Repair and replacement of parts in jigsaw with their own

Jigsaw is designed for cutting various materials. The design is simple, but breakdowns are also inevitable. Repairing an electric jigsaw with your own hands usually consists in replacing the cloth that has worn out, the fixing units, and the support roller. If the motor breaks, the device is recommended to be repaired by the master.

The jigsaw device

Scheme of the jigsaw device.

Major instrument malfunctions

How to determine whether jigsaw needs repair or preventive measures? There are a number of signs that require attention:

  • while working, the body began to warm up too much;
  • at inclusion and further operation uncharacteristic sounds are heard;
  • collector brushes sparkle;
  • the engine is not subject to adjustment, there are other problems.
Replacing the slide bush guide bush

Replacing the slide bush sleeves.

When the listed symptoms are detected, it is necessary to immediately turn off the jigsaw, then inspect it, determine the malfunction. All types of such damage can be divided into 2 large groups.

Electric breakdown:

  1. Factory defect in the form of rotor breakdown (cannot be repaired, please contact the service center).
  2. The stator or rotor during operation is very hot, there is a melting on the insulation. The reason - the ingress of dust, pollution, improper load.
  3. Brushes wear out (being replaced).
  4. If the speed control does not work, then it needs to be replaced. It is best to contact the master.

Failure of the mechanical part of a jigsaw:

Internal jigsaw

Internal jigsaw structure.

  1. The gear is found to wear or warp teeth. It is possible to repair a jigsaw, a complete replacement of the gear is required, in the future it is necessary to carefully monitor the loads, the correct choice of the blade.
  2. The rod breaks, there are kinks on it. It is required to repair the jigsaw, replacing the rod, in the future to choose the right file in accordance with the type of material. For example, for wood or metal, take only specially designed devices.
  3. The balancers that guide the rollers are worn out. Need to replace the balancers, in the future you need to monitor the loads.
  4. If the bearings are worn out, they are replaced. It is best to contact the master.

There may be other types of damage. For example, with a strong blow, the hull may break. Do not drop the jigsaw, in this case it is possible to damage other parts. It is best not to fix the motor breaks with your own hands, but immediately contact the service center. Replacing worn parts can be handled by yourself.. To do this, the manufacturer provides instructions, following it, you can easily cope with the work yourself.

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Breakdown of the support roller and fixation unit: prevention, repair

The main characteristics of household electric jigsaw

The main characteristics of household electric jigsaw.

How to repair a malfunction? The support roller may break if the load on it is given too large, i.e. cutting technology is broken. The file fastens on this roller if it is broken, but the file cannot be used. To prevent a breakdown:

  1. Use only high-quality hacksaw blades.
  2. Do not use blunt files.
  3. Saw blades should be selected only in full accordance with the purpose. For example, for metal, only the canvas that is intended specifically for this material is used.

If the roller is not replaced when it breaks, the equipment may jam when working. Repair will not begin with replacing the roller, but with its cutting with another tool and its subsequent replacement. The repair itself is not too complicated. The support roller with signs of damage should be removed, after which it should be replaced with a new one that corresponds to the jigsaw model used.

The fixing unit of the working web usually breaks when a large amount of dust gets onto it. During operation, dust is not uncommon, so for preventive maintenance it is regularly necessary to clean the surface of the fastener. In due course the situation will become worse, the equipment can fail completely. Repair usually consists in the fact that the retainer is completely replaced.

In order to avoid failures, you can conduct regular preventive maintenance.

It consists in performing a series of actions:

  1. The unit must be constantly cleaned, and then lubricated.
  2. During operation, a dust collector should be used, which will prevent large amounts of dust from entering the instrument.
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Other breakdowns

Repair may be required in other cases. Breakage may be due to physical deterioration of equipment.

Replacement of certain parts is required in the following cases:

  1. Damaged gearbox parts. Such failures are possible due to the fact that dust particles, small debris get inside the gearbox through the ventilation holes. As a result, the equipment begins to heat up during operation. Repair is extremely simple, you must use a dust collector or a powerful vacuum cleaner, which through the air holes will remove all the dust. Cleaning should be done regularly, since its absence will lead to breakage of the gearbox; it will be necessary to replace it.
  2. A bend or kink appeared on the support rod. This occurs if the equipment was handled carelessly, dropped it. If there is a similar defect, then the support rod must be replaced, such a fracture may further lead to the failure of the entire device.
  3. On the jigsaw collet with improper use, there is a broken teeth. This happens when the hacksaw blade is inserted and not fully tightened. Repair is the complete replacement of the collet.
  4. Worm gear wear is possible. This occurs when using a jigsaw begin before its engine gains full power. How to do the right thing? You must first wait until the engine gains full power, and after that bring it to the workpiece, and not vice versa. The repair consists in replacing the helical gear or the transmission of the device anchor.

Jigsaws are usually easy to repair. The job is to replace worn parts. To extend the life of the equipment, it is necessary to follow the rules of operation, to carry out preventive maintenance. For more complex breakdowns, it is better to immediately contact the master.

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