Modern rating of chain saws

The automatic power saw is used very actively during felling of wood, sawing up of ice blocks and logs. It allows you to cope with such work in a short period of time. The chainsaws that appeared at the beginning gradually began to be replaced by improved models of chain variants. Tools with petrol engines are distinguished by powerful action. However, during their use, gasoline vapor is emitted, and working in the gaseous air is not very comfortable, and it is also harmful to health.

Types of power saws

Types of electric saws.

It is especially unpleasant to use them in conditions of limited space. The fuel in such systems ends fairly quickly, the tank has to be periodically poured. For chain saws, such drawbacks are uncharacteristic.

Features of electric chain saws

This important building tool is a typical example of a chainsaw, complemented by new features. The rating of chain saws presented in the modernity allows us to compare the presented novelties and choose the best option. Such technical devices do not produce exhaust gases due to work from electricity. They are quite versatile: they allow to cut logs of any diameter.

There are models with which you can easily make a hole with a sharp edge of the saw. The considered samples are actively used both in the industry, and for personal needs in country and garden economy. Choosing a power saw, it is important to pay attention to its power: high rates will tell about its power and reliability. Such samples will work for a long period without fear of power surges. However, a much larger amount should be paid for power.

Saw chain design

Chain design saws.

The engine in such devices does not produce excessively loud and harsh sounds. Chainsaws operate on the network with the usual voltage that is available in every home.

What are the differences between gasoline and electric saws? If we compare these 2 options, it is worth noting the insufficient power of the electric options, but they are cheaper. Separate models are characterized by the fact that their motor can be in different places: in the longitudinal or transverse position relative to its body. The first option usually does not cause difficulties at the time of work and allows you to saw wood vertically and horizontally. The action of the second model is associated with certain restrictions of twisting, and horizontal cuts are excluded here.

The considered instrument unites in its basis the positive qualities of a gasoline engine and an electric series tool. It allows in a short time without special application of forces to carry out the cutting of wood of any category. Such a saw is safe for human health, does not emit harmful gases and impurities. Breaks in the work, which are so necessary for this engine, will cope with a large amount of work. Such simple manipulations will relieve the system from overheating and short-circuiting at anchor.

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Working conditions

Chainsaws are operated in a special way:

Comparison table of characteristics of chain saws

Comparative table of characteristics of chain saws.

  1. In the process of permanent operation, the motor and the body of the device quickly heat up, so he needs a periodic rest.
  2. The tool does not have a long operational period. So, daily work for 4-5 years usually ends with disabling the system. Therefore, when choosing a specific model, it is worthwhile to clarify the purpose of using this tool and the indicators of the load on it. The power of the device and durability are in direct proportion.
  3. The chain may fly off, and it will have to periodically pull.

In specific varieties of the considered automatic devices, there are external differences of certain elements and details. It is known that the chain of a smaller structure will cut longer. Therefore, it is not so dangerous.

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Self-select device

When choosing a model, pay attention to the following instrument characteristics:

Chainsaw classification

Chainsaw classification.

  1. Power ratings. In industrial conditions, units are used whose power corresponds to 2000 watts. For private purposes, samples with indicators of 1800 W or less will fit. When choosing a model of electric saws, one should take into account the fact that the high coefficients of force of the device will provide it with considerable weight. These values ​​will affect the duration of the work. There are professional tools with low mass and high power levels (Makita), but they are distinguished by their high cost. When purchasing a powerful power tool, you should find out the details of connecting to the network.
  2. Engine position The transverse engine is associated with some inconvenience. Such units are poorly balanced and designed to work with vertical surfaces. The longitudinal position is distinguished by excellent instrument stability. Indicators of balancing are not violated even at the time of maneuvering with the saw. Such an electric motor device extends and makes a narrower body. This allows you to lengthen the cycle of the tool. Improves its mobility.
  3. Block random inclusions. The presence of this function will ensure the safety of any user, because the saw is a very strong attribute, the unexpected inclusion of which can lead to irreparable consequences.
  4. Smooth start. The main part of the electric motor of the collector type depends on the winding resistance on the speed mode of the armature, while a small amplitude of movement reduces these winding indices. In the process of starting the engine and stopping it, the current level approaches the maximum marks. And these numbers are not the best influence on the operation of the main element of the device. Sometimes such actions can cause a complete blackout of the electrical network. Soft start is designed to limit the starting currents, as a result of which the engine is turned on gradually, without causing jerks, thereby securing the instrument and its owner as much as possible.
  5. Built-in thermal switch to protect the engine from overheating. Overheating of the main element of the tool leads to breakage of the saw. Thermostat allows you to monitor the temperature indicators, not allowing the device to overheat. At the time of reaching certain numerical values, this part disconnects the engine from the network.
  6. The presence of a brake in the chain. Such a device is also found in gasoline saws; it protects against a dangerous impact when the tire touches the plane of the wood. The brake drive is a shield element located on the left side of the adjacent hand. The propyl of vertical surfaces is necessarily associated with a stop in it. The spring mechanism is activated, the brake is activated, and the sawing chain stops its action.
  7. The quality of the saw chain. In modern samples, such low-profile devices are most often used to reduce the number of vibrations. However, such chains are distinguished by low performance saws.

