Many tools need regular replacement of consumable parts. This concerns and saws. That is why the question of how to remove an asterisk from a chainsaw, which is also often called a clutch disc or a centrifugal mechanism, is very relevant for home craftsmen. In this regard, it is necessary to consider what is called an asterisk and what is it for.

Chainsaw asterisk

The clutch drum, called the asterisk, is an integral part of the chainsaw.

Features of the clutch drum in chainsaws

The drum, located at the base of the clutch mechanism, is an integral part of the drive chain system. This detail resembles a star by its shape, due to which it got its name. Depending on the type of chainsaw, the part can be professional or household. Since a professional saw is used more frequently than a household saw, the drive sprocket requires regular replacement. If we talk about household tools, then everything depends on the amount of work being done and the load that is placed on the device circuit.

Asterisk, crown and bearing of a saw

Most often require replacement sprocket, crown and bearing saws.

In any case, the main reason for replacing the sprocket is the wear of its teeth with a chain. In the case when a monolithic drum is installed in the device, the surface of the chain cuts through it almost completely, which requires a complete replacement of the entire part. If the chainsaw has a drum with a replaceable crown, here it can be limited only to the replacement of the crown.

Usually, in order to remove an asterisk from a chainsaw, many people turn to specialized service centers, but if there is a need to save the family budget, you can do this work yourself. This event does not look complicated, but it requires you to have all the necessary parts and tools. The process of replacing an asterisk is similar for any device model.

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Algorithm for replacing the clutch drum

Chainsaw Clutch

Chainsaw clutch closes the sprocket.

First of all, it should be noted that when buying spare parts for chainsaws, you must strictly observe the type of drum or use the advice of a specialist when it comes to upgrading it. As a rule, when the drum and the saw chain are replaced at the same time, the drum bearings are also replaced.

Here you should purchase a special repair kit, which provides for the presence of both the drive sprocket and the bearing. Then you should prepare the tool and the parts that will be required for the work:

  • universal key, sold with a chainsaw;
  • a stopper of the piston of the mechanism (in standard versions it is plastic or metal);
  • puller centrifugal mechanism or clutch (selected depending on the model of chainsaw).

During the operation, the following actions are performed:

Location of sprocket chainsaw

Location of sprocket chainsaws.

  1. First, the saw headset is removed, the tire cap nuts are unscrewed using a universal wrench. The cover is removed, the tire and chain are removed.
  2. After that, the air filter is removed.
  3. A universal key unscrews the candle of the saw. Instead, a prepared piston stop is inserted, which allows the piston to be fixed in the cylinder.
  4. The clutch puller is installed in the universal key connector. Then, using the resulting device, the clutch is unscrewed. All actions must be carried out clockwise.
  5. The clutch is removed, freeing up the approach to internal parts. Now you can remove the sprocket (clutch drum).
  6. Depending on the type of drum, it is inspected or the crown is checked. The asterisk or crown is replaced with new ones. When installing new parts, carefully check the condition of the clutch separator. Particular attention here should be paid to the springs of the centrifugal mechanism and cams. If heavy wear is detected, these parts also need to be replaced.
  7. If the condition of the parts does not cause complaints, all the details of the chainsaw are assembled in the reverse order. First of all, the piston stopper is unscrewed, the starter cord is pulled out, then the stopper is screwed in again. Such complex actions allow you to clamp the centrifugal mechanism of the chainsaw on the crankshaft.
  8. With the help of a universal regular key, the clutch is clamped counterclockwise, that is, against the rotation of the chain.
  9. After that, all components and parts can be successfully screwed to their previous places.

In order to replace the sprocket with a chainsaw, all work must be done carefully and carefully.

Without special tools, repairs can fail: not only the star or the centrifugal mechanism, but also the saw chain can break.

As can be seen from the information provided, the question of how to remove the sprocket from the saw can be successfully resolved on its own. A single operation will allow it to be performed again and again, as soon as the need arises, and attention and accuracy will be the key to a job well done.

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