injuries, in case of unintentional grabbing of the chain with hands, a special fabric is wound onto the web and blocks the rotation of the tire. In addition, they are convenient to control the saw.

A special helmet with protection against flying sawdust and headphones for sound insulation are also necessary.

You should never be in the plane of rotation of the chain. It is better to move a little, so that it was convenient to carry out the work. On all modern chainsaws, the chain brake is installed, with the return stroke (rebound) the hand, by inertia, presses the brake and blocks rotation. And do not raise the saw too high, in this case you will not be able to fully control the behavior of the tool. Have a good start!

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