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additional characteristics

You also need to study the following indicators:

Chain saw

Scheme chain saws.

  1. Lubrication rates of sawing units. Most of the chainsaws have a pump that automatically processes the saw unit. Such a device is included with the engine and delivers oil to the circuit at the start of the run. The level of consumption of viscous substances is reduced, the comfort of the service is significantly increased. The owner should monitor the level of oil in the tank, its amount can be seen through the viewing window on the tank body.
  2. Tensioning the chain. Traditionally, the level of tension of the chain is regulated by a screwdriver. However, some models are equipped with an independent system that allows you to install your options without the use of additional devices. The tire for an electric saw is strengthened by nuts. To the chain acquired the necessary indicators of tension, this fastener is unscrewed and with the help of a slider the tire is moved to a certain distance.
  3. The presence of a battery. Such a function facilitates the work, provides free movement, does not allow the long wire to interfere under your feet. The lack of batteries will be the fear of frost: in the cold period, the battery quickly fails. It is known that a stronger battery will keep the charge longer.
  4. Chain brake This ability of the unit is related to its inability to bounce on the spot in the process of cutting raw materials.
  5. Engine braking Its rapid shutdown as a result of disconnection from the network significantly speeds up the activity and reduces the number of possible hazards.
  6. Step movement of the chain mechanism. For professional electric saws, this distance is equal to 3/8 inches, for private use it corresponds to 0.325 inches. A small pitch of the chains will ensure the absence of hazards, the lowest level of vibrational oscillations in the process.

Among chain saws, the main place is occupied by the Makita trademark.

This kind of immediately won the sympathy of both specialists and ordinary lovers. Of course, the cost of such samples is high, but good quality ensures ease of operation. The weightlessness of the unit, ease of operation, uninterrupted power supply and excellent product quality are distinguished by saws from this manufacturer. Bosch power tools are also in the ranking of popular models. Inexpensive and high-quality products of the Russian concern "Energomash" are famous for their sturdy products.

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Examples of professional chain saws

Chainsaw tire sizes

Chainsaw tire sizes.

Power of a saw of "Makita UC4030A" corresponds to 2 kW, it is created for work at the industrial enterprises. Its chain has a length of 40 cm, which can be easily exchanged for an elongated version - 45 cm. Such a device has the additional function of stopping at the moment of deep plunge into the source to be cut. The chain is characterized by an enlarged step of moving 3/8, which significantly increases its efficiency. The small weight of the product provides convenience at the time of work.

Popular model "Bosch AKE 30 S". A well-known manufacturer provided a device with a capacity of 1800 W and a slight length of 30 cm. As a result, the saw acquires the greatest maneuverability, the ability to tension a chrome-plated chain device without the use of any attributes.

Despite the fact that the power tool "Husqvarna 321 EL" has a large power reserve of 2 kW, its weight is small and is only 4.4 kg. The advantage of such a novelty is a smooth start, as a result of which the load on the network is reduced at the time of the penetration of the teeth into the sawn base.

The “Huter ELS-2400” is a fairly strong 2.4 kW automatic chain saw with a length of 45 cm and a significant weight of 7.5 kg. The pitch of the chain correspond to 3/8 inch, which increases its efficiency. It has the function of stopping the chain at the moment of its deep penetration into the processed raw materials.

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Best Chainsaws 2014

By purchasing this kind of tool, you can think about the right investment of money, convenience and practicality. Such a device is useful in any household, be it a country house or an extensive country estate. The power saw will allow in a short time to improve any garden, to cut firewood, large and small logs, to significantly help in the construction of any buildings made of natural wood.

Electric saw

The advantage of electric saws is that you no longer need to spend a lot of time and effort to use the tool.

The modern market offers a huge number of new products, each of them has its own characteristics. To buy an affordable and reliable option, you can explore the ranking of the best models of the past year.

"Earthwise CS30016" - the most powerful kind of power tools, not afraid of any work.

"Black and Decker 20V Max Lithium Ion" is an option with a standard battery that lasts a long time.

The tool "Remington RM1415" will become the necessary assistant in any economy.

The Worx WG304.1 is a compact device that can do a great job in the garden by sawing small trees.

The model "Poulan Pro 967196401 PP3816A 38cc Assembled" has an affordable price.

The Blue Max 6595 is a strong, energetic type of saw.

The device "Poulan P3314" guarantees good results when working.

The Husqvarna 450 X-Torq is a 50cc chain saw with a high cost.

The Remington RM5118R Rodeo is a powerful tool with an affordable price.

"Husqvarna 440E X-Torq Gas Powered Chain" - the best product of the year, has the necessary characteristics: a pleasant price, excellent quality, due strength and long working period.

All listed requirements, descriptions of models of electric saws will allow you to choose the best option.

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