Self disassembly

A manual electric plane is a tool that is used for planing wood in the process of making woodwork. Disassembly of the device is made by hand according to the instructions.

Scheme device electroplane

Scheme device electroplane.

Constituent elements

Power electroplane provides the inclusion in the network with alternating current, frequency 50 Hz and voltage of 220 V. Safety masters working with the tool, provided a double layer of insulation. Therefore, a protective-disconnecting mechanism and grounding are not required.

Construction details:

  • collector single-phase motor;
  • cutters with flat knives;
  • flat time transfer;
  • housing;
  • mechanism for controlling the depth of planing;
  • front movable support;
  • lever;
  • conductive cable with plug plug.
Main parts of electroplane

The main parts of the electroplane.

The body of the electric motor must be attached to the body of the equipment. Double insulation is provided by the insulation of the armature shaft of the electric motor and the use of plastic for the manufacture of the housing. The engine is cooled by a fan that draws air through the slots in the housing cover. The air passes through the engine and is ejected through the holes in the intermediate shield.

Mill with 2 flat knives - the cutting element of a design. Knives are bolted and wedge. The milling cutter with the help of a belt transmission from an electric motor rotates in 2 bearings, which are pressed into the cover and the body of the structure. The belt drive details are driven and driven pulleys, which are connected by an endless strap 15 mm wide and 2 mm thick.

You can adjust the depth of planing from 0 to 2 mm by turning the additional handle. The movable support will move along the guides of the unit housing. The arms and the electric motor are mounted on a common plate. It is moved by adjusting screws, providing the tension of the drive belt transmission. The belt deflection arrow should not exceed 2-4 mm. A device that suppresses radio interference and a switch with a lock is integrated in the main handle.

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Principle of operation of the device

Working posture when working with electric planer

Working posture when working with electroplane.

The main element of the electroplane is a rotating drum on which flat knives are fastened. It is necessary to choose an electric motor with a capacity of at least 580-900 W at a speed of 1000 rev / min. since the texture of the treated wood may be non-uniform, and the surface of the extruded parts must be smooth.

On the cutter rotational motion from the motor is transmitted using a toothed belt. The sole of the equipment is made of cast aluminum. It is divided into 2 parts, front and rear cutters. The front part is adjustable in height, allows you to set the desired chip thickness and moves along the raw wood surface. The rear part is stationary and moves along the ostyanna surface.

The rotating drum of a large number of models is open on one side. The choice of quarter width allows the side limiter installed in most models. The unit can additionally be equipped with a protective flap on the side surface, which can be removed by selecting a quarter.

Experts advise to disassemble the electric plane using a set of keys and a screwdriver.

To disassemble the electrical planer, removed:

  • device cover;
  • retaining rings;
  • gear parasitic, driving and driven wheels;
  • dowels.

In units with a V-belt transmission we disassemble the pulleys, the casing and belts. In the process of disassembling the housing, it is necessary to remove the nuts, remove the bolts, and separate the halves of the plastic housing of the electric motor. The next stage of disassembly involves disconnecting the wires, removing the capacitor and the switch. Then the cover is removed from the electric motor, brush holders, brushes and a rear shield.

The anchor is removed from which the ball bearings and fan are removed. The milling cutter is removed, the covers are removed. The milling cutter is disassembled, the knives are removed. The next stage involves dismantling the front support and disassembling the mechanism that regulates the depth of planing.

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