Proper sharpening chainsaw chains with your own hands

A chainsaw is a tool equipped with a two-stroke internal combustion engine. Sharpening chainsaw chains with their own hands by using special tools. Experts recommend sharpening the chain several times with the intensive work of the device.

The main parameters of the chainsaw chain

The main parameters of the chainsaw chain.

Primary requirements

If you timely and properly sharpen the chain of a chainsaw, then its service life will increase. Experts identify several signs when sharpening the chain. The main reason is the feed force. It will be necessary to sharpen the chain when fine sawdust is ejected from the cuts.

The periods between 2 sharpening depend on the frequency of use of the unit. Before sharpening the chainsaw chain, you will need to stock up on the following tools:

  • a file;
  • holder with lines.
Diagram of the chainsaw prong

Diagram of the chainsaw prong device.

To process the cutting tooth, you need a round file. Attach to it the holder with lines that indicate how to sharpen the chain. The hook is used to clean the device from sawdust. To sharpen the chain of chainsaws, you will need special manual or mechanical machines. On 1 units pre-set parameters. Sharpening of the 1st tooth is carried out with the help of 2-3 movements.

Before you decide how to sharpen the chain, it is recommended to understand the structure of the tooth. It consists of a top and side edge. The height of the tooth guard is easily changed. The sharpening angle is the main indicator that must be observed to achieve the required cutting properties. The rear corner of the upper blade ensures that the chainsaw penetrates into the wood. It is used for lateral cutting of chips. The rake angle parameter is in the range of 60-85 °, and the rear angle is in the range of 50-60 °.

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Main points

You can determine the sharpening angle by measuring the distance from the upper cutting edge to the guide rail. From its value depends on the performance of the chainsaw when cutting soft wood. Otherwise, there is a smooth course of the unit.

Chip thickness depends on the depth gauge distance. The value of the last indicator should be in the range of 0.5-0.8 mm. Otherwise, when working with a chainsaw will be increased recoil and vibration. If this indicator is below the specified value, then the performance of the considered unit will fall.

Chainsaw chain sharpening file

Chainsaw chain sharpening file.

Before sharpening the chainsaw chain, you will need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules. The round file must be positioned so that its upper edge protrudes beyond the upper edge of the tooth by 1/5 of the diameter of the tool used. The choice of the file depends on the chain pitch. It must be positioned at an angle of 90 ° in the vertical plane and 30 (10) ° in the horizontal plane. Since it is difficult to meet these conditions, experts recommend sharpening a chainsaw with the help of special tools that are included in the main unit kit.

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Step-by-step instruction

Pre-tire is fixed. Turning movements are made from themselves and should be smooth. It is recommended to constantly turn the file while sharpening the chain (to prevent one-sided wear). Similarly, sharpen all the teeth of the saw. Pre-sharpen the teeth in the same direction.

For sharpening the chainsaw chain, you need to make the same number of movements with a file with constant pressure.

Observance of such conditions will allow to get teeth of equal length. Otherwise, the chain will move unevenly.

To grind off the depth gauge, apply a pattern. It is imposed so that the limiter is located in the slot. The tip that projects beyond the slot is grinded with a flat file. If the cutting edge does not have a form or the chain touches the ground, then a special manual or electric machine will be needed for sharpening.

The company "Stihl" manufactures 2 versions of manual units:

  • FG2 - stationary device;
  • FG1 is a mobile device.

These nodes are mounted on the tire. Their working part is presented in the form of an archery saw with a round long file. With the help of FG1 and FG2, the length of the upper edge of the teeth is adjusted to the size of the smaller control tooth.

After sharpening the 1st tooth, similar steps are performed in relation to the other tooth, while the settings made for the control element are saved.

With the help of an electric machine with a built-in adjustment system, the chain is installed under a slope (the grinding angle is observed). This work is performed by a grinder or a machine with a vice. Beforehand it is necessary to find out the principle of the device of machines and a chainsaw. In the absence of proper skills in working with a chainsaw and electric machines, it is not recommended to self-sharpen the saw. In this case, you need the help of professionals.

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