Making accessories for electric jigsaw do-it-yourself

For ease of use electric jigsaw can be used different devices. Such devices for jigsaw do it yourself pretty easy to assemble.

Power Jigsaw

For ease of use of the electric fretsaw, you can use a workbench to fasten the tool.

Tool accessories

The use of additional devices can not only improve the accuracy of manufacturing various parts, but also greatly facilitate the process of using a jigsaw. Among these devices are the following:

  • replaceable plates;
  • extension;
  • Desktop.
Metal workbench of wood

The locksmith workbench can be made of wood or metal.

Very often, interchangeable plates are supplied with many models of hand tools. They are designed to improve the quality of the saw blade on the body of the workpiece. A good extension cord can be purchased at any electrical goods store for affordable money. But the desktop is much harder to pick up. A good table will facilitate the processing of not only small blanks, but also help to perform high-quality cutting of large-sized parts.

Such a device that would respond to individual requests is difficult to find in the store. In addition, it will have a fairly high cost. Also, not all countertops are equipped with a mechanism that allows for quick disassembly of the tool.

But you can solve these problems by assembling a table for a jigsaw with your own hands. This is not a very difficult task: any person with minimal skills in using a metalworking tool can handle it.

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Build the desktop

Worktop making scheme for workbench

The scheme of making worktops for the workbench.

The manufacture of a working support device begins with the preparation of its table top. It is better to use a sheet of MDF, whose thickness is 8 mm. From the use of laminated chipboard is better to refuse. This is due to the fact that the thickness of such a sheet is 12-16 mm. Too large size of the table top will shorten the length of the working part of the file: the optimal dimensions of the table top should be 350x350 or 400x400 mm.

In the center of the countertop should prepare a hole. The diameter of this hole should allow the thickest file with long teeth to pass through it. Its optimum width should be 20-25 mm. This will allow the file to move freely without fear of its break.

To fix the jigsaw with your hands to the tabletop, you can use rails. These slats should wrap around the plantar part from 3 sides, back and sides. In addition, the fastening of the rails must be done in such a way that it allows the sole to be moved in the longitudinal direction. To do this, you need to choose from quarter slats using a milling cutter.

Multilayer plywood can be used as supporting legs. This will make the legs wide, with an enlarged support.

Workbench assembly scheme

Assembly scheme workbench.

In the lower part they need to be connected with a base, which can also be made from the same plywood sheet.

Next you need to install and secure the tool. Under his pen you need to install a small gasket. Such a gasket is best made of plastic. Such a gasket will not only improve the quality of fastening, but will also function as a spacer.

The presence of the spacer will help reduce the load on the mounting rack part. Moreover, it will help eliminate the deflection of the tabletop during sawing. Using a spacer will reduce vibrational vibrations during operation, which will improve the quality of the saw seam.

At this stage, assembly work can be considered completed and proceed to the testing of the finished product. On such a table, assembling a jigsaw with your own hands does not take much time. Moreover, the small dimensions of the structure will allow it to be stored in any storage room, and, if necessary, easily accessible for operation.

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