Overview and characteristics of electroplanes

A plane is a tool without which it is difficult to manage when processing sawn timber. It is used most often during construction, when assembling furniture, various works with wood. The review of planes with electric motors is quite extensive, it indicates the parameters by which equipment can be selected, the features of devices.

Scheme device electroplane

Scheme device electroplane.

The plane itself is a planing equipment, the main one is a drum with knives. It is brought into action with the help of knives, they give the surface smoothness, remove irregularities, protruding knots. But this does not mean that only one tool provides smoothness, it is necessary to make efforts for surface treatment. It is important to choose the right tool to match the desired specifications. The best performance is the power of 580-900 W, the speed of rotation of the drum at 1000 revolutions per minute. For a professional tool, these figures may be completely different, but they are necessary only for regular and intensive work. In domestic conditions, these parameters are completely unnecessary. Any test will show that averages make work comfortable and easy.

Scheme electroplane firm & quot; Bosh & quot;

Scheme electroplane company "Bosh".

In addition to the parameters, attention should be paid to the manufacturer.. Today in the market there are several leaders offering high-quality construction equipment. The cost of products of such manufacturers is somewhat different. The set of functions, usability can be different, but the quality remains consistently high. It is not recommended to buy cheap planers that are produced by unknown firms. It should be suspicious if the seller does not provide any certificates.

Comparative manufacturers

Bosch tool is of the highest quality. It is one of the leaders offering today household and professional equipment, including for woodworking. Planes of this company differ in high quality, knife shafts are balanced, planing depth is adjusted to achieve the required value. The rotational speed is sufficient for the wood to be processed quickly and efficiently. There is a special protective mechanism for fingers. This is extremely important if the work is intensive and frequent.

Domestic equipment is represented by Interskol planers manufactured in Izhevsk. This equipment is used for machining grooves, chamfers and other things. The quality is good and the cost is quite low. Externally, the tool almost completely represents a copy of Bosch products. Components and spare parts can be taken from models of other manufacturers, which makes repair if necessary, simple and fast, not so expensive. Many tools are great for professional use, they are durable and reliable.

Scheme electroplane company Interskol

Scheme electroplane company "Interskol"

The instrument made in Japan by Makita is found among professionals or amateurs most often, in popularity it can be compared only with Bosch. But the cost of equipment is not the smallest, the price of the device is above the average, although it stops a few people. Makita supplies high-quality, multifunctional equipment, ergonomics and excellent performance. Any review will simply be incomplete if you do not include the electric planer of this particular Japanese manufacturer.

Models are suitable for performance of work of any type, for selection of grooves, chamfers. Power - up to 550 W, build quality is excellent, it allows you to use the tool in any conditions, without fear that it will break. On average, the cost of equipment is 5 000 rubles. This is quite a lot, but it’s not a pity to give such a price for good equipment, especially if you use the planer often. Makita planers are used more often for finishing, the chip thickness is about 1 mm, it is rejected only in one direction. The length of the knives is usually 82 mm, the speed is excellent for performing any work.

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Electrical Plan Review by Festool

Tools from the manufacturer Festool are among the general range at a special place. The cost of the planer is high, which is typical for most German equipment, the price can reach up to 25,000 rubles.

The device can be found on the market less frequently, most professionals prefer to deal with more familiar and less expensive planes, the quality of which is not very different.

Electrical Planer & quot; Festool & quot;

The electrical planer "Festool" is distinguished by its high quality and unique shape of the knife, which does not need to be adjusted.

But on the other hand, those who used such a tool claim that the quality is simply excellent, it can hardly be compared with another.

The review of this equipment differs continuous advantages. The depth of the cut here is not limited, there is a patented technology for installing the device head. The knife has a unique spiral shape, there is no need to calibrate it. There is a special device for speed control, there is a special function for safe braking, and this ensures not only quality but also safety. Separately, it should be noted that the work is silent, even special models of Bosch or Makita do not have such amazing characteristics.

Of the minuses it is necessary to note the inaccessibility of spare parts and the high price. Parts are difficult to find because they are poorly represented because of the cost of equipment from Festool. Many people prefer not so expensive, but high-quality and durable equipment from Makita.

Cost often becomes an obstacle to purchase. Festool HL 850 with a knife length of 82 mm costs about 22,000 rubles, this is too high a price for household equipment. The weight of this model is significant, and the shaft speed is low, for a professional tool it may seem insufficient.

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Electrical Planers Skil

Diagram of the electroplaner company & quot; Skil & quot;

Diagram of the electroplaner company "Skil".

Skil equipment began to be produced one of the first. The company was established in 1924 by Bosch, but soon separated and began to manufacture the building tools. But in 1996, she re-joined the once parent company, Bosch. Today Skil is located in Germany, but the assembly is made in China, although the quality remains excellent. The cost of planes, which are offered in a large assortment, is not so high. You can buy a great device for only 1800 rubles, but there are also more complex models, the price of which is higher.

The electric plane Skil 1555 AA has a power of 550 W, with the frequency of revolutions of 16,000, the width for planing is 82 mm. The weight is relatively small - only 2.6 kg, which provides excellent quality and ease of use. The tool can be used to perform various works on wood, for example, for folding, chamfering. But here the depth of planing for 1 pass is small - only 1.5 mm, which may be insufficient for professional use.

Attention must be paid to the quality of the assembly. Here the review will not be able to please anything good. In this model, there is a backlash of the front handle, and the drum with knives is not so well balanced, during operation an unpleasant squeal is heard. For ordinary household work, it does not really matter, as the plane performs its functions completely, but for a professional it is important. Service life is only about 3 years. Repair is problematic, as it is difficult to find parts for the device of this particular brand, even if you try to order them from the manufacturer.

The Skil electroplane is distinguished by the highest quality processing. The knives of the tool are super-sharp, they are made from hard alloys, only bilateral are produced. The tool casing is reliable and durable; there is not only a key for replacing the necessary knives, but also a convenient compartment for storing this key. The manufacturer offers detailed instructions to greatly facilitate the work with the device. Most models have dust bags, the ability to connect to a vacuum cleaner to remove all debris from the work surface. The manufacturer offers a dual start system, which guarantees safe work and other useful functions that may not be mandatory, but nevertheless facilitate the work with the plane.

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Final Overview of Electrical Planes

Some experts believe that the tools of this manufacturer can hardly be called professional, since their quality is not as high as that of Bosch or Makita, which has been proven by time. But this is a matter of convenience and habit of use, for home use it is a good option.

You can choose a plane from a wide range, but for a start it is recommended to pay attention to the review of manufacturers. It is important to consider the parameters of the equipment, the presence of additional functions. It is necessary to pay attention to which manufacturer offers equipment, as the functionality and quality may vary. There are a number of proven companies that have been producing high-quality construction and woodworking tools for a long time, its cost may be more expensive, but the quality and reliability are high.

